XT660Z LE Pictures

Since October 2010 i ride this Yamaha XT660Z limited edition. It is loaded with Toutatech extra's and has a Garmin Zumo 550.

In stead of the standard Yamaha cases i wanted the SW Motech's TraX Evo motorcycle Luggage System.

Looking on the internet for improving the bike i found several solutions. Some problems are: the rear wheel rubber dampers wear out very quickly.

The rectifier & regulator ass. are quite sensitive to water. Where to place a USB charger for your smartphone and a 12 V outlet.

Because pictures can tell more than a book see them below.


The first and second picture show the wear of the rubber. The more wear, the more tolerance the sprocket hub has on the rearwheelhub.

In time that has an even more troubeling effect: greater wear on the chain and sprocket and even wear on the bearing in the sprockethub.

This happend on my bike after 4.500 km. Too soon. They were replaced under warranty. The second time also and the third time too.

On the internet i read that a thick inner tube of a car could help. After a few experiments i came to this solution:

On the left side no rubber; on the top 1 layer; on the right side 2 layers. No rubber on the left side because that is the side where the dampers hit de hub when you start driving.

Before putting the rubber on clean the rubber and the hub with acetone. Then glue them on with superglue. Take the time to press the rubber firmly on and cut or sand of the surplus rubber.

When putting it all together spray the rubber and the dampers with some silicone spray. Even after a check no wear is seen, even after 10.000 km.


The XT660Z Tenere has an excellent place to build in some extra's. On the left side i build a 12 V outlet to use my airpump or charging the battery.

On the right side i put in a 12V to 5V usb charger device. This is for charging my smartphone or the GoPro camera.



The place of the rectifier & regulator ass. is on the right side behind the front wheel. There it will receive a lot of dirt and water. This wil affect the connector and it will corrode.

This will eventually lead to electrical problems, charging problems etc. An old inner tube from a bicycle wil solve this problem.

First disconnect the plug from the rectifier. Pull over the inner tube and top it off with some self-vulcanising rubber tape and add some Tyrap.

Before connecting the plug; spray it with some electronic spray (eg. Liqui Moly; it cleans contacts, ensures contact closure, protects against moisture and prevents leakage currents)



Disclaimer: all changes made on your bike are at your own risk and may void the manufacturers warranty!!

Comments on these tips and tricks: XT660Z@upcmail.nl