The I.A.M. pages are dedicated to fossil molluscs (shells and snails) and geology and palaeontology of the Quaternary. Fossils can tell us about the past of our world. Each climate and environment bears its own characteristic species. The recovery of these former circumstances from a few fossil shells is an art in itself.
You may find here various information about my work. I have done this by providing my list of papers. Several of these are online as a web page. If appropriate I wrote additional pages that elucidate these papers. Several papers are available as pdf, several as hard copy. Please ask! In another section you may find pages explaining molluscan palaeontological methods and I provide bibliographic information about malacologists and malacology.
Originally this was a Dutch website but I have tried to provide the most important pages in English as well. If you find no English version of a Dutch page that you should like to be translated, please let me know.
I have tried to make this site interesting for both professional people an people with less background information. This is not an easy task. If you should like to have more information or an explanation to certain topics on this site, please inform me!
Enjoy yourself.