De Nederlandse zoetwatermollusken.
(second edition 2004)

The pictures of the freshwater molluscs presented here were published in

"De Nederlandse Zoetwatermollusken",
which is currently the most up to date review of Northwest European lowland freshwater molluscs (snails and shells). The book aims to serve the "ordinary" public, but is also meant for (and recommended to) skilled amateurs and scientists. The excellent pencil drawings are from the artist Gijs Peeters (his permission for using his drawings here is highly acknowledged).

The only minor disadvantage for people outside the Netherlands could be the language: primarily the book is meant for the Dutch public and consequently it is written in Dutch (However, this is an excellent opportunity to learn the beautiful Dutch language: after a short while you will without any doubt admit that it is the worlds most beautiful language!). Also, if you don't intend learning Dutch you should really buy it for the nice drawings.

From each species the book provides (several) drawings of the shell, an extensive conchological description, information about life cycle, food preferences, ecology, two distribution maps for each species (one before 1970 and another presenting data from the period 1970-1997) based upon the database of EIS (European Invertebrate Survey), Red List data, etc. Moreover, all known fossil species occurring in the Quaternary of the Netherlands are included and from all species the stratigraphic distribution in the Ice Age is given.

More information:
The authors are the Netherlands leading freshwater mollusc specialists:
Edi Gittenberger (Leiden University; National Natural History Museum - Naturalis)
Arie W. Janssen (National Natural History Museum - Naturalis)
Wim J. Kuiper (Archeological Centre of the Leiden University)
J.G.J (Hans) Kuiper (the worlds leading Sphaeriidae specialist)
Tom Meijer (Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience - TNO [National Geological Survey])
Gerard van der Velde (Institute of Aquatic Oecology, Catholic University of Nijmegen)
Han de Vries (Zwolle)
Gijs Peeters (Schiedam)

The book is issued in 1998 as the second part of the series: "De Nederlandse Fauna", in a combined effort of the "National Museum of Natural History - Naturalis", the KNNV (Royal Dutch Natural History Society) and EIS-Nederland. ISBN 90-5011-118-1.
You can order the book from the KNNV. Postal address: KNNV Uitgeverij, PO Box 19320, 3501 DH Utrecht, The Netherlands; fax: 030 - 236 89 07.
Visitors of the Natural History museum can buy the book in the museum's bookshop. Buttons pointing to the websites of these institutions are at the bottom of this page.

Work: 14 years (not continuously, of course)
HD crashes (without backup): 2 (=too much)
Number of recent species: 85
Number of (only) fossil species: 32
Pages: 288
Weight: 1.4 kg
Size: Height: 304 mm.; Width: 235 mm.; Thickness: 22 mm.
Figures: 658 (including 122 distributionmaps)
Price: Dfl 95,-- (Euro 43,50) (without postal charges)

Several texts of the book are online here: