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Dj Gabber's Fun & Entertainment with a variety of Topics and Live Video Streams. Visit DJ Gabber personal website and Come see, watch and listen, we feature A haunted House, Music, Games or play along with the Drawingshows

Welcome At Dj Gabber personal website with 24/7 Music, Animal-streams, A haunted House and much more!

View My Stats Postnummer 24/7 Music Panda bears Drawing Show Cats Everywhere Haunted Artist Hurghada Hurghada-English 10 reasons

Welcome !!! First we like to introduce ourselfs! We are T0nja and vandijkie1974, owners of this Webpage. Feel free to look around and see what we have to offer! We made this site to entertain you by offering different Streams with Music, different Catstreams, A drawing Show and even a REAL Haunted House !!! We are looking for people who like to be added to our Website with funny, exciting, musical or whatever you have to offer to make this site even more fun. We hope you have a great time here! Greets T0nja and Dijkie

Welcome At Dj Gabber

with 24/7 Music, Catstreams, A haunted House
and much more!

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