Cio Cio San's
      Norwegian Forestcats - Bosques de Noruegas
~since 1989 ~
                                  the amber color in Norwegian Forestcats
There still are a lot of older (and new) breeders who don't like this color and even try to avoid these lines and  carriers. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion as to where this is concerned but the fact remains that this color is a mutation which can only be found in the NFO.
Genetic research found that amber color is due to a gen mutation in the Extension-gene. This is f.e. to be found in redhaired people , red "fox colored" horses , mice, cows, goats and chickens.
There was never before any evidence of this mutation in felines however untill the French researcher Dr. M. Peterschmitt discovered in 2009 this was in fact what caused this exceptional coloring in NFO cats in the MC1-R receptor.
On the internet there are lots of articles to be found about the presumed NFO origins of this color, in which lines and so on, so I will not get into that.
For me it was then clear that there is no reason to eliminate or avoid  this color in my breeding.
Amber is only restricted to certain NFO lines ( plenty of them now with all line - / inbreeding there has been done) and is not found in any other catbreed. Fact is that amber is inherent to NFO and no other breeds slipped in which created this color.
Fascinating genetic feature only reserved in NFO and without causing any harm to
the original NFO appearance.
Stating that amber isn't a true NFO color is therefor not based on facts but merely an opinion of those who just don't like these  "new" colors . ( new as in back to 1992....)
Like I said before, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and taste..
but amber=fact
only in NFO=fact
mutation = fact ( no other catbreeds included)
Fot this reason I personally wanted to experience more and got my non-agouti female to extend my breeding. I am not nor will be a "solo amber" breeder, simply because one color isn't what I want to breed and I 'm more likely  to make carriers, to avoid further inbreeding  in the known amber lines.
And last but not least.... I just love the chocolat nose of Morena!