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Welcome at my site!
Voor de nederlandse vertaling klik op de knop beneden.
Although I am Dutch, I have written this site in english too for my friends abroad.
This is the part of all my web activities and different hobbies and crafts. I hope you will take the time to look around at the blog I have to show what I am doing recently. If you see any irregularity, please let me know (by email or guestbook).

Let me introduce myself first! My name is Marianna and I live with my hubby Reint and our sweet Labrador bitch Floppy (who has her own blog!) in the middle of the Netherlands. Despite several illnesses, that make life harder, I am a very positive girl who likes to make the best of the every situation. And still (with its ups and downs) with SUCCES!

When I was about 16 years of age I started sewing my own clothes, but not very much at that time. In 1991 my hubby gave me a sewing machine and from that time on I was hooked! Since then I really started sewing my own clothes (as I am not very small and in these days nice oversized clothes were hard to find) and for hubby and some kids as well. Autumn 2001 I got my 1st. embroidery machine, the Brother Super Galaxie 3000 (also known as the Brother ULT 3000), which is a sewing and embroidery machine all in one - still on floppies. A new hobby was born: Machine Embroidery! And 6 months before my 50th. birthday (febr.2013) hubby bought me the Pfaff Performance, so I would be more up-to-date as this machine could be connected straite on the PC or uses a sticky for transporting files. Especially the build-in upper feet is what I like best about this machine! No more crushed intersections for me!

I loved Patchwork already for a long time, but it always looked so difficult, so I never had the courage to start and try it. The Brother gave me self-estime and I wanted to use it to its full potential, so I decided in that same time to go to a beginners class patchwork and try it! After our move in 2002 I also learned some new technics by hand and for the rest I am self taught! Books and internet (Youtube) are a great source.

I am really a traditional quilter and that gives me a feeling as if I part of a long historical row of women through out time, who already have done this for ages, as a hobby or as a necessity to provide their loved ones with warm blankets through cold, hard winters. I love to read books about those women in the old days. Yes, I have seen stunning Art Quilts, but it is not my style, so I won't start one. Just not my cup of tea! The craziest quilt I will ever make is a crazy quilt!Which doesn't mean I don't love other types of fabric or colors. Just look at the design of this site and you'll see part of my taste...., but besides brights I also love roses and warm "old" fabrics, like Civil War repro's or Japanese taupe fabrics. Very wide taste of color and fabrics!

Because of all this I started a Baby Jane in January 2004 (see button sidebar) and I really got hooked for a time making those small 4,5" blocks. But life got in the way and I walked other paths, so it took me till Spring 2011 that I picked it all up again and started assembling the center blocks. I finished the center blocks assembling in November 2011 and went on with making the rest of the border triangles. I hope to get this all finished one day soon and start quilting this huge quilt (225cmx225cm)  You can follow this project on my Craftluver's blog.

Also cross stitching is something I am hooked on since I could find a pattern I liked (geometric design). I had a small box with floss and after I arranged that a nice way and bought some new yarn I liked the "painters palet" I had composed and really wanted to work with it! In the field of patchwork cross stitch and line stitching is getting very popular over the past few years and that was something I was really attracted to! So I started with some free designs (like my Christmas Wishes in Oct. 2009). Most of the time I give a design my own twist, by fabric or composition or even some extra embroidery stitches to decorate. Some of my work you can see at my blog. I also participate in some free online projects like "Randje Per Week".

Making stitcheries gave me the idea to design my own projects and patterns and since January 2011 I started this at a bigger scale, so I offered a  free applique class on my FB group "Craftluver Marianna". Check out the link in the left bar.

In september 2013 my 1st. beginner sampler class was published in a dutch quilting magazine Quilt&Zo and lasted for 1 year till June 2014! At the expo in Rijswijk in March 2014 my 1st. pattern "Floppy" was sold through a quiltshop! "Craftluver Marianna" became my identity as a designer and teacher!

In June 2014 I took a quilting class of Amish quilting and hubby gave me a handquilt frame to practice on it. Later on I want to extend it with a machine frame. But I learned to love quilting!

At my Craftluver's Blog you can read all about my daily quilt activities and other crafts, with or without the help of Floppy (she loves needles to much!), who is the subject of stories too and my mascotte.

If you like to see some of my work, hop over to my blog in the left bar. You can also find Floppy's blog there and my guestbook and email.  As I said: I would love to read your comments on my site or blog! So check it all out!

Have FUN looking around here and there

and I hope to see you on my blog!