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Star Wars GURPS 4th Ed. Metric
Books Collection 23-12-2017
Download (zip 17.9MB)
GCA Data File 05-06-2017
Download (zip 189KB)
GCA Character Sheets 12-12-2013
Download (zip 140KB)
Templates for creating a new Droid, Species, or Starship
Download (zip 56kB)

Star Wars GURPS 4th Ed.Imperial
Star Wars Sourcebook 06-11-2009
Download (pdf 3.13MB)
Sentient Species
Downoad (pdf 6.8MB)
GCA Data File 04-24-2009
Download (gdf 52KB)
Create a new alien species
Download (zip 3,29kB)
Create a new droid
Download (zip 3,22kB)
Create a new starship
Download (zip 5,62kB)
Used special fonts
Download (zip 59,2kB)

AstroSynthesis Plugin GURPS 4th Ed. Space
Download (rar 12.5KB)
Planet Guide and Map
Download (zip 5.76MB)

Star Wars GURPS 3th Ed.
Star Wars Sourcebook
Temporarely not available

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Immerse yourself in the excitement of the greatest space fantasy of all time. You can struggle to preserve the peace and order of the Republic, join the Rebellion against the oppressive might of the Empire, defend the New Republic against the tyranny of the Yuuzhan Vong, or even take part in eliminating all the Jedi and become a Lord of the Sith yourself. The only limit to the adventure is your own imagination. Take control of your destiny and become one of the greatest heroes off the galaxy.
  • The Star Wars history, spanning over 25,000 years.
  • A detailed Star Wars Universe
  • Details on how to play in any time frame
  • Equipment, weapons, vehicles, and starships from all six Star Wars movies, novels and computer games
  • Create your own starship rules
  • More than 300 alien races & creatures
  • Over 220 solar systems
  • Expanded rules for skills, advantages, disadvantages
  • Rules and guidelines for using the Force
  • Templates for the heroes and the villains of the Star Wars movies

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