WARNING about Greek (harbour/airport/port) Custom Police, Coast Guard, or was it one big scam? Information about the identity of the persons on the pictures and in the video is very welcome! Till now NOBODY in Greece responds! Patras Police, National Police, Coast Guard, Greek Ombudsman, Anek Lines refuses to give the name of the company working on the quay for them

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Custom/Coast Guard/Police Greece can do ANYTHING they like because they have the power to let you miss your flight or boat! They have your passport, they even lie about what you did. They are straight from hell these men! NOBODY IS STOPPING THEM! Nobody investigates complaints! It is even possible that we were victim in a big organised scam! Because Anek Lines says they don't know the people on the photo's and film. And they say even the man in the white t-shirt (see photo below) doesn't work for them, while he was working there getting everything on board! That's why I'm now asking people if they have any information about the people in this film and the photo's. Is this police? Is this Coast Guard? Private Security? Whatever? What happened to us? We saw no official papers, buildings, uniforms, nothing official actually, not even the "supervising captain" had an uniform! and we have nothing on paper!

We already experienced something like this on the airport of Corfu a few years ago. And were stopped with our dutch numberplate several times without reason or they had a dirty trick like driving across a completly faded away continuous line, saying that costs 400 euro normally. I don't understand how corruption works and don't want to know so they let us go... But this happened several times in Greece! Maybe they hope you have money in your passport? And what's the point of open borders and then checking your every move? The story, short, Anek Lines gave us their old address to pick up the tickets. We went to the "old" port, there was a paper saying we had to go to the "new" one, but we had to pick up the tickets that were paid for online (why not let people print them?) at the main office. This office was closed and nobody was there and also no sign. After 2 hours searching we found the new harbour. After getting our tickets we went to the boat. After brutal checking, by whom is not clear, I thought Schengen meant no control, so than they just put on black clothing and say nothing about who they are? Very nasty, commanding loudly "OPEN", I guess meaning the trunk? With flash lights they shine in your face. Very nasty and rude approach to tourists. This was our second disappointment, after the wrong addresses. Then there was no organisation at all on the very big empty quay, no lines, no signs, nothing, only some 50 campers and trucks waiting.

Then the way "the Anek Lines staff" (or the people they contract...) treat people is worse than one would treat a dirty streetdog! They shout at you like you're a criminal or less, you ask them to calm down, that they should not talk to paying customers like that. There follows a big argument. The man called us names, something Greek containing malakka and an uncountable amount of offensive and discriminating words, something offensive of us being dirty, gay and Dutch among many more. For my assertiveness of replying I didn't go to let this unnoticed, and making a picture of him (see below) he told me I would get very very sorry, that I would get punishment. He said "you will get a control and will be the last on the boat if ever you gonna get on this boat" and he was smiling in a dirty agressive obsessive way. This was instant and obvious misuse of power and position! And we got problems with the police allright! We will NEVER EVER go to Greece again after this. We been there 5 times and every time the people get worse, especially at customs, police etc. They don't take any pride in tourism, they just see you as a cow to be milked. And the police is the kind straight from a thriller/horror movie. A police you expect in places like, well, there are not even examples in films for this kind of abuse of power!

The police are corrupt and sadistic, and treat everybody like dogs, while we in the North of Europe pay their salary! We were arrested for nothing. They hurted, punched and broke us physically and mentally. I have black spots on my body and bleeding. First because I took a picture of a supposed policeman in normal cloths grabbing our passports and wallet with driving licence. I was asking for his ID on film and he only kept on saying "close your photo my friend". And when the camera was out apparently that was the reason I suddenly "had a big problem, my friend". Later it was because I was supposedly drunk, while I didn't drink one drop, but they kept on shouting I was drunk... Also the collegues of the man and the "boss" in white/black horizontal stripes polo shirt in the police (?) station we were brought to. And then because the colleague "Christo" from the Coast Guard had supposedly seen me spitting in the face of the police officer. Nothing of that is on the film I made before our arrest and before "You have a big big big problem, my friend". First he wanted the camera out to go totally loose after that. Of all the people we met we haven't seen any ID cards up to this day! I have the picture of "the policeman" in normal cloathing and on film talking on his mobile phone, and the name of his collegue "Christo" (Coast Guard?) on film, the one who, only later, accused me of spitting his collegue in the face, which was the last lie to try out on us to turn our day into a real "Midnight Express"-type-nightmare. Without having done ANYTHING wrong! Probably also because they don't like Germans and Dutch at this moment! So:


So it could also have been all a big scam by actors playing police. I didn't see any uniform, real police vehicle or police building. Our camera was deliberatly let been fallen and was broken and still doesn't work. At least 150 euro is missing from my wallet (where the driving license was in). The supposed "police" made us the choice/proposal to either go to jail, while being super super intimidating by saying we would be there for weeks and they would do everything in their power to lock us away for months, or pay a "parking fee of 120 euro" or something, because that's what I understood and it would/could well have been a lot more! And that was for us staying on the quay (as I understood), "miss the boat" (that was very clear that part) and rebook the ticket the next day, which was of course not possible with this non-changeable ticket. I tried to book that boat already and knew it was full the next day. So then we had to wait for days and pay for a new ticket. It would have cost us all in all at least an extra 1000 euro's!

So I thought I was in Europe! Even Schengen! Greece is part of that too! (this is where civilisation supposedly started but obviously the first country it's gone) I said I wanted to go to prison in that case, since my feeling and conviction told me I hadn't done anything wrong! He came with arguments like I would lose my job, etc, etc, that I would be in jail for weeks, etc, etc... My feeling of what's right and wrong told me I still wanted to go to prison! And that miraculously seemed to be the right way out. They had to come up with a reason now and there was none. But they first made us beg on our knees, litterally! The boss had to prevent the men who were accusing me of having spit them (the same people that punched, tortured us physically and mentally) to lose face. And I had to apologize to the captain (for what?!!!) and worst of all to the man who was the cause of all this all!! I have his picture below in white cloths.

Later they said we were never arrested and so there is nothing on paper, but I do have the picture of the man with whom I had the initial argument and the film asking the policeman in normal clothing for his ID. I asked the Information desk of the ship Forza from Genova (leaving Patras for Venice sunday 29th june 2014 23:59) Mr. Kremmidas for the name of the captain, which very strangely he first didn't want to give! Captain Giacomo was the name finally, and I'm curious if this was really the man on the quay! The staff behavior on board by the way was below average, in the bar I frequently heard "malakka here, malakka there"

And what is it with all that millimeter parking (and screaming and doing difficult about 1 millimeter!) while only 10 to 20% of the car parking in the boat was full? Now you could hardly get in or out of your car, especially with your luggage!

the link to the film: film

and photo's :

man of Anek Lines (?)

corrupt Patras police officer (?) or good organised scam??

Update: Anek Lines says they don't know the man on the picture and that he is NOT working for them. They also say that Supervising Captain of the ship ''FORZA'' is called Mr Gasparatos, so not Giacomo as they said at the ship's information desk. Greek police and even Ombudsman is giving no reaction at all. The suspicion rises we were maybe victim of a big scam, that's why I now publish this to warn people going from Patras Greece to Italy by boat and hopefully to get information of whom I'm dealing with?

And of course, if this was really police, then OMG watch out for these fascists! If they do this to fellow EU citizens, than OMG what about other nationalities! They are worse than in your worst nightmare, the best thriller movie, these monsters! Reality beats your wildest imagination here!

Than here the answer of the Greek police to our official complaint:

so if it was no police it must have been a bunch of criminals! my advice for Greece: put some policemen there to avoid these kind of scams...