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J.S.R - Hard Hindi - EP - Ganna Gauw

Hurry up and just press any of these buttons that says I Tunes, they are the best buttons there is! And very easy to use And its totaly free!

If you already got i tunes No problem! These buttons also brings you to my music to listen!


Why i tunes?


Cause it gots all the music! All in mp3!

You tired buying a cd, and there is only one song of interest! Then i I Tunes is the answer!


And please donít forget my music is inside it aswel hear the demoísjust type JSR on the search engine of I Tunes store.

The music your hearing looping is one oymy musics called Ghanna Gauw Album Hard Hindi. Also in I Tunes, and ofcourse free to listen.



J.S.R - Join me - You May Enter

Song: you may enter.

Song: ghanna gauw


J.S.R - Dance Hard With Me - EP - Introductinator

Song: introductinator

J.S.R - Jimmycore 2 - The Computer

Song: The Computer