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:: Play ALL Minecraft Versions! No Crack Needed/Always up-to-date! ::

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~> Features <~

• The official launcher doesn't need to be cracked. In theory this means a
longer working version whereas cracked versions often need to be updated

• Because nothing has to be cracked, legitimate players can also use this

• No demo play-time of 5 Minecraft days (1 hour and 40 minutes real time)

• Play any/every Minecraft version that has been released (Alpha ~ the latest snapshots)

• Online Multiplayer (without a payed account only on 'offline-mode' servers)

• Can be played Offline/LAN (requires one successful startup of the game)

• Modding of game is possible (i give no support on this so consult any documentation or the web, when needed)

• Launcher has been tested under Windows 8(.1)/10 (64-bit)

Due to the nature of certain updates, features could be (re)added or removed

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~> Downloads (N/A - visit Discord for info) <~

Standard Installer - incl. Portable
DL | Changelog

Micro Edition - ZIP archive, only necessary files
DL | Changelog

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