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Expressing Time
The Russian Alphabet


Course Russian language  for businessmen based on eBook Learn Russian to work with Russians: The Easy Way To Speak Russian

One day (or two days) course which includes learning Russian lessons and consultancy hours

Possible course program:

- The Russian alphabet
- A short phonetics course on how to pronounce words
- Useful phrases and dialogs
- Business vocabulary
- Economy overview, Russian history, Russian culture (including business culture


During the last twenty years Russia turned into the place of interest for many people

as the biggest country in the world with magnificent nature, exceptionally rich cultural

heritage and discrepant history. Many people would like to learn more about Russia,

apply their own principles of doing business or living to the unique Russian situation.

What is the best about learning Russia? Some command of Russian, knowledge of cultural

differences and understanding of Russia.

This course is intended for businessmen, students and travelers who wish to have a reasonable

level of Russian for doing business in Russia, for studying or for discovering Russia. You will

learn a variety of words and useful phrases and gain general knowledge of Russia that is necessary

to communicate in Russian. The way of teaching is quick and easy because of using numerous images and

pictures instead of lengthy explanations.  This is the reason for taking this course!

We can send you the entire program of our course "Russian language  for businessmen" on your request.


Kindle eBook by Elena Kaledinova on Learn Russian to work with Russians: The Easy Way To Speak Russian

More information here


Reviews of the book:

1) Your first steps in Russian!

Very practical introduction into Russian language and Russian (Business) Culture
After studying this booklet, you are able to survive in the Russian subways / metro, order a dinner, do not get lost in the city, greet people in a polite way. And understand that PECTOPAH means Restaurant!
Also the link to the website is very useful for exercising the beautiful Russian language!



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