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Business CrossRoads Consultancy is involved in doing business with Russia, Belgium and The Netherlands. Investment feasibility study as well as writing professional business and logistics plans are our strong points.

Our business services

1. Business CrossRoads Consultancy offers Investment feasibility study for companies developing a new product or service.

For new  business a company needs to launch a new investment project and evaluate its feasibility.

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Possible investment feasibility studies:


quick investment feasibility study (for free);


all-round investment feasibility study.


Please find more information here.

2. Business CrossRoads Consultancy developed the SIBI-index (Sustainability in Business index) and the SILI-index (Sustainability in Logistics index) to bring to light the sustainability issues in business/logistics, to  examine performance of a company in the field of sustainability and to estimate sustainability level as a  SIBI-index/SILI-index.

Both the SIBI-index and the SILI-index are our trade names registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Please contact us and we will give you a professional advice and possible solutions in the field of sustainability which can help you work out your sustainability policy in the field of your core business/logistics.

3. Our company trains businessmen from abroad to be well prepared for doing business in Russia or in former countries of USSR, as well as the Russian businessmen are trained to be succesful in the European Union business environment.

Transfer learning & Action learning are the major teaching strategies. Our portfolio is based upon case driven workshops, seminars, lectures and eBook Learn Russian to work with Russians.

4. We provide qualified market research concerning goods and services market in Russia and in The Netherlands, professional business and logistics plans.

5. Our website:

Our busines-to-business-portal:

Both the Business Opportunity Russia and the  are our trade names registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

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Business CrossRoads Consultancy presentation in Russian [.pps]

B2B portal

Submit your site and information about your company to our b2b portal:



Paperback and eBook by Elena Kaledinova on Learn Russian to work with Russians: The Easy Way To Speak Russian

More information here

05.2016 Presentation Doing business in Russia, by Elena Kaledinova

07.2015 Video lecture Supply Chain Finance, by Jan Jansen

04.2015 Video lecture Introduction to international business, by Jan Jansen

22.10.2010 Business CrossRoads Consultancy developed the SIBI-index™ (Sustainability in Business index) and the SILI-index™ (Sustainability in Logistics index/ Duurzaamheidsindex in Logistiek) ...





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