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                 Example of business trip to the Netherlands (including Germany

and Belgium)



Day 1

Arrival in Amsterdam and Arnhem

Day 2

1.       Lectures on Dutch business culture & Economy

2.        Visit Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam

Day 3

1.       Guest lectures of Dutch &  German businessmen

2.       Trip to Rotterdam

Day 4

1.   Visit harbour of Rotterdam

2.   Visit Europoort

3.   Trip to Antwerp

Day 5

1.       Visit Antwerp Chamber of Commerce

2.       Visit Antwerp company

3.       Return to Arnhem

Day 6

1.       Visit Ruhrgebiet (Duisburg)

2.       Visit Chamber of  Commerce of Duisburg

3.       Return to Arnhem

Day 7


1.       Visit Dutch Central Bank (Amsterdam)

2.       Visit Stock Exchange (Amsterdam)

3.       Stay in Amsterdam 

Day 8

Departure from Amsterdam

Various options would be discussed in advance.



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