I am an musicologist, interested in musical cultures of Central Asia, especially from Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

I was born on 18 January 1942 in Buren, The Netherlands. After finishing High School I studied clarinet and saxophone at the Conservatory of Music in Arnhem. Since then I have been teaching music, clarinet, bass-clarinet and saxophone at a Music School until 2003, played in ensembles of contemporary music and in rock bands. During that time I studied musicology and obtained my Drs (Doctorandus) degree. I was always interested in Muslim cultures and music and I made research trips in Morocco, Tunesia, Bulgaria and Northern China; I lived two years in Australia, where I studied the musical culture of the Aborigenes. In the last eleven years I did mainly fieldwork in North Afghanistan and especially in Tajik and Afghan Badakhshan, where I studied the Ismaili culture and music, which resulted in articles, lectures and the release of CD’s. (for more details, see: Biography).