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This Page is intended to be the place for you to tell the other members of our small fraternity all about your project; a place where you can exchange ideas or look for help or seek inspiration. Just E-mail your stuff to me and I will add it to the Technical Feedback Page. I hope the topics covered by the Technical Feedback Page will include at least descriptions of any changes or modifications you have made to my basic designs. Problems you have encountered during manufacture or assembly, your operational problems and any proposed solutions, lessons learnt, new ideas. The Technical Feedback Page is just that, it is for your feedback.


Malte, Danmark, CG3


Malte performed some real magic. He is creating a 1:6 model of a Swedish-STRV 122 tank, powered by a CG3 and FT160 engine. Here is what he wrote to me:
‘Everything has come together nicely. Still a few bits and pieces to go but that will come next time. I have attached a mockup picture as well to give an idea of what I am building. It has been a real pleasure working with your plans, i have had loads of fun and a bit of head scratching as well. Hope to keep in touch as the project moves on.’ Check back soon for an update.


Malte-CG3-1Malte-CG3-2Malte-CG3-3 FT160




Chmelík, Czech Republik, CT3


Chmelík build a CT3 for his 1/6 scale model of a Tatra truck. He modified the box and made it more compact and lightweight.

Here what he send me: Superfunctionality, thank you for your plans. I got your plans 2 years ago.






Curtis, United States, CT1


Curtis has build a CT1, it looks so crisp. Just look at the polished housing plates, beautifull craftsmanship by young Curtis.





Erik & Hans, The Netherlands, CG3


Erik and Hans did an excellent job. They were of tremendous help to me. When they build the CG3, they pointed out some excellent tips to me. The CG3 is build into a 1:6 scale Pz-III model. Erik performed some impressive tank-surfing when i visited them!

ErikHans CG3-1ErikHans CG3-2ErikHans CG3-3



Manrique, Spain,


Even all the gears in this CT1 are made by Manrique himself, his ‘first’ project turned out great! ‘ I am from Spain and I have build your CT1 Tank transmission, it is my first serious project, and I am very proud of it. I want to thank you for sharing all your designs, Manrique


phot0156v            phot0161            na15w


Erik, The Netherlands,


This beautiful hand build Panzer is build by Erik, he has built the Gatling, CT1 and CT3. Check back soon for a movie of the Panzer rolling with a temporary electric drive system.

‘Ik ben al geruime tijd bezig om een panzer IV te bouwen. Nadat ik de transmissie van jou had gezien besloot ik om mijn tank ook van een dergelijk systeem te voorzien.’


P1010341            P1010347            P1010365


Mike T., UK,


The idea for this Technical Feedback Page comes from Mike T. who lives in the south coast of England. An extra section is fully dedicated to Mike and his fantastic work!


PHOTO-17            PHOTO-7            image005


Dario, Italy,


Dario writes;

‘I have build a CT3 and a CT1 transmission. Both are effective, no problems, no difficulties. I've installed the units on my Panther 1/10 and powered them with an OS.48 4 stroke. From the first start the tank is running like a real one. I've also build the revolving gun, Ho boy, it's fantastic! (I will realize another one with cal.8mm blank cartridges!) For you some photos. Thank you, Ciao from Italy’


int1          2          can4pg            ex2

Some pictures of the stunning craftsmanship of my Italian friend.


Don’t forget to check out Dario’s website for more outstanding craftmanship: http://www.tankrc.com/


Chris Rogers, US, IL,


Chris writes:

‘Thank for the plans they are working out great…My name is Chris and I am a Machinist for about 22 years now. This project has been one of the most favorite ones I have ever made….Thanks again, Chris Rogers’. Out of the Bradley revolvergun plans he made this dual drum fed automatic gun. ‘The Blanks are out of a 22 cal Nail Gun for concrete working. I get it at the Home Inprovement store. $5 for a 100.


                CT1_exploded                CT1_CT3          Chris_dual_gattling

The CT1 in parts.                                                   The CT1 and CT3 combo.                                     The dual drum revolver cannon.


Aykut, Turkey;


Excellent craftmanship by my friend Aykut, one of the very few tankers in Turkey. He build the CG and send me this eye-candy. He milled the main housing of the CG out of a solid block aluminium. Aykut writes; ‘…. There seems to be no one working on any tank in Turkey.... I think I am going to be the first :), the engine and gearbox work very well and I want to thank you so much..’


Aykuts_CG_gearbox_top                Aykuts_CG_gearbox_rigth                Aykuts_CG_gearbox_left

Topview                                  The CG powered by a Honda GX31                                     Leftview


John Doe, Japan, CT2


The comments with his CT2 were in Japanese, since i cannot read Japanese i don’t know any details.


CT2_top        CT2_bottom        CT2_front



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