M5 Stuart RC tank on gasoline

M5 Stuart Tank 4-stroke powered, Big Scale RC Tank

Stuart tank gas powered radio controlled tank
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Toy Tank model


This 1:6 scale RC tank model of the M5 Stuart comes from 21st century toys. This model swept the market a few years back with its size and affordability. I got the model from a friend in the US. This time I will power it with a 4-stroke, so I got myself a Honda GX31, and off course a Cerjak gearbox will drive it!

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Front view CAD-model


Preparation and modifications


An aluminum U-profile box chassis, made from 2mm sheet aluminum will be inserted into the plastic bottom hull. A lot of plastic has to be cut away, essentially, the whole bottom will be cut away and replaced for the aluminum sheet. Since the engine is quite bulky, I will have make the chassis 30mm lower than the original. The gearbox will fit in perfectly, a solid round 10mm shaft 350mm long, will be the drive shaft on which the drive sprockets are driven. The running gear on the Stuart is excellent, it looks great and is real strong and sturdy, i did insert bronze bushings in the roadwheels and let them rum on M6 bolts acting as shafts.

The chassis is to be made out of 2mm thick aluminum sheet. At the backside, the engine needs to be lowered, so the sheet is cut and folded down. At that position a 3mm reinforcing folded sheet connects the 2mm sheet. The engine is mounted on rubber damping mounts. The insides of the model had to be removed. I ripped out its guts, and what comes out is a complete transmission with sound system, receiver and controller. With a blade saw the unneeded plastic of the lower hull is removed. As you can see there is little left of the lower hull. When the aluminum chassis is inserted bolts will connect the plastic and aluminum.


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Guts removed. Cut up. Aluminum chassis fitted.



Scale: 1/6th

Weight: 20 kg

Engine: 31cc, 1 cylinder 4-stroke, 1.5 hp (Honda GX31)

Transmission: 2 speed forwards, one reverse gearbox, clutch/brake tank steering system (CG)

Top speed: 20 km/h

Armament: Revolver gun, 6 shot .22 rimfire blanks


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Interior layout

See demonstration video


More videos

Racing and shooting indoors

More racing and shooting indoors

Exhaust valves

Stuart at the racing track

Onboard camera

Racing by

A ridge too far


Gearbox running


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