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Mike the magician


My friend Mike lives at the south coast of England. This extraordinary engineering wizard just recently got infected with the RC tank virus. See the amazing results below of his serious condition…


Radial Engine powered Stuart

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Stuart_engine       Stuart_top        stuart_molly


This Stuart M5 started life as a 21st Century Toys model and has been extensively modified, starting with fitting a 3mm aluminium plate inner hull to handle the power of a 5 cylinder radial aircraft engine. We all know that the M3 Stuart and the early M4 Sherman were similarly powered by radial aircraft engines
The engine is supported from an aluminium bulkhead mounted across the back of the tanks hull. The engine is fan cooled, the fan being mounted on the flywheel. The cooling duct was made from the lid of a old chip pan. The radial engine installation also has the advantage of being its own authentic sound and authentic smoke generator. Ironically, the 5 cylinder Siedel radial engine was manufactured in West Germany and I fitted it into an American Tank!!!!
The power from the engine is transmitted through the centrally located high/low ratio gearbox to the steering gearbox located at the front of the tank between the two drive sprockets. The design of these two gearboxes was the work of a Dutch tank enthusiast named Iliya Cerjak. The transmission system uses a total of six multi plate clutches to connect and disconnect the various gear ratios as required. A total of four servos are used to control the engine speed, gear ratio and to steer the tank.
The whole project took about 6 months to complete and ran for the first time at the Shepton Mallet show last April. Since then, the radial engined Stuart as been to Beulieu, the Bovington Tank Fest and the UK Tank Club BBQ.


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Stuart_engine_naked            Stuart_tranny            Stuart_dressed


CG-2B Gearbox


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CG-2B_rigth            CG-2B_front            CG-2B_top


Heres what Mike send me; ‘I thought you would like an update on my CG-2 gearbox As you can see from the photos, it is nearly complete and has been run, under electric motor power, for several hours. I have incorporated a number of development changes along the way; so have called it the CG-2B.


V8 Powered StuG III


After building his radial engine powered Stuart (see bottom of page), Mike build a hybrid drivetrain for his V8(!) powered tank project using a CG2B. He called his design the Vixen V8 engine (its a lady fox, not a foxy lady!!). I collaborated in the build of the engine and created the 3D part models and design package. He build the V8 together with the CG2B into a 1/6th scale StuG3 tank model ( Metalbox ).

See the Vixen V8 page for more details

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CAP1                   image035














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