METALBOXMODELS, full metal 1:6th scale RC tank models from China

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Metalbox factory visit

METALBOX welcomed me at the factory in China


Jason, the owner of METALBOX company, welcomed me at the factory in Beijing. With an excellent team of coworkers, and excellent production facilities, he produces 1:6th scale models of the Panzer IIIH and Opel Blitz. I got to see their awesome 1:6th scale Panzer IIIH up close. Its one of the most detailed full metal Panzer model on the market today. So is their Opel Blitz. The quality is extremely high, and there has been put so much effort in the detailing its just scary. All hatches, latches, locks, you name it, it all functions and is an exact replica of the real thing, all in full metal! The Panzer tracks are molded in aluminum with extreme high detail an quality. The electric version is fitted with a custom made digital speed controller (24V, 300W ), especially designed and developed for METALBOX. It’s the most maneuverable electric tank I have ever seen. It is controlled by one stick, and handles beautifully. When driving it, seeing it move effortlessly, its hard to imagine it weighs almost 60kg. In the videos at the bottom of the page, you can see its awesome driving and climbing possibilities. It can even pull an pull a car or truck, see it in the videos on the metalbox website! The model comes with a fully motorized turret. Check out their website for more details and availability.


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Metalbox_P3_front  Metalbox_P3_tracks   Metalbox_P3_turret

Panzer IIIH stock                                                   Tracks                                                                  Detailing


Metalbox_speedcontroller  Meatlbox_Opel_Blitz   Metalbox_P3_pose

Speedcontroller                                                     Opel Blitz                                              Jason and me.





image003   Metalbox_PanzerIIIH      




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