RC Tank gearbox CG transmission by Iliya Cerjak

Build it yourself Tank transmission for use in radio controlled tanks & other tracked vehicles.



3D CAD data and/or 2D production drawings available on request.

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2 speed & reverse tank gearbox dual clutch




The CG is a universal tank gearbox, easy and cheap to manufacture, made from stock material. It has 2 speeds forward (high- and low gearing) and one reverse. The steering is accomplished by 2 clutches/brakes. 2 servos/channels are needed to control the gearbox.


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CAD_tank_gearbox tank_transmission

CAD model. The real thing.



Persuaded by popular demand I decided to make the drawings available. The drawing set consists in total out of 9 drawings, which explain the whole assembly and describe all parts in detail. You can build this gearbox yourself without the need of special tools except for a drill column and a small lathe. The gears are commercially available and are all fully specified together with the supplier in the parts list.

3D CAD data and/or 2D production drawings available on request.

Go here for more downloads.




Below pictures of the gearbox taken apart. In the first picture you see all parts disassembled. On the second a close-up of all the gears which are used. The left one shows the clutch plates. Check out the Stuart project to see the gearbox build into a 1/6 Stuart tank model.

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gearbox_exploded view tank_gears tank_transmission_clutch

All parts disassembled. The gears. The clutch parts.


On the left bottom picture you see 2 servos fitted. One servo controls the proportional steering by controlling the 2 clutches/brakes. The two servos controls the 3 gearings, forward slow, forward fast, and reverse slow. In the movie you will see the box dry running on its first test run.

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tank_transmission_and_sprockets Metalbox_CG

Gearbox with servos. A CG prototype produced in China.





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