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M2 Bradley Big Scale Radio Controlled Model Tank

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my big little tank’


Gasoline engine powered 1/7th scale



Just like Lieutenant Grüber I also like to brag about my little tanks. Years ago I build a small gas engine into a 1/16 scale tank model (see little tank page). And when I discovered it again, I was yet again infected by the RC-hobby-virus. So I got this idea of building a bigger and better radio controlled tank model, now with a 2-stroke engine. In my quest I discovered that all readily available models are way too small (like the Bandai, Tamiya, Marui..), and the few big scale tank models are way too valuable. After some research I found a big enough and inexpensive enough model; the 21st century toys 1/6 scale M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle. Before I could order the model I had to figure out the engine and transmission would fit inside the model. I downloaded a 3D model of the Bradley and scaled it down to 1/6, and modelled the engine and transmission into it.


 (Click on picture to see larger image)

Bradley_CAD           tank_on_my_lap

CAD-model                                            Just after unpacking the huge box.


The track-links and drive sprockets came from Veroma Modellbau.




“The Bradley's main armament is the M242 25mm "Bushmaster" Chain Gun, manufactured by McDonnell Douglas. The standard rate of fire is 200 rounds per minute.” To mimic the M242, I designed a motorized revolver gun, much like the real thing. The ammunition had to be 6mm Flobert blanks, since those are the only blanks legally sold here in Holland. I designed a 60mm cylinder containing 20 blanks. An aluminum U-profile  is bolted to the plastic gun barrel assembly. Inside the U-profile fits a cylinder containing the firing pins and chambers for the blanks. This cylinder consists out of 3 parts, 1 part with springs, 1 part with firings pins, and the part holding the blanks, i.e. the magazine, (i had it made out of stainless steel). The rest is made of aluminum. A small geared motor drives the cylinder through gears, accomplishing a 10 rpm speed of the main cylinder @ 6V. Since the model has 12 Volts (driving motor) as well as 6 Volts (receiver and servos) onboard, I made 2 firing rates available to the gun, 200 rounds/m, or 400 round/pm. Both rates can be selected by remote control.


(Click on picture to see larger image)

bushmaster_gun      image015               photo_tank_gun

A comparison between the model and the real gun.               A cutout drawing showing the firing mechanism.    The gun assembly showing the 6mm blanks.


3D CAD data and/or 2D production drawings available on request.

Go here for more downloads.


Missile launcher


“The M2 Bradley is equipped with the Raytheon TOW BGM-71 anti-tank missile system. The twin-tube TOW launcher is mounted on the left of the turret.” The diameter of the plastic imaginary launch tubes on the model was 17mm. And so is the diameter of a standard A-size model rocket engine, coincidence? I don’t think so! I had 2 aluminum launch tubes made with an 18mm bore and inserted them into the plastic compartment. I fitted 4 contacts in the back, 2 for each missile, fitting the diameter of paperclip-wire. The missiles are prepared for firing by taping a white band at the top, for better fitting in the tube, and for better tracing of the missile.


(Click on picture to see larger image)

bradley_firing               tank_missile_pod               tank_turret_bottom

The real thing.                                      The launch box, missiles and igniters.                    Gun and missiles assembled to the turret.




Scale:              1/7th

Weight:            26 kg

Engine:             40cc, 2 cylinder 2-stroke, 2.5 hp (Robin NBT415)

Transmission:   2 speed forwards, one reverse gearbox. Double differential tank steering system (12V steering motor)

Top speed:       15 km/h

Armament:       Revolver gun, 20 shot .22 rimfire blanks

                        Rockets, dual 17mm ‘Estess’ launch tubes



(Click on picture to see larger image)


Interior layout.


See demonstration video


More videos

Climbing a hill

Indoors in the sand smoking

Testing the smoke unit

Onboard camera at the race track

Bradley M2A3 shooting and racing on the circuit at MLM Soesterberg

Onboard camera in the grass

Driving in the sand

Crushing some beercans

Firing missiles

Old footage

In the snow

Shooting in the cold desert

Gatling gun

Crushing some cans


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