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Geert's Portrait

Curriculum vitae: Geert de Haan, PhD.

Name:           Geert de Haan
Birth:          14 May 1959, Eindhoven
Nationality:    Netherlands
Home:           Twello
Marital status: partnership contract
Email: (AT)
Personal site:
Orcid:          0000-0001-8651-5424

General    ubiquitous computing/pervasive design/ambient intelligence, context-
           sensitive interfaces, location-based services, tangible- & sentient
           interfaces, crowd sourcing & social media, open data, semantic web,
           internet of things.
Design     distributed intelligence, agency, computing as a service, rapid
           prototyping & agile development, scenario-based & participatory design,
           co-creation & co-design, design exploration, concept- & living labs.
Research   scientific research process, finding/selecting/reviewing literature,
           structuring of publications, publishing, concept-development, plagiarism
           & fraude, prototypes & demostrators, empirical research, arduino.
Abilities  Task-, requirements-, and workflow analysis; user-centred and scenario-
           based design; formal & user modelling; prototyping; cognitive walkthroughs; 
           usability evaluation; interviewing techniques & questionnaires, project 
           management; psychological experiments; programming; statistics.
Languages  Dutch, English, German, programming languages, user interface script
           languages, operating systems

Research Interests

           Methods & techniques for design representation & user interface design.
           Ambient Intelligence, Ubiquitous-, Pervasive-, Calm Computing.
           Formal modelling, Intelligent- adaptive- and adaptable systems.
           Open data, IoT, Co-design & co-creation methods, Living Labs.
           Cross relating HCI, Cognitive Psychology and Software Engineering.

Professional Experience

2015-      Lecturer/researcher, Information Management, Database systems, Statistics, Open 
           Source Software Concepts, Customer Relationship Management. Wittenborg University
           of Applied Sciences, Apeldoorn.
2014-      Independent lecturer/researcher User Interface Design, Ubiquitous
           Computing, Internet of Things.
2012-2014  Lecturer/researcher (hogeschooldocent) Human-Centered Ict/Ubiquitous
           Computing, CMI / Media Technology, Rotterdam University, Rotterdam.
           Trend analysis, vision development, curriculum development, Applied
           Research, Ba thesis supervision.
2008-2011  Lecturer/researcher (kerndocent) Media Technology, Rotterdam University, Rotterdam.
2007-2008  Lecturer ICT, Hogeschool HBO Netherland, Zwolle/Arnhem.
           Business Information Systems, ICT/MS Office, Research Methods/Statistics.
2004-2005  Postdoc Researcher in the Man-Machine Interaction Group at Delft
           University of Technology on the IOP/MMI SuperAssist project -
           requirements analysis and scenario-based design for a user-agent 
           system for self healthcare (diabetes treatment). Evaluation of TU 
           Delft website ( PhD thesis coach.
2003-2004  Preliminary investigations for a grant proposal for a digitalisation
           project (in Dutch) at the Netherlands Centre for Car-historical 
           Documentation (NCAD).
2000-2003  Senior researcher at the Maastricht McLuhan Institute, Maastricht
           University. EEG/IST i-MASS, a system for uniform and transparent
           access to collections of Cultural Heritage information based on
           metadata, user profiles and agent technology (usability evaluation,
           scenario-based user interface design, metadata analysis & prototyping).
1998-2000  Usability Researcher at IPO, Center for User-System Interaction,
           Eindhoven University. EEG/IST COMRIS project, an intelligent wearable
           personal assistant based on agent technology (usability evaluation and
           prototyping experiments); User Modelling (modelling user knowledge);
           ToKeN2000 project, accessibility of knowledge (pilot studies of
           information retrieval of visual material and co-presence in CSCW
1997-1998  Project manager at Distributed Systems, Technical Infrastructure
           Services, Philips Origin, Eindhoven. Projects for the information
           support of the systems management Service Delivery Process (business
           process analysis, software/infrastructure information support
           document management, web-team project manager, www-design) Work report.
1990-1995  PhD. Research at the unit of Software Engineering of the Vrije
           Universiteit, Amsterdam. Extended Task-Action Grammar (ETAG), 
           a formal model of user-knowledge for user interface design
           (task and requirements analysis, system specification and prototyping;
           MSc thesis supervision).
1989-1990  PhD. Research at the unit of Ergonomics of the Twente University,
           Enschede. Formal representations in HCI (analytic research of formal
           models for knowledge representation; MSc thesis coach). 
1984-1986  Student-Assistant at the unit of Experimental/Cognitive Psychology of
           Leiden University. (Computer assistance, programming, experimentation).


2016 	   Presentation Skills and Public Speaking group training (Tim Birdsall)
2012       course Studying with Autism.
2011       course Creative Action Methodology (P. Delnooz).
2010       course Digital Didactics, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.
2008-2009  course Higher Education Teaching certificate, Hogeschool Amsterdam.
2000       course presentation abilities for researchers.
1997       course Problem and Change Management, ATOS Origin.
1995       Postdoctoral course Specifying of Information & Knowledge-based Systems (SIKS).
1992       Postdoctoral course Protocol Analysis, Amsterdam University.

1990-2000  Doctoral study Cognitive Ergonomics at the unit of software engineering,
           Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.
           PhD. Thesis: ETAG, a Formal Model of Competence Knowledge for
           User Interface Design, with prof. dr. Hans van Vliet, dr. Gerrit
           van der Veer and dr. Michael Tauber.
           October 2000 a PhD is obtained at the department of Mathematics and
           Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.
1989-1990  Doctoral study Cognitieve Ergonomics at the unit of Ergonomics, Twente
           Formal Models in Human-Computer Interaction, with prof. dr. Ted White.
1982-1988  Master study Cognitive Psychology at Leiden University.
           Subsidiary subjects: General and science philosophy, computer
           Practice project: Research on Task-Action Grammar (TAG),
           with dr. Thomas Green, at MRC Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge, UK.
           Master thesis: "Programming in Parallel: A study in the psychology
           of software", with prof. dr. Patrick Hudson, Leiden University.
           August 1988 an MSc. in Psychology is obtained Cum Laude.
1981-1982  Bachelor study Philosophy at Leiden University
1978-1981  Bachelor study Psychology at Leiden University 

Miscellaneous Activities

2020       Program Cie Cognitive Technologies and Applications; COGNITIVE 2020, 26-30 April, Nice, France
2019       Juror European Youth Award 2019 -
2019       Co-organizer Workshop "Rethinking Cognitive Ergonomics" @ ECCE 2019
2019       Program Cie ECCE 2019 "Design for Cognition", 10-13 Sept., Belfast, UK.
2018       Juror European Youth Award 2018 -
2018       Program Cie ECCE 2018 "Modeling, Simulation and Games", 5-7 Sept., Utrecht, the Netherlands.
2017-      Treasurer of EACE ( European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics
2017       Program cie ECCE 2017 "Transforming the everyday", 19–22 Sept., Umea, Sweden.
2016	   Juror European Youth Award 2017 -
2016       Co-organizer of The Workshop on the Role of Cognitive Ergonomics in Interaction Design - 
           Addressing Advances in HCI. 5 September 2016; Nottingham, Uk.
2016	   Program co-chair of ECCE 2016, European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics - Simulation, 
           visualisation and digital technologies. 6 - 8 September 2016; Nottingham, Uk. 
2016	   Juror European Youth Award 2016 -
2015       Provided a course on Creative Technology & IoT Design, Communication Engineering, BIS,
           Johannes Kepler Universitaet, Linz, Austria, 2-13 Nov. Ober-Oestreich Innovation Stipendium. 
2015	   Onsite & online juror European Youth Award 2015 -
2015       Program cie ECCE 2015 "Understanding Design through Cognition", 1–3 July, Warsaw, Poland.
2014       Program cie ECCE 2014 "Cogition in the Wild", 1-3 Sept. Vienna, Austria.
2014	   Juror European Youth Award 2014 -
2014       Review Chi sparks 2014 - Creating the difference, 3 April The Hague, Nl.
2013       Program cie ECCE 2013: "Work, Education, Society”, 26-28 Aug. Toulouse, France.
2012       Mediation trial; a collegue at Hogeschool Rotterdam plagiarised my work.
2011       Review Chi Sparks: "HCI Research, innovation & implementation", 23 June, Arnhem, Nl.
2011       Poster/demo co-chair, review ECCE 2011, 24-26 Aug. Rostock, Germany.
2010       Poster/demo co-chair, review "Caring for the Future", 25-27 Aug. Delft, Nl.
2010-      Review Int. Journal of Cognitive Performance Support (IJCPS).
2009-2014  Member SIA/Raak HBO-team Intelligent SensorNetworks: Thematic Impuls ISN.
2009       Review ECCE 2009, Change, 30 Sept.-2 Oct. Helsinki, Finland.
2008       Review ECCE 2008, Cool Interaction, 16-19 Sept. Madeira, Portugal.
2007       Review for the conference ECCE 2007, 28-31 Aug. London, UK.
2005-2007  Supervision committee IOP/MMI Apropos.
2004       Organising committee conference "Dutch Directions in HCI".
2004-2006  Weekend home-care for a mentally ill friend
2003       Review "Cognitive Science Approaches to Process Control".
2002       Program chair SIGCHI.NL of the conference "Synergy Unlimited".
2001       Review for the conference IHM-HCI 2001 (BCS-HCI).
2001       Main organizer SIGCHI.NL of the conference "E-Content for All"
1999       Review for the workshop "Cognitive Modelling and UI Development".
1998       Review for the magazine Cognitive Systems.
1997-2003  Co-organizer of SIGHI.NL meetings.
1996       Review for the conference "Multimedia Minded '97".
1995       Review and session chair at Interact '95.
1995       Postacademic course Specifying Information and Knowledge-based Systems.
1994       IFIP TC 13.2/2.7 workshop Methodology and Tools for UI Design.
1993       Assistant at a postacademic course on User Interface Design.
1993       Co-organizer of the Amsterdam Workshop on Task-Analysis.
1992-1993  Student Volunteer co-chair at InterCHI '93.
1990-      Reports of Workshops/Conferences for HCI trade magazines.
1990-2005  Co-advisor of master thesis and practice-project students.
1990-2000  Lectures about Formal Models for students and the HCI groups.
1990-1996  Manager/editor of the (now: EACE) email newslist on HCI.
1990-1994  Project assistant NWO-NFI project "Systematic Design of User Interfaces".


           European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics - EACE
           ACM Special Interest Group on CHI - SigCHI
           IFIP TC13.7 HCI and Visualization (HCIV)
           ACM Special Interest Group on CHI Dutch chapter - (inactive)
           European Academy for Digital Media - EADiM (inactive)
           EnergieRijk Voorst, Windvogel, Windcentrale, ENFB

Selected Publications