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Mystery vessels ...

Since 9 March 2009

bullet Norient tanker outbound at the Maaspilot station 15-2-'09 at 11:45
bullet YM Container outbound from Europoort at 25-2-'05 at 17:30
bullet New building by Inshalho yard at Hardinxveld on 17-1-'05
bullet APL Container vessel inbound at the Maaspilotstation on 29-1-'05 at 13:00

Since 19 December 2008

bullet British fishing vessel homeport Hull in theBeatrixhaven at Steinweg Terminal on 5-11-'08 at 08:00
bullet Tanker 1 without name in Las Palmas on 7-11-'08 at 17:00
bullet Tanker 2 with Panama flag in Las Palmas on 7-11-'08 at 17:00 name something like Valla G..
bullet British yacht in Las Palmas on 7-11-'08 with 2 helicopters on deck!!
bullet British yacht 2 in Las Palmas on 7-11-'08 at 18:00


Since 7 November 2008      (Note: times can be different 1 hour)

bullet Floating crane with accomodation of yacht on 20-10-'08 at 15:30 in Bremerhaven
bullet Tanker/bunker vessel in Bremerhaven on 21-10-'08

Since 31 October 2008      (Note: times can be different 1 hour)

bullet Bulker outward bound from Dunkerque at 5-9-'08 at 10:00
bullet Patrol vessel passing Dover South bound on 7-9-'08 at 13:47
bullet ... Naree in Dover strait SW bound lane on 7-9-'08 at 15:40
bullet Bulker outbound passing Flushing on  9-9-'08 at 13:50


Since 25 September 2008      Note: times can be different 1 hour

bullet Bulker outward bour near Flushing 0n 13-8-08 at 08:00
bullet Large bulker of CHS outward bound passing Flushing on 14-8-08 at 14:45
bullet Ostend pilot boat in Dordrecht on 15-8-'08 at 12:00 possible doing trials

According Stan Muller one of the Belgian Police boats no. 12 or 13.

Since 27 August 2008

bullet bulker ouward bound passing Flushing on 12-7-8 at 15:30
bullet Russian tanker ouward bound passing Maasluis on 19-7-8 at 04:30
bullet Zim vessel outward bound passing Flushing on 26-7-'08 at 09:00
bullet MOL carcarrier outward bound passing Flushing on 26-7-'08 at 09:00

Since 21 May 2008

bullet Bulker outward bound passing Flushing on 9-4-'08 at 14:20
bullet Tanker outward boung passing Flushing on 21-4-'08 at 08:00

Since 25 April 2008

bullet BR 909376 in Moerdijk by CCT east side on 9-3-'08


since 3 august 2007

bullet ex DDR-patrol vessel (66360A) on 1-8-7 at 07:00 in the Gemeente haven 's Gravendeel.


since 10 July 2007, pictures take in Curacao

bullet Bulk carrier eastbound near Curacao on 7-6-7 at 9:40
bullet container feeder westbound near curacao (might be on her way to Willemstad) on 9-6-7 at 12:40

Identified by Pedro Amaral as a Turkon ship, "Alkin Kalkavan", "Besire Kalkavan" or "Mukaddes Kalkavan"

bullet dry cargo vessel. Drifting near Willemstad at 10-6-7 at least from 14:30 till 17:30
bullet bulk carrier eastbound near curacao  on 9-6-7 at 07:30
bullet Tanker in Willemstad on 13-6-7 at 14:30
bullet NC 234 at 13-6-7
bullet tanker. westbound near curacao (might be on her way to Willemstad) on 14-6-7 at 16:450
bullet passing bulker. eastbound near curacao on 14-6-7 at 08:20
bullet harbour patrol/tug NC 150 in Willemstad dry shipyard on 16-6-7 at 14:00
bullet 2 Navy vessels in Willemstad dry shipyard on 16-6-7 at 14:00

According Herman Vos both patrol vessels are decommisioned and are identical as the one in Aruba with pendant P4.

since 10 July 2007

bullet CMA CGM .... outward bound passing Flushing on  6-5-2007 at 16:12
bullet Atlantic ... outward bound passing Flushing on  6-5-2007 at 16:30
bullet Iran .... inward bound passing Flushing on  7-5-2007 at 08:00

since 10 April 2007

bullet (341) bulker outward bound passing Flushing 7-1-'07 at 16:30
bullet (342) Jo Tanker inward bound passing Fluhing on 7-1-'07 at 16:30
bullet (346) Maersk inward bound passing Flushing on 7-1-'07 at 16:45
bullet (867) MSC  vessel outbound passing Flushing on 6-3-07 at 19:18
bullet (038) bulker outbound passing Flushing on 30-3-'07 at 17:30

since 19 October 2006

bullet Volga-Don type Passing Flushing inward on 6-9-06 at 18:30
bullet MSC vessel passing Flushing inbound to Antwerp on 10-9-06 at 19:45

since 24 May 2006

bullet Unknown Tanker 2 in Dover Strait on  25-3-06 at 17:07 ( I think in South-bound lane)

since 10 January 2006

bulletYN 51726.jpg (121981 bytes)Damen new building YN 51726 in Gorichem on 22-11-05

since 16 November 

bulletunknown old navy.jpg (100603 bytes) Old Navy vessel. take on 24-9-05 13:30.  The vessel was used for a 2nd World War movie which was shot in the Dokhaven. She was in the movie 'zwart boek' (Black Book) of Paul Verhoeven.

received from Uwe:

That is one ex Grenzboot TYP GSB 23 the Germans Democratic Republic built on the VEB Yachtwerft Berlin 1973 wider as a result of see about to me here :

since 1 sept (taken buring our honeymoon on the Seychelles

bulletunknown ferry - SYPVT.jpg (108965 bytes) (Hi speed) harbour ferry coming from overseas maybe Japan.  as there are Japanse caraters on the bow. In Port Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. 16 june 2005
bulletunknown reefer - SYPVT.jpg (65831 bytes) Seatradre reefer vessel on the road of Port Victoria, Seychelles. 16 june 2005

Identified by  Victor Reijnhout as one of the Island-Class vessels. So this one of the following ships Antilla, Aruba or Antigua


since 28 aug (taken by my dad Poul Sanderse)

bulletunknown MSC_7.jpg (72632 bytes)MSC vessel (7) outbound passing flushing on 1-7-05 at 09:15
bulletunknown MSC_8.jpg (68689 bytes)MSC vessel (8) outbound passing flushing on 25-7-05 at 08:13

Already some time on my webpage....

bulletunknown MSC.jpg (76893 bytes) unknown MSC (1) vessel outward bound from Antwerp on 20-05-04 at 18:00 passing Vlissingen (Flushing). 
bulletUnknown hydrofoil.jpg (142281 bytes) Hydrofoil on the scrapyard in 's Gravendeel 12-09-2004.

According Mark van Dutchhydrofoils she is one of the Komet class vessel.

bullet Russian Sormovskiy or Baltiyskiy type of vessel West bound in the Baltic on 5 November 2003
bullet Bunker vessel in Singapore (15 October 1999)
bullet Yellow roro vessel in Marsaxlokk (Malta) August 2002 (18th or 19th). Anyway taken on my hollyday from 10 till 22 august

Indentified by Stefan Verberckmoes as one of the following sister ships .... Vento di Levante, Vento di Maestrate or the Vento di Scirocco

According Martin Riedijk this is the Kilcoe (ex Jolly Bruno).

According Peter Olsen this is not the Kilcoe as her was working on the yard were she was build as Norwegian Conqueror.

According Capt. Paolo Tattoli this definitely not the Jolly Bruno, also Vento di Sirrocco is not possible as she has she bridge forward. He is sure that is either the Vento di Levante or the Vento di Maestrate. Both belonging to the Tarros company which is no longer own ships. 

bullet Singapore bunker vessel at Singapore roads May 2001


If you have any information please contact me