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bullet                   The official site of the Dutch pilot association                           The official site of P&O Nedlloyd container shipping company


Sites of (former) collegues:

bullet                By my colleque Maurice Jacobs alias Morris.  
bullet   A site of my colleague Morris. With pics of ships and voyages                    A site of my former PONL colleague Willem Jan. With pics of ships and sunsets           Unoffical site of P&O Nedlloyd with photos of P&O Nedlloyd vessels            By former pilot Jan van der Klooster (Hook of Holland,NED)              By my collegue Ben Meerburg. Pictures in the port of Rotterdam/Europoort           Pilot Liveboat raceteam by Collegue Willem Witteveen 
bullet    Pilots RopaRun team by Jose van Rijsewijk
bullet Pilots Cycling team by Herman Broers


Ship Community Photo galleries:              World largest community page (webmaster Tomas Pinås) Here my archive can be found


Other Ship Photo galleries:       By Dennis Shum (Hong Kong,CHR)              Containerships by Michael van der Meer (Maassluis,NED)               By former pilot Jan van der Klooster (Hook of Holland,NED)                       Johnny van de Velde (Terneuzen,NED)                      By Maik Ebel (GER)                    Great Lake shiphotos by Jeff Cameron (CAN)                  Shipphotos from the UK (GBR)                             By John Shipnet (Rozenburg,NED)                           By Matthias Krocher (Hamburg,GER)    By Rogério Cordeiro (Santos,BRA)                      Swiss merchant fleet by Markus Berger, Peter Bichsel and Daniel Trösch(CHE)                  By Faith Jordan (GBR)                       From Stephan Giesen (GER)                           By maritime journalist Piotr Starenczak  (Gdansk,POL)                           Shell tankers by Kees Helder (NED)                    Esso Tankers by Auke Visser (NED)                By Richard Schut (NED) officer by Jo Tankers           From Florida (USA) by John van Teeffelen                    By Prezemek Mrowiec (POL)                                  From the baltic by Florian Schulze (GER)     
bullet                 By Michel Kodde  (NED)                              By Rolf Skiold  (Uddevalla, SWE)                         By  Fran Garcia (Vigo, ESP)                             By Stefan Roest  (Delft, NED)    With nice forum                                 Dredger by Bert Visser (Rotterdam, NED)    By Rick Burnett (UK)         By W. van Voort (Rozenburg, NED)       From Capt. José Luis Diaz Campa (SPA)                From .......    (Istanbul, TRK)                            From .......    (ZAF)                                  By Olav Moen and Terje Moen (Stavanger,NOR)                         By Mervyn Blowers (UK)                           By Martin Witte (Elbe, GER)                           By Hans Erich Wirsching   (Hamburg,GER)                                 Russian River ships by Aleksey Yablonskiy (Moskow, RUS)                           By Jesper Andersen (Frederickshaven, DEN) in danish                         By Richard and Allison Matterson (Brisbane, AUS)                                By Coques and Solk (Le Havre, FRA)                    By Hilmar Snorrason (Rekyavik, ICE)                            Tall ships by Volker Gries                         Tugs by Alain Dooms                                 By Markus Lierman  (GER)                              By Bernd Dahlmann  (GER)          By Niall Kelly  (UK)                                All about MSC by Maik Ebel                         By Erik Ask (Bergen, NOR)                           By Martin Goudriaan (NED)                        By Ron van Velde (NED)                     By Piet van Nimwegen (NED)                          By Ed Jokers  (New York, USA)                By Jan Lassen (Hamburg, GER) By Darren Green (UK)                             By Huug Pieterse (NL)                     By Huug Pieterse (NL)                        By Sander Schenkel (NL) about cruise ships                       By Frederic Logghe (BEL)                             By Carlos Barrera (ESP)                     By Maarten Dijkhuisen (NLD)   about tugboats
bullet                       By Phlippe Lauga (Bayonne, FRA)
bullet                               By Ronalf Bijtenhoorn (NLD)
bullet                       By Joop Klaasman (Barendrecht, NLD)
bullet                   By Richard Matterson (Brisbane, AUS)
bullet                         Wilhelsen Wallenius by Bjørn Eddy Engelbrethsen (Vestskogen, NOR)
bullet            By John Rebel (UK) 
bullet                 By Michel Elias (Ostend,BEL) 
bullet                     By Cornelia Klier (CHE) 
bullet    By Alan Faulkner (Mersey, UK)
bullet                 By Michel Elias (stend , BEL)
bullet                        By Paul & Marcel van Luik (Terneuzen, NL) 
bullet                                    By Henk van kooten (Rotterdam, NL)
bullet         By Huub Trommel (Stellendam, NL)  NEW

Other Nice Shipping sites:                      A site with photo's of disasters of Airplanes and Ships                 A site over salvage operations.              A site over the salvage of the carcarrier Tricolor                     A site with cargo pictures by Danny Cornelissen dockworker in Rotterdam                      A Page with casualty pictures (click on shiffsunfalle, sorry in German)                   Links to other ships pages              Links to shipping pages                                                      Links to harbour sites        Links incl ship photo sites                   Arr/Dept and ships in port (long river Maas)                                 Arr/Dept and ships in port  (long river Scheldt)                                   A site of Memorian of the Hr Ms Tromp    A site of passengervessel Fritz Heckert  (in German)                     Forum Netherlands (Merchant) Navy & Maritime Forum           Shipping news in Dutch                Shpping nes in Dutch                       Shipping Information Service (GBR) by David Hazell                 By Arnvid Brandal (Skodje, NOR)                     By Knut Revne (Chief officer mt "Doris", NOR)
bullet             By Fred Claessen (NLD) visit with HAL ships 

Shipping books : 

bullet                 By Fatih Takmakli 
bullet                        By Fatih Takmakli 


Shipping e-groups /forums:        Photo's of ships                 News Half Dutch / Half English                Questions answers about ships
bullet                                  Everything about shipping in Holland