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  Latest update : 20-04-12  The Carcarrier Tricolor which sank half dec.'02



Welcom to my website !!

This site contains photos of ships I made on several trips in around the port of Rotterdam and the river Scheldt.
The pictures are divided in several categories as you can find under gallery.
Some personal background of me can be found under history.

On my webpage only the pictures of the last month on the page, due to size limitations (Due to lake of time not done for a long time.

My older pictures can be found on

Everyone has free access to this community page. My picture can be found under PilotFrans.  Uploading to shipspotting is time consuming. Sofar only pictures upto march 2005 are included.  Slowly I will add pictures year by year with the oldest first.


The Semi submergable Barge Zhong Ren 3 awating transport to Nigeria. She is loaded with a kinds of Ships including a drydock. She left 28 May 2003 for Lagos in tow of tug De Hong  VLCC Chelsea entering Europoort

You are free to download the pictures for your private use. 

Otherwise please contact meCinzia d'Amato departing from Drydock in Wilton  Harbour