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I'm Frans Sanderse, I was born in 1970 in the Flushing (Vlissingen). When I was 5 years old I moved to Spijkenisse near the port of Rotterdam.
My father was a pilot, and an uncle was chief engineer that's how I came intrested in shipping.

I went to nautical college in 1988 and finished the school in 1992. Whereafter I started sailing.

From July 1992 till March 2002, I was merchant marine with (P&O) Nedlloyd.
I worked both on deck and in the engine room in a function named Maritime Officer (short MO or Mar  Off).

 A part of the officers on board Nedlloyd Europa. I'm sitting at the centre.

During the year 2000 I noticed it was very difficult to obtain pictures of the vessels I sailed on via the Internet (world wide web). So that's when I decided to make pictures of vessels and to put them on the net. 

On April 2nd 2002 I went back to school to start a training to become a pilot in Rijnmond area. This includes the ports of Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Moerdijk, Schiedam, Europoort, Vlaardingen and Scheveningen. The course took 11 months with exams. I passed all exams successfully on the 19 february 2003 and I'm  now a pilot in the Rijnmond area.

From 1st March 2003 I'm allowed to bring ships in the port till 100 meters (lenght overall)

The size will extent with 25 meters after a periode of  9 to 12 months. Up to 200 meter where I have to study again in order to bring bigger ships in the port.


Thanks to Dirk Kleijn for making this picture

On the 10th June 2005 I got married to my wife Christa







Since January 2006. I'm now also a pilot for Alblasserdam, Papendrecht, Kinderdijk, Inlandwaterway from Rotterdam/Moerdijk to Antwerp, Geertruideberg, Hardinxveld-Giessendam and Sliedrecht.

On the 19 February 2006 we got our first child. My son in named: Matthijs.

On the 30th October 2007 we got our 2nd son. He is named Thomas


Since Jan 2008 I will do some trials for the company Belkoned. This company carring out seatrials near the Dutch coast.


On 15th August 2012 our dauther was born. She is named Tessa.