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On 30 August 2009 the Nirint Pride collided with MSC Nikita off 25 miles Hook of Holland. Nirint Pride came on fire in bow thruster room. The MSC Nikita was making was by the engine room.

bulletNirint Pride
bulletNirint Pride_2
bulletNirint Pride_3
bulletNirint Pride 4
bulletMSC Nikita



On 11 April 2008 vessel Olivia had an engineroom fire.



On 16 Oktober 2008 container vessel Alexander Maersk got blackout while departing from Bremerhaven and collided with MOL Komasi

bulletAlexander Maersk
bulletMOL Komati

On 31 July 2008 chemical tanker Rubino lost power and run aground on the beach west of Flushing.



On 9 July 2008 inland pusher tug Virgo sunk in near Breediep (Hook of Holland). According sources due to high waves in the small channel. Pictures 1 and 2 taken about 10 minutes afterwards. Pictures 3 and 4 were taken the next day, during lifting operations.



On 1 Februari 2008 Heavy Load carrier Zhen Hua 10 dragged anchors in NW-ly storm force 10 upto 11. With engine full ahead with both anchors in the water she runs 4 knots astern.  She run aground south of the enterance to Rotterdam/Europoort.

bulletZhen Hua 10
bulletZhen Hua 10_4
bulletZhen Hua 10_6
bulletZhen Hua 10_7
bulletZhen Hua 10_10
bulletZhen Hua 10_12
bulletZhen Hua 10_13
bulletZhen Hua 10_16
bulletZhen Hua 10_18
bulletZhen Hua 10_19
bulletZhen Hua 10_20
bulletZhen Hua 10_21


Around 9 november 2007 container vessel NYK Antares lost 52 containers in the German bright. She went to Rotterdam in order to discharge the other damaged containers on 12 november 2007

bulletNYK Antares
bulletNYK Antares_2
bulletNYK Antares_3
bulletNYK Antares_4
bulletNYK Antares_5
bulletNYK Antares_6

On 13 August 2007 around 22:00 LT the general cargo vessel Al Shaymaa start listing in the port of Moerdijk. All crew were gone off. She layed on the quay with a list of 30 degrees. The next day the salvage team of Mutraship Salvage was contracted to salvage the vessel.  The manage to discharge the cargo of steelcoils. The cause of the accident was that the ballast system was not matching with the figures and the cargo was unlashed. The Al Shaymaa was shifted on 16 August to an other berth by the salvage team and me. Whereafter she was handedover to her owners again

bulletAl Shaymaa        ©crew mt 'Doris'  before the accident
bulletAl Shaymaa_2    ©crew mt 'Doris'
bulletAl Shaymaa_3    ©crew mt 'Doris'
bulletAl Shaymaa_4    ©crew mt 'Doris'
bulletAl Shaymaa_5
bulletAl Shaymaa_6
bulletAl Shaymaa_7
bulletAl Shaymaa_8
bulletAl Shaymaa_9
bulletAl Shaymaa_10
bulletAl Shaymaa_11
bulletAl Shaymaa_12      after shifting

On 26 May 2007 the pilot training vessel Tender I collided with the inland tank barge Kaapstad II. The later have a hole just infront of the accomodation.

bulletKaapstad II
bulletKaapstad II_2

On 23 May 2007 the chemicaltanker Ellen Knutsen loaded with slurry was on her way to Moerdijk. When the Botlek bridge gave signals for opening. Only on  the last moment the bridge master decided to let a train pass first. Full astern couldn't avoid landing on the Botlek Bridge as the current was with them.

bulletEllen Knutsen        ©Bart Kerklaan
bulletEllen Knutsen_2    ©Bart Kerklaan
bulletEllen Knutsen_3    ©Bart Kerklaan
bulletEllen Knutsen_4
bulletEllen Knutsen_5
bulletEllen Knutsen_6

On 31 January 2007 the Dutch stern trawler Willem van der Zwan (SCH 302) caugth fire in the port of Ymuiden during repairworks. The vessel declared total loss and went under tow to 's Gravendeel (near Dordrecht) for scrapping. Here passing our home in Spijkenisse on 24 May.

bulletWillem van der Zwan (SCH 302)
bulletWillem van der Zwan (SCH 302)_1
bulletWillem van der Zwan (SCH 302)_2
bulletWillem van der Zwan (SCH 302)_3
bulletWillem van der Zwan (SCH 302)_4
bulletWillem van der Zwan (SCH 302)_5
bulletWillem van der Zwan (SCH 302)_6
bulletWillem van der Zwan (SCH 302)_7
bulletWillem van der Zwan (SCH 302)_8
bulletWillem van der Zwan (SCH 302)_9
bulletWillem van der Zwan (SCH 302)_10


In the early moring of 8 March 2007 the roro vessel Repubblica di Genova capsized in the port of Antwerp, during loading operations. The cause of capsizing is still unknown, but they thing of something with the ballast system or incorrect weights of the containers on deck. She has been put in the upright position on 30 august 2007.

bulletRepubblica di Genova
bulletRepubblica di Genova_2
bulletRepubblica di Genova_3
bulletRepubblica di Genova_4
bulletRepubblica di Genova_5
bulletRepubblica di Genova_6


On 18 January 2007 a storm coming over Rotterdam. In this storm bulkcarrier Arisbe broke her moorings off mooring bouys 27. She ended up on the LASH carrier Spruce which sustained some bended frame by her starboard engine room and funnel. The Arisbe also hit a floating pier of LASH barges.

bulletArisbe & Spruce


On 18 January 2007 a storm coming over Rotterdam. In this storm container vessel CMA CGM Claudel broke her moorings and ended up on the Maasvlakte Oil Terminal (MOT) jetty no.2. There the oil line from the manifold to the shore broke out and cause an oil spill of 1600 tonnes.

bulletCMA CGM Claudel
bulletCMA CGM Claudel_2
bulletCMA CGM Claudel_3


On 25 Aug 2006 inland vessel Ferox capsized after leaving the Rozenburg lock. Accident happened most possible due to wrong stowage/loading.

bulletFerox_4 after raising


On ... 2004 The Michelle was in collision with mv ..... in the North Sea, whereafter she sunk. She was raised in August/September 2006 and brought to the scrapyard in 's Gravendeel (NLD).



On 9 June 2006  Willy collided with  Shakhdag  in the English Channel. Damage sustained to the port bow of the Willy as can be seen on the picture.



On 15 March 2006 MSC Grace run aground on Flushing roads.

bulletMSC Grace
bulletMSC Grace_2
bulletMSC Grace_3


On 11 December 2005 Maritime Lady collided with Arctic Ocean and the Sunny Blossom  on the Elbe neat Brunsbuttel on the entrance of the Kielercanal. The Martitime Lady sank and raised on 14 dec.

bulletMaritime Lady
bulletMaritime Lady_2


On 17 december 2005 Spaarnedijk arrived in Rotterdam with some containers turned over and her stern mast broken as result of bad weather in German Bight when she was underway from Hamburg to Felixstowe.



On 17 december 2005 Bunga Raya Satu arrived with some damaged containers on her deck after heavy weather on the Golf of Biscay.

bulletBunga Raya Satu


On 27 October 2005 mt Philipp Essberger running aground by Flushing after engine black-out. Picture before, during and after grounding. Photos taken by my dad. (ground in front of my parents house)

bulletPhilipp Essberger
bulletPhilipp Essberger_02
bulletPhilipp Essberger_03
bulletPhilipp Essberger_04
bulletPhilipp Essberger_05
bulletPhilipp Essberger_06
bulletPhilipp Essberger_07
bulletPhilipp Essberger_08
bulletPhilipp Essberger_09
bulletPhilipp Essberger_10


In Stellendam the fishing vessel Johannes (SL 27) was brought in which burnt out engine room en accomodation. 

bulletJohannes (SL 27)
bulletJohannes (SL 27)_2
bulletJohannes (SL 27)_3
bulletJohannes (SL 27)_5
bulletJohannes (SL 27)_6
bulletJohannes (SL 27)_7

On 20 September 2005 at 05:15 container vessel Fowairet run around near Walsoorden /Perkpolder when she was inward bound for Antwerp. By low water the vessel cracked in the middle near the bay 36. In the evening she was refloated with assistance of 16 tugs.

She have been partly discharge in Flushing. Remaining the container is the damaged hold.

Latest info from  the agent: (16 Nov)  She is in the dry dock in Schiedam. It took 1 week to put her on the blocks in this hogging condition. Now the containers are taken out and cleaned ; as the hold is full of oil. The hold will be cleaned and thereafter two 40 ft bay will be cut out. The vessel will be then weld together (shortened by approx. 25 m) and sail the seas for about 18 month. They hope a new section is made by then and the  vessel will be lengtened again some where in the far-east.

bulletFowairet_20   dad's picuture
bulletFowairet_21   dad's picuture
bulletFowairet_23   dad's picuture
bulletFowairet_25   dad's picuture
bulletFowairet_26   dad's picuture
bulletFowairet_27   dad's picuture
bulletFowairet_28   dad's picuture
bulletFowairet_29   dad's picuture
bulletFowairet_30   arr rotterdam
bulletFowairet_31  arr rotterdam
bulletFowairet_32  arr rotterdam
bulletFowairet_33   arr rotterdam
bulletFowairet_34  arr rotterdam
bulletFowairet_35   arr rotterdam
bulletFowairet_48 stern section only


On the 14th of August the Mithril entered the Western Scheldt with damage on her bow.  She collided with the Sunna in the german bight.



In very early morning 28 July 2005 at 00:30 the OBO Sibonina run aground in the Enterance to the Maas / Europoort . She was pull of with assistance of 10 tugs at 04:00.



On the early morning of 30 May the Klostertal and Crystal Pearl came into contact near the enterance of the Botlek. The Crystal Pearl was overtaking while the Klostertal was turning.

bulletCrystal Pearl        © Jan-Mark Crans
bulletCrystal Pearl_2


On the 5th April 2005. The Jorgen Lauritzen was is Schiedam. Her bow was severaly damaged, but already some emergancy repairs were carried out. She was is collision with a NYK container vessel in Tokyo Wan (Tokyo Bay) when she was underway from Yokohama somewhere in 2002/2003. Temporary repairs were carried out. During dry docking in 2005 permanent repairs were made.

bulletJorgen Lauritzen


Around the 14 December 2004 Belgian fishing vessel 'Zwerfer' Z-57 collided with the reefer vessel Global Harvest when my collegue climb on board at the Maas Centre Pilot Station. 

bulletGlobal Harvest           © Edwin van Borstelen
bulletGlobal Harvest_2       © Edwin van Borstelen
bulletGlobal Harvest_3       © Edwin van Borstelen


On 27 October 2004 tanker Bergitta has been in collision with container vessel MSC Eyra in the Skagerrak.



On 29 June 2004 container vessel Selfoss had a black out during shifting in the botlek. As a consequence she run aground stern wise.



On 19 june 2004 a scandinavian yacht Mohawk II came in collision with a unknown fishing vessel on Flushing roads. The yacht sank.

bulletMohawk II


On 27 februari 2004 Arklow Brook came in collision with the bulker CSE Harmony Express and container vessel MSC Nuria near Terneuzen (netherlands) 

bulletArklow Brook  © Co de Vos


On the 19th of January 2004 the Rocknes hit an uncharted rock near Bergen Norway and capsiezed with in minutes around 7 people were killed.  © Thanks to Capt. S. Makhovskiy 

bulletRocknes          © 
bulletRocknes_02    ©
bulletRocknes_03    ©
bulletRocknes_04    ©
bulletRocknes_05    ©
bulletRocknes_06    ©
bulletRocknes_07    ©
bulletRocknes_08    ©
bulletRocknes_09    ©
bulletRocknes_10    ©
bulletRocknes_11    ©
bulletRocknes_12    ©
bulletRocknes_13    ©
bulletRocknes_14    ©


On the night of 6/7 October 2003 high speed ferry Stena Discovery hard came in contact with the jetty.

bulletStena Discovery
bulletStena Discovery_2


On the early morning of 27 September 2003 container vessel Bunga Raya Dua got a black out and thereafter grounded on her way out of Rotterdam. After two hours she was refloated with seven tugs.

bulletBunga Raya Dua
bulletBunga Raya Dua_2
bulletBunga Raya Dua_3
bulletBunga Raya Dua_4
bulletBunga Raya Dua_5
bulletBunga Raya Dua_5a
bulletBunga Raya Dua_6
bulletBunga Raya Dua_7
bulletBunga Raya Dua_8
bulletBunga Raya Dua_9


On the 13 July 2003 two roro ships collided head on in Nauw van Bath near the port of Antwerp. The con-ro vessel Grande Nigeria collided with the pure carcarrier Nada V. After cutting the anchor chain and refloating of the Nada V they where both transported to Flushing/Vlissingen. After inspection of Nada V she proceed to Schiedam 

bulletNada V
bulletNada V_2
bulletNada V_3
bulletNada V_4
bulletNada V_5

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On the 20 july 2003 the container vessel Pelican I had a black-out on the  Western Schelde resulting in a collision with an other container vessel Maersk Bahrain. As result Pelican I was sinking and put a ground with tug support. She stayed for a week at the side of the river untill refloated and brought to Flushing/Vlissingen.

bulletMaersk Bahrain
bulletMaersk Bahrain_2
bulletMaersk Bahrain_3
bulletMaersk Bahrain_4
bulletMaersk Bahrain_5
bulletMaersk Bahrain_6
bulletMaersk Bahrain_7
bulletPelican I
bulletPelican I_02
bulletPelican I_03
bulletPelican I_04
bulletPelican I_05
bulletPelican I_06
bulletPelican I_07
bulletPelican I_08
bulletPelican I_09
bulletPelican I_10
bulletPelican I_11
bulletPelican I_12


On the 7th July 2003 the inland barge Delos broke in two will loading marble in Moerdijk and sank. The next day she was lifted from the harbour bottom.



On the 29 June 2003 the Tug Smit Hunter caught fire in the dry dock at Rotterdam. These photos where taken by Theo Burgers © 

bulletSmit Hunter underway to the dry dock
bulletSmit-Hunter 2
bulletSmit-Hunter 3
bulletSmit-Hunter 4
bulletSmit Hunter 5
bulletSmit Hunter 6
bulletSmit Hunter 7
bulletSmit Hunter 8
bulletSmit Hunter 9


On the 30 April 2003 the sea-going barge Cavalo do Mar grounded in the entrance of the Botlek. She was towed/pushed by an inland pushing tug. She stayed around from 8:00 in the morning till 15:00 in the afternoon. Just in front of the pilot office.

bulletCavalo do Mar


The carcarrier Tricolor collided with the container vessel Kariba on the 14th December 2002. After which the Tricolor capsized and sank in Dover Strait.  Two days later the cargo vessel Nicola came in touch with the wreck of the Tricolor. And after two weeks the tanker Vicky collided with the wreck.  Later (31 jan) during salvage operations the salvage tug Alphonse Letser collide with the wreck and caused an oil leak. // Latest news the Tricolor will be saw into 7 pieces by the Asian Hercules II // The Vicky towed out of the drydock due to financial dispute with the shipyard and is now on a lay-by birth in Schiedam (see picture 7). Half april the Vicky reentered the drydock for final repairs. The Tricolor has been removed from the seabed. Her propeller is placed in front of the Smit office in Rotterdam-Waalhaven.

bulletVicky 7


The Tanker Hellenic Star collided with the West Express and the Western Trader in the Botlek area on the 26th November 2002.

bulletHellenic Star_1
bulletHellenic Star_2
bulletHellenic Star_3
bulletHellenic Star_4
bulletHellenic Star_5
bulletHellenic Star_6
bulletWestern Trader_1
bulletWestern Trader_2
bulletWestern Trader_3
bulletWestern Trader_4
bulletWestern Trader_5
bulletWestern Trader_6
bulletWestern Trader_7

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The French fishing trawler sank after a collision with an unknown vessel. Which later appeared to be the chemical tanker Bow Eagle. Photos of when the Bow Eagle arrived in Rotterdam. 

bulletBow Eagle
bulletBow Eagle bow


The Katrine Krog collided with the tanker ..... on the half september 2002 just outside the Maas centre pilot station 

bulletKatrine Krog_1
bulletKatrine Krog_2
bulletKatrine Krog_3
bulletKatrine Krog_4


End of July 2002 the cargo vessel Mingo smashed into the qauy in Rotterdam after a black-out.

bulletMingo here in the dry dock.


The fish trawler Friesland (SCH 21) caugth fire while in drydock by shipyard in the 6th March  2002.   Whereafter she was scraped.

bulletFriesland 01
bulletFriesland 02
bulletFriesland 03
bulletFriesland 04
bulletFriesland 05
bulletFriesland 06
bulletFriesland 07
bulletFriesland 08
bulletFriesland 09
bulletFriesland 10
bulletFriesland 11
bulletFriesland 12
bulletFriesland 13
bulletFriesland 14
bulletFriesland 15
bulletFriesland 16

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The container vessel Nedlloyd Europa had collided with Taiwanese fishing vessel Wong Chin No.66 after which the later sank.  december 2001

bulletWong Chin 66_01
bulletWong Chin 66_02
bulletWong Chin 66_03
bulletWong Chin 66_04
bulletWong Chin 66_05
bulletWong Chin 66_06
bulletWong Chin 66_07
bulletWong Chin 66_08
bulletWong Chin 66_09
bulletWong Chin 66_10
bulletWong Chin 66_11
bulletWong Chin 66_12

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Begin of 2001. The Roro vessel Repubblica Argentina hit the jetty somewhere on the Brasilian coast. Photos taken in Itajaí.

bulletRepubblica Argentina_1
bulletRepubblica Argentina_2


On the 23rd November 1997. The Chinese cargo vessel An Tai, sailing under the flag on Belize, sank while loading at Port Kelang North port berth no 23.  Salvage was under taken in 2001. 

bulletAn Tai (at the stern of the blue vessel the bridge is still above the water.

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