Patch  v.2.0 Available

Chapter 1

1. You wake up in the chamber of rebirth. Open the door by using the lever. The lever is on the right side of the door.

2. Once out walk right. You´ll meet the fairy again.

3. Turn around and walk left. After a few turns there is a painting on the wall with three gems in it. Get them.

4. Walk further and you will end up in a huge chamber with a huge monster. on the wall are three openings, in each of the openings you can put a gem.

5. Once the gems are in the right places. Walk around the monster. You have to try to make the monsters head hit the beams.

6. Once defeated grab the key from the table and walk to the door on the other side from where you came in.

7. In the next chamber you will ned to use the look button. If you press this button you can see a hidden bridge over the pit.

8. Walk over it, (Don´t worry you can´t fall of), and walk through the door.

9. Use the run button to run down and keep ahead of the rolling stone.

10. Once further you´ll meet many bats. Now you´ll need to crawl and make sure that when the eye in the next room is open you are in a crawl position.

11. On the left side of the room where the eye is, is a lever, make sure that the eye is closed when you stand up to use the lever.

12. Now go to the right side of the room and walk outside.

13. Walk to the man on the left side and he will give you a letter en 20 groats. He also tells you where to meet Callipso.

14. Walk up to temple and take the telescope.

15. Talk to the man who´s ringing the bell. Go down.

16. On the right side is a man who´s selling cola cans. Buy one.

17. Go back to the center of the temple. Walkt to the right and walk to the man in the far left corner. Walk into the water and talk to him.

18. He tells you that his chakara is under his bed. Walk to his house the one with the judas sign.

19. Crawl on the right side of his bed and you will find his chakara and a magazine.

20. Go to the center of the temple. Walk to the peach tree and use the chakara to grab a peach.

21. Eat the peach and exit the temple.


Chapter 2

Map picture are take from Mr.Billsadventureland

1. Follow the signs leading you to the city.

2. On your right hand will be a sign warning you for woodworms. Read the sign and you will pick it up.

3. Follow the path. There will be a man standing in a grass area who is searching for butterflies. He asks you to find him a special butterfly, a purple emperor.

4. Go to the field east of it and catch a butterfly. Bring it to the fat bloke and he will give you groats for it.

5. The fat bloke has a book in his backpocket. Steal it and read it.

6. Go to the field East of it and search there for the puple emperor. It takes a while but he will be there.

7. After catching it read the book about butterflies and give the butterfly to the fat bloke, you'll get 250 groats.

8. Go all the way east and you will pass a circle of stones

9. Walk further and enter the grass area end you will meet a guy in a hole. Talk to him.

10. Use the chakara to get his metal detector. It takes a while but it is possible.

11. Use the metal detector in the stone circle and use the warning sign to dig up the treasure.

12. Use yuor cola on the washers, and now you have shiny washers.

13. Use a telephone cell to go to the broken brigde, is in the north east.

14. Talk to the guy across the bridge, he wants you to win a trophy.

15. Use a telephone cell to go to the man with the cow. Talk to him, he wants some magic beans.

16. Use a telephone cell to go to acre area and sign in for the competition. you'll get a bowl. Use the bowl to get some chilli.

17. You now have the beans. Go to hint rock, it is in the south west. Walk into the water and walk north. There will be a dwarf in the cave.

18 talk to the dwarf and he will give you some dynamite. Light the with the magnifier from the telescope.

19. Get some dynamite from the cave. Use the telephone cell to go to the beach.

20. climb up the diving board, use the dynamite with the magnifier and use the lightend dynamite with the jar. Make sure you have engough money. After this you can't get any butterflies anymore.

21. Throw the dynamite in the jar down in the water. Walk down and get the fish.

22. Use the phonecell to go to the dwarf. Give him your fish and he will give you a hammer (HAMMOR).

23. Use the phonecell to go to the gnome tree. Walk up to the fence near the pink stuff. There will be some candy.


Walk over it and run to the telephone cell there will be two more candy on the way to the cell.
When you'll get you third candy run back up the hill and on your right side will be another candy. Walk straight forward and you'll see another candy. From here make a turn left and there will be a candy near hint rock. Go right and you'll see another one near the pink stuff. And the last one is in front of the pink stuff.

24. Enter the wich cottage and you the spinwheel. After the scene walk outside and grab the frog and the pin.

25. use the phone cell to go to the temple of life.

26. Buy another can of cola.

27. Got to the witch cottage and read the recipe book how to make magic beans.

28. Use the frog on the oven.

29. Now use the frog, beans and cola on the cauldron. Voila magic beans.

30. Give the beans to the guy with the cow.

31. Go to the temple of life. Go near the house of Judas and enter the barn on the right side.

32. The cow will be in the barn. Use the machine and you'll get butter.

33. Walk up the temple and use the pin on the man smashing the bell.

34. Grab the bell.

35. Go to the gnome tree. crawl into the tree.

36. Use the washers on the house on the right. Mushroom house. use the bell on the gnome comming out. Use the hammer on the bell.

37. Get the bell and the gnome, goto the competition field.

38. Use the butter on the gnome. Use the dynamite on the telescope tube. Use the gnome on the telesope tube.

39. Walk to the field. Stand on the grey stone and use the magnifier on the telscope tube.

40. Take the trophy to the man near the broken brigde. Cross the bridge by using the left and right arrows. It's very easy just keep pressing right and left and right and left and right and left and right and left.......................


Chapter 3

1. Talk to Melissa and Calipso.
2. Talk to the man at the bar and the barkeeper.
3. Use the door bottemright. And go to the games room. Talk to the orge.
4. Go back. Go to the beergarden and grab the tang next to the BBQ.
5. Go back and upstairs. Open the drawers near your room, number 4.
6. Use the fireescape to go outside.
7. Once outside go down and open the shelter.
8. To solve this little puzzle do exactly as below.


 9. Now you can walk over to the switch and to off the beer tap.
10. Talk to the man sitting a the bar inside. once the barkeeper is away to check the beer supply, use tour chakara to get the whiskey.

11. Visit McSwampy's. It's closed.
12. Talk to Calipso, he says that you need to find someone to break in.
13. Go to jutice square, talk to the women next to the pool with ducks.
14. She wants a key, so get it for her in the police office.
15. Go inside and be carefull not to touch anything. once near the cupboard use the butter on it and get the key.
16. Use the key to safe the girl. Now go to McSwampy's.
17. The girl has opend McSwampy's. Now go inside and use the door in the back. OPen the door with private on it.
18. Crawl under the desk. Press the button.
19. Use the secret door do go down. There read the papers on the desk.
20. Exit McSwampy's. You'll meet a fat wizard.
21. Go to magic square. And enter the great golden door. Talk to the man behind the desk.
22. Exit the building. Go to the South Gate and talk to the two idiots standing there.
23. Now visit calipso. He tells you that he will be you're teacher.
24. Now go to migic square and enter the big golden doors agian.
25. The man at the desk tells you'll need to catch a sprite.
26. Visit calipso again, he tells you to go to sleep.
27. Go to the barkeeper and ask if you're room can be cleaned.
28. Walk to you're room, before you go upstairs you'll have to sqeeze through the small opening next to the fence blocking you're way.
29. Once upstairs grab the vacuum cleener. And go back down to the barkeeper.
30. Talk to him and say you want you're key back.
31. Go to you're room and go to sleep. (you can't).
32. Go to the pool with the ducks (justice square). use the vacuum cleaner on the ducks. And use the feathers on the pillow.
33. Maybe you already noticed but there is a man fixing is car. Walk to the car and use the hammer on the carjack.
34. Pick up the carjack.
35. Now go to you're room and go to sleep.
36. You'll wake up, now open you're window and get on the roof.
37. Walk to the window next of yours and use the carjack on the sleeping man.
38. Go to sleep.
39. Now go to the forest and use the whiskey on the talking S.I.G.N.
40. Go to the field where you caught a butterfly. There will be a sprite.
41. Use the net to catch it. It won't work, you're net is now broken. Now go to the lonely hut near the fat bloke.
42. Talk to the guys playing a game. They want PIZZA.
43. Go to the town and go to the pizzastore.
44. You'll get a device for calling a pizza.
45. Go back to the lonely hut and order a pizza.
46. Order the one at the top with extra cheese.
47. Now grab the sprite from the table.
48. Go to you're room to sleep.
49. Bring the sprite to justice square, enter the big doors.
50. Talk to the man behind the desk. After a scene he will give you a spell book, use it.
51. Now go to the eight wanderer it near the big golden doors.
52. Walk over the yellow thing on the floor.
53. Use the weird thing in the back it will take you up.
54. Before doing anything else. Walk back in the same thing you came from and the fat guy will be sitting there.
55. Talk to him and he will say to you to find his quill.
56. Walk over the yellow tile agian and use the weird thing again.
57. Go to you're room. Use the blanket you got from the drawers on the chimney outside.
58. Visit the game room and play darts. Throw the darts out of the open window. When you're hand is at the highest point press the action key.

59. Grab the dart outside and go to the church near justice square.

60. there will be a tree outside use the hammer on it. Grab a nut. Use the dart on the nut.
61. Go to the police office and walk all the way right. there will be a small shed with a pot of varnish, use the nut on it.
62. Go to McSwampy's and use the vinegar at the counter on teh nut.
63. Go to the beer garden and use the nut on the BBQ.
64. Go to the cheese factory. In this town is a man riding a car. If you see him stand in front of this car and you'll get a piece of cheese.
65. There walk away from it and on you're left side will be some boxes of the Feebel Files. grab one.
66. Nearby is an ally walk into it. Walk to the end and there will be a cat in the container. grab it.
67. Ther will also be a dog with wheels. Use the action key on the container next to the dog.

68. Use the shoe on the dog.
69. Open the sewer, it´s a right turn before the childeren.
70. You´ll need a password.
71. Talk to the Childeren. They want a new kind of game. Use the broken net on the window. You´re now a part of the gang.
72. Use the code you´ll get on the door, you should knock: d-d-ddd-dddd-dd.
73. In you´re inventory is a string, use it with the nut.
74. Talk to the kid and ask about the quill.
75. Win the game by hitting his conker at the lowest point.
76. Bring the quill to the fat man. he will write a pass for you. Show it to the ones guarding the pass and the will give you a horn.
77. Use the horn on the tile behind you and you´ll be flying. see below. Fly to the Swamp



1. Walk to the right and climb up the vines, near the man who´s chopping down the tree.
2. Use your chakara to drop the beehive on the head of the man.
3. Climb down Using the vines. Grab the axe and climb up again.
4. Use the axe on the vines, your axe will break but you can fix it later.
5. Now you can only go one way, that way is leading to the quicksand.
6. When standing in front of the quicksand, a weird beast will appear.
7. Follow the creature, it´s really hard it you run, so I suggest to walk slowly, using the Shift button.

8. Get the vines, you know the ones you cut with the axe!!
9. Walk to the crocodile landing spot. Wait until the crocodile arrives.
10. Use the stick of the axe on the crocodile. And use the vines on the crocodile. Now you can ride it.
11. On the right side is a princess. Go to her.
12. Talk to the princess and use the chakara on the hamster right above her.
13. Go to the crocodile landing spot in the north. Near the big plant and the house of the druid.
14. The hamster will be floating there, near the landing spot, on the ride.
15. Use the crocodile to get it. Once you want to grab it it will move to the land.

16. Get on the land and grab the hamster, The hamster is dead.
17. Walk to the house of the druid and touch the ladder, the druid will come to talk to you.
18. Use the hamster on the ladder, and it will be alive.
19. Talk to the druid and you´ll get a book about plants.
20. Walk inside his house and grab the stick and grab the weird thing on the table.
21. Walk towards the crocodile, but as soon as you leave the propertie of the druid there will be some tar on the left side of you.
22. Use the bell on the tar. And use the stick you got from the druid on the tar.
23. Now you can fix the axe, without it falling apart.
24. Use the crocodile and go to the left side of the swamp(From the entrance to the right). Under the waterfall will be a flower.
25. Use the book to identify it and. Grab the plant. Go a little but further and the will be a landing spot for the crocodile.
26. Use the tar On the bird table, and then use the sesame seeds you got from McSwampy´s on the table.
27. A big bird will land, grab it.
28. Go to the huge meat eating plant and walk near it. Use the bird on the plant. Now walk via the right side behind the plant, on the right side will be some grass, you can squeeze past it and walk up.
29. There will be the second plant. Use the book to identify it and grab it.

30. Go to the princess and talk to her, she wants you to keep the hamster for a while.
31. Walk to the big stone behind you, there is a hole in it, put the hamster in the hole and it'll come out again.
32. Walk to the back of the stone, there is a lower piece of rock, climb on it by using the shift key.
33. In the center is a hole, use the book about plants to identify the plant.
34. Now stuff the hamster again in the hole at the front.
35. Now you have all three plants.
36. Give back the hamster and you'll get earsmuffs.
37. Go to the talking tree, wear the earmuffs and use the axe on it.
38. Now you have bridge, use it to talk to the swampling.
39. Walk to the druid and give him the plants, once done he'll give you a drink.
40. Now you are drunk. Run to the swampling and talk to him he will give you some stew and you must remember a song, write the song down, you'll need it later.
41. He also wants you to let the lawyer sign the contract.
42. Go to the boulder near the birdtable and sing the swampling song again.
43. First: Swampling Stew.
44. Second: Swampling stew.
45. Third: To your bog, I....
46. Fourth: Swampling be true.
47. Fifth: Swampling stew.
48. Walk beyond the boulder and grab near the table in the right corner, the oven gloves and a tube.8

49. Go to the beehive. Use the vacuum cleaner on the bees, use the tube on the honey.
50. Use the honey on the lawyer, use the vacuum cleaner on the lawyer.
51. Go to the druid, wear the oven golves and climb the ladder.
52. Aim the light at the plants, you must aim it on the left back. A plant will grow there.
53. Identify the plant in the book, and grab it. Use the plant with the weird bowl with the stamper in it. Use the bowl on the tube.3
54. Go to the lawyer and use the tube on him. He'll sign the contract.
55. Talk to the swampling.



Chapter 4


1. Go to the games room. Use the tang you got from the BBQ earlier on the pooltable.
2. Go to the bar. Grab the glass from the bar.
3. Go to the man in the hole from chapter 2.
4. He wants you to find his mole.
5. Get the mole by using the gold coin from the pool table.
6. Use the CD from the feeble files on him, he is now trained to find CDs.
7. Go to the sleeping plant near the lonely hut, identify them using the plant book.
8. Go to the dwarf camp, it's at the volcano photo point.
9. Talk to the man near the stew. Use the sleeping plants on the stew.
10. Use the rainbird and go to the volcano.
11. Use the hammer on the gong. Use the bell from your inventory on the place were the gong used to be.
12. Use the mole on the pile of gold.
13. Use the rainbird to go back to the dwarven camp, use the glass on the stew.
14. Go back to the volcano. Use the glass with stew on the padlock of the chest.
15. Use the hammer on the bell. Get the CD.
16. Visit Calypso in the city.


Chapter 5

The first hero:

The prince who is now a frog. We will need some things from the carnival that will not be open until we shoot off some fireworks to open a tournament whose purpose is to secure an appropriate husband for the princess we met in the swamp. So we look up a wizard (during daytime) who is standing by a door near the varnish we used in chapter 3 to make the conker. He needs help with the fireworks that will be shot off at night. After talking with him about all this, go back to Simon's room at the pub and lie down to induce darkness.
Return after dark to the same place where the wizard was before and he will explain how to fire the fireworks. There are small circles of four colors travelling across the sreen, and when each symbol reaches a green area you are to press a key corresponding to the color of that circle. As I recall, the keys are: left arrow for yellow, right arrow for green, Ctrl for red and Alt for blue. These circles move smartly, so it may take several tries to get the right keys pressed at the right times. I found it helpful to place my right hand near the arrow keys and my left hand near the other keys. Then I had to burn the correspondences into my memory, because there is very little time between key pushes.

When the fireworks have been correctly discharged the wizard may leave you outside the door. At any rate, it is a good idea to go back in and visit the princess in her tent as she sleeps. Go toward the pink tents and turn left when you come to a barrier. When you near the stone wall, you can go around the barrier and you will see that one of the tents is open. You need to crawl to get inside, and you should stand up again in order to see the poster showing the princess' heart throb, a rock star named Johnny. Note that he has black hair, wears glasses and a purple gown. Using your spell book you can immediately turn your gown purple. For the black hair and glasses you need to visit the carnival. Before leaving, you should talk to the princess, who never really wakes up. Go back to your room and bring on the dawn by lying down on your bed.

Get up and go to the carnival gate via Magic Square. You instantly learn that the show is run by two demons that you have seen in earlier games in this series. If you turn right when you enter the circle of games, you will pass the duck shoot and then you will come to two video games involving shooting down some flying saucers. You may find yourself short of groats to play one of the games. If so, you can always get more by visiting the duck pond near the sheriff's office and using the Action key there. This can be done repeatedly. Play the video game, and soon you will have the eyeglasses you need. Continue around the circle to the strength test, where you will encounter the dwarf prince. Talk to him and return his hammer to him.

He wants to use it in the strength test, but the demon won't allow this. Talk to the demon and he will let the dwarf use the demon's hammer. Force the demon to turn around by walking past him and talking to him. He will then be unable to see the dwarf switch to his own hammer and ring the gong (breaks it, in fact). This wins you a black tee shirt. Go to the rear of the carnival area by following the nearby path to some stairs that lead to a candy wagon and flea circus. Go to the candy cart and buy some pink cotton candy.

Take the candy to the beer garden at the pub, and you will see a woman wearing a white wig. She will trade her wig for your cotton candy. You then go to the laundromat (marked on your phone map by a black dot) and put the wig into a washing machine. You also put the tee shirt into the machine and you can remove a black wig. You are now ready to visit the princess once more.

Before entering her tent, wear the wig and glasses, check that your robe is purple and get the frog into your hand (in inventory). Crawl into the tent, stand up and talk to the princess. After a few words she will pucker up for a kiss. Use the frog on her and she will kiss it. I believe the next actions are in a cutscene, but Simon winds up outside the door shortly before the frog becomes the prince. you may need to show the prince the invitation from Calypso to save the world, or that may be automatic. At any rate, the prince goes to Calypso's room and you are ready to get the second hero.

Begin by going to the game room in the pub and use the pool table. you will lose a groat and get no pool balls. Use the table again and you get the idea that a rat resides in the table. Use the black cat you picked up in the alley in chapter 3. Now there are two critters in the pool table and still no pool balls. We'll take care of theis problem later.


The second hero:

Go to Coneman the Barabian, the man you dumped the cart onto in Chapter 3 (near MucSwampy's). You will automatically use the jack, but he has a broken back now. Show him the invitation from Calypso to help save the world. You need to fix his back. To do that you need to go back to the carnival.

Go to the duck-shoot place and win a teddy bear. This took me a long time, but others may have better luck. Take the teddy bear to the flea circus near the candy wagon at rear of the carnival and use the bear with the fleas. This will add fleas to the teddy bear. Take the modified bear to the pool table in the game room at the pub and use it with the table. You get two pool balls, one red and the other yellow. Return to the carnival.

You see a kid who wants candy, especially red candy, so you give him the red pool ball. He gives you some used chewing gum and then breaks his teeth on the pool ball. This ruins his day, but you get at least one tooth that you will need very soon. Go to the big clown where you are to toss a ball through a small square hole with teeth that open and close. Pay some groats and try to get one of their yellow balls through the hole. You can't because their balls are too big.

Talk to them about how the game is rigged, but agree to try again. This time use your yellow pool ball and it goes cleanly through the hole. Your prize is a Coneman voodoo doll. Take the doll down the path leading to the flea circus. Before you get there you see four skulls on posts in an area to your right. Go into that area and use the snake statue. It will get smoky and there will be a tent containing the two demons that run things. Talk to them, then use the tooth with the one in the tall hat, then use the voodoo doll with them. You get a hexed voodoo doll. Leave the tent and again use the snake statue.

Take the doll to the acupuncture demons in the wagon near a fire burning in a grassy area where you enter the carnival. Talk to them and ask about fixing broken backs. For a fee one of them will stick pins into the hexed voodoo doll and cure Coneman's broken back. Coneman will go to where Calypso is. We are now ready for hero number three.


The third hero:

Melissa Leg is the next to be sent to Calypso. If you haven't yet gone onto the church roof and talked to Goldilocks, do so now. Enter the church at a small room near the bridge and use the bell rope to get up to the bell. The first time you do this, you will need to press the Action key repeatedly to get up there. Walk out of the bell tower onto the roof and you see Goldilocks stealing lead shingles. She will ask you to get them off the roof for her. You can't do that yet.

Go to the carnival, try the wheel of fortune and you see that it is rigged. Talk to the demons about that situation, but spend no more groats there until you look at the back of the wheel of fortune. You get there by going to the area where the skulls are on posts. Across the area from the entrance is a hedge with a small tunnel through it. Crawl straight ahead to the far side of the tunnel and turn right. Soon you will be forced to again turn right and you will see an exit. Go through the exit, stand up, work your way around the tent and walk up to the back of the wheel of fortune. You see a magnet there. Take it back to the front of the wheel of fortune.

Play the game again and this time you win a peashooter. Take the peashooter to the church and you see a boy hanging from three balloons above the street. Use the peashooter to pop two of the balloons, but wait until the cheese truck comes along to pop the third. You need to pop it as the cheese truck is going beneath the boy. I had the best luck going back onto the church roof and standing where I could see both the truck and the last balloon. If you do it correctly, the boy will disappear and you will hear a chomping sound.

Go to the cheese warehouse and try to get there before the truck does. If you do, you will see a cutscene where there is no cheese in the truck -- just a fat kid who goes into the warehouse and waits for you to use him at the finale of the chapter. The truck driver will leave and you use the truck. Before you leave, your fairy godmother will show up and tell you how to run the truck. Drive it to the side of the church near where the pile of lead is waiting on the roof. Go up and push the lead into the truck. Then drive the heavy truck onto the rickety bridge. The bridge breaks and the water level lowers about half enough for you to get onto the mysterious island south of the temple where you started the game. Melissa is on that island, as you will soon see.

Return to the sleeping dragon and use the metal detector with it. Metal is detected, indicating there is something inside the dragon that you want. Build a tool by combining in inventory the stick, the chewing gum and the magnet. Use the tool with the dragon and you learn that lubrication is required. Go back to inventory amd there combine the butter with the tool. This time when you use the tool you get a set of keys.

Take the keys (via telephone map, perhaps) to the small wooden building between S.I.G.N. and the twisty bridge near the mysterious island. You climb steps to get onto a porch, use the keys at the door and enter to find a bit of machinery with a rope as part of it. You also find a can of petrol which you take. You try to use the machinery, but your strength is inadequate. So you use the petrol with the rope and try to also use the lens with the rope. It is too dark inside for the lens to start a fire in the petrol, so you look at the ceiling.

You see a trap door which appears to be stuck. So you use your yoyo against the latch mechanism at the side, and you pop the latch, but the door is still stuck. Leave the room and climb the nearby ladder to the flat roof. Go over to the trap door and jump up and down on it. You think it is still stuck, but then you fall through into the room. Use the lens again, and this time something happens -- the water level drops again and you can now get onto the mysterious island.

Go out of the building and enter the nearby phone booth. When the map appears, you see one of the red dots flashing. This is where you want to go. When you get there you see that you are not yet on the island. Instead you are standing near a small boat. Use the boat and Simon will climb a rope to the island, which is occupied by the ruins of a church. Look toward the church and you will see Melissa stnding on a small wooden platform above a pool of lava.

Cross the bridge, enter the ruins, turn left and go to where another left turn brings you to Melissa, who has her back to you. Speak to her and she falls off the platform. There is a cut scene, at the end of which she is standing near Simon. She wants to know why he is there, so use the invitation from Calypso on her. She will disappear and Simon will faint.

Three of the heroes are now gathered with Calypso. It is time to go after the fourth hero.


The fourth hero:

As a result of Simon getting the sacred peach prematurely (albeit on the advice of his fairy godmother), Jar Nin was killed by a big tree falling on him. Jar Nin is the fourth hero, and he is dead. We must find his body, his soul and something attractive to Jar Nin for soul bait. Calypso gave Simon what looks like the same soul jar in which Simon's soul reposed at the beginning of the game.

If we walk downhill from the wooden control shack that we used to lower the water in the last section, we come to the tree that fell onto Jar Nin. The body is no longer there, but SOMETHING is under the tree. If Simon looks at it, he learns that there are revolutionary woodworms about, and they want guns for their struggle.

Return once more to the carnival and play the horse race. When you win it, Simon gets a bucket of toy guns. Take the bucket to the fallen tree and use it there. The worms efficiently remove the part of the tree that sat on the ringlike item and Simon gets it. It turns out to be a necklace that Jar Nin was fond of. Now all we need do is use it to trap Jar Nin's soul. It goes to the soul jar automatically.

We have by now learned that the pub seems to be haunted by -- what else? -- Jar Nin's soul. Go to Simon's room, lie down to induce nighttime, go out into the hall and have Simon look at his reflection in the mirror out there. Get the soul jar ready in inventory. As the ghost begins to make one of its quaint observations, use the soul jar. Before long the jar turns green, indicating that Jar Nin's soul is inside it. We now need to find the remains of Jar Nin's body.

Go to the area where you dropped the balloon-borne boy (How's that for alliteration?)into the cheese truck. There is a gate into the churchyard near the spot where he dropped. Go through the gate and directly ahead is another door to the church. This area seems to be some sort of columbarium. Turn left and walk along, reading the names; soon you will come to a larger stone labelled "Jar Nin." Look at the stone through Simon's eyes (Tab key) and you see a map showing where the body may be found.

Leave the church and call the rainbird. The area we seek seems to be east of town. I am told that if you press the Alt key while riding the rainbird you get a different view. As I recall the area we are looking for is depressed and shaped somewhat like a long jelly bean. Go there and land. At one end of the area is an altar and on this altar is a pile of ashes representing the mortal remains of Jar Nin. Use the vacuum cleaner with them and return to Calypso's chamber.

Because Simon is persona non grata at the temple (He stole the doom bell, among other violations of the code.), Calypso must take the body and soul to the temple for reconstitution. To get this to happen, have Simon leave the room. He can go back in immediately and Calypso is back from his errand. For an elderly gent, he moves right along. Simon makes a comment to this effect and Calypso modestly says there will be another delay while the reconstitution happens.

You have your 4 heroes, so now it's time to plan your strategy with them to defeat Sordid. Call your Rainbird and return to the Village, then go to CALYPSO. You find them busy making plans alright, but they don't include you. You get no respect! You're complaining about it when suddenly Runt, Sordid's evil apprentice, appears. He's delighted to find all of you together where he can take care of everyone at the same time. Coneman starts to attack, but Runt freezes him in place. Then he zaps Calypso (Calypso's not dead, but he will be out of it for awhile). Runt leaves you all as prisoners, behind a magical force field, until his return. Try to go through the force field. Try to talk to Calypso. Try to talk to Jar Nin. Talk to the gay Prince Valiant, until Simon won't talk to him any longer. Talk to the feminist Melissa Leg, until she has nothing new to say. Finally talk to Coneman (make sure that you talk to him last). Keep on talking to him until Simon pushes him too far, and then Coneman rips Simon limb from limb (kills him). The next scene shows Simon restored to life on the 'Life Square' outside the Inn (we were wondering what that one was for), and he comments that it's the first time he ever had to die to solve a puzzle!

Go back inside the Inn, down to Calypso's Room, and try to enter. You can't! Go to the BEER GARDEN, which is above Calypso's room, and look around. Notice the opening leading down to Calypso's room that is across from the Picnic Table. Go to the Kid swinging from the Tire Swing. Talk to him. He challenges Simon to see which one of them can swing the highest. Your fairy godmother appears to explain what to do, but we found that we did better if we ignored what she said. So just hit the Enter Key to start, and then use only the Forward Arrow Key, hitting it every time Simon swings forward, and keeping an steady rhythm. You win! Then the kid tries to do an even better trick, swings too high and is thrown out, breaking the swing. Pick up the Tire with the attached Rope. Go to the Picnic Table and look at it. Simon sees a Board on the Table. Use the Tire with the Rope attached on the Board of the Picnic Table. And Simon swings down into the room through the opening and talks to Calypso. Cool!

Calypso tells Simon that the heroes have all been taken to Sordid's fortress, to be horribly tortured. He says that Simon must go there immediately to help them, and that the entrance to the Fortress is through a rock tunnel in the mountains to the East. So call your Rainbird (notice the momentary picture of the fortress that appears when you do) and fly to SORDID'S FORTRESS. It's out beyond the land, and has a Rainbird Square in front of the entrance.

When you land, there is an Orc behind you guarding the entrance to the TUNNEL leading into Sordid's Fortress. Turn around and talk to the Orc. He won't let you in. So Simon's going to have to sneak in! First use your Spell Book to turn your clothes Black (Red + Blue + Yellow), and so make it harder to see you. Then walk into the dark area on the left. Now head into the tunnel, staying in the dark areas. After you pass 2 Orc Guards in the tunnel, you will come to a small lighted cubbyhole over on the left (it looks like a door). Walk a few steps past it towards the next Orc, staying in the dark, until you hear the Goblin Guard singing. Then turn around and head back to the cubbyhole. Crawl into it and hide, turning around and positioning yourself so that you can see part of the lighted area of the tunnel, without being seen yourself. Wait until you see the Goblin Guard go by. Once he has passed, crawl out, stand up and continue through the tunnel to the end, where you will come to a drawbridge leading into the Fortress. Oh no! There's a gap between the drawbridge and the Fortress, with nothing but empty space below! Simon will wonder aloud how he's ever going to get in. Notice the Mailbox to the right of the drawbridge. Open it and take the letter. It's a letter from Sordid to the Greengrocer in Poliganis, asking them to fill his order for 'the usual'. So go back through the tunnel, call your Rainbird, and return to Poliganis.

Go to the GREENGROCERS. It's a building with red and white awnings near Magic Square, called 'Phil the Fruiter'. They're closed, so put the letter from Sordid into the mail slot. Now you'll listen at the door and hear the fear of the employees as they pack Sordid's box, and then throw it out of the window. Look at the box and then open it. Simon says that it's addressed to Sordid. When he opens it, he finds it filled with Cauliflower, an 'Evil Vegetable' that he wants out of the box. The only person that Simon can think of who might eat Cauliflower is the Hedgehog Kid who ate all of the Cheese.

So go to the CHEESE WAREHOUSE, where you will find the kid still sitting where you left him. Walk straight toward him and when you see him, hit the Enter Key to pick him up.

Take the Kid back to the GREENGROCERS. Use the Kid on the Cauliflower. But even he won't eat Cauliflower without cheese sauce! Hmmmm!! Get close to the Kid, and when you have him in view, hit him in the stomach with your Chakara. He vomits cheese all over the cauliflower. Now that it's covered in cheese, he eats it! Oh Yuck!!! The box is now empty, so have Simon climb into it by hitting the Enter Key. The box will be delivered to Sordid's Fortress with Simon inside, and take you into Chapter 6.


Chapter 6

This This chapter is short in events, but it has some killer puzzles. At the beginning, Simon is at a low level in Sordid's castle, which is shaped like the inside of a factory chimney with a circular ramp ascending. Simon starts up the ramp and soon balls of colored fire begin to come down the ramp toward him. He needs to wear a costume of the same color as each ball of fire -- if the ball is white he needs to wear black. Before long he doesn't see the balls being launched, so we need to use his eyes (Tab key) to look ahead to see what's coming, then we need to use the spell book and change his garment to the proper color before the ball reaches him. If he errs, he starts again at the bottom.

Ultimately he comes to a switch in the wall. Throwing this switch stops the fireballs and Simon can ascend to a ladder going up. After he uses the ladder, he finds himself in a big room under the control of Runt, who immediately casts a spell to strap Simon to the floor. Suspended from the wall on either side are Melissa and Coneman. After some dialogue, Runt prepares to do bad things to Simon. This is his big chance to do bad things to Runt.

In inventory, combine the lens with the peashooter, giving it a telescopic sight that will zoom when the Shift key is pressed. We want to zoom in on two buttons in a floor-mounted panel between Simon and Runt. One button reduces Melissa and Coneman to a grease spot -- not a good idea. The other button frees them -- a better idea. So we shoot the augmented peashooter at the right-hand button and our two remaining heroes drop to the floor. Then we use the Coneman voodoo doll and Coneman goes after Runt, who quickly turns him into a duck. Then Runt hovers in the air and casts the same kind of balls of colored fire at Simon as he dealt with on his way up the ramp.

What Simon need to do now is use his spell book for each ball of fire, changing his costume to the appropriate color. Before the next ball of fire is launched, Simon should walk over to a large button of the same color (as the last ball) on the wall behind him and press it. Each time he does this, Runt's magical powers are diminished. There are seven of these buttons, one for each costume color (including black) that Simon can get using his spell book.

When the seventh button has been pressed, Runt's magic powers evaporate and he falls to his death. Then his magic wears off Coneman, who changes back from a duck to his usual muscle-bound appearance and then also falls to his death. That leaves Simon and Melissa, who go to another big room featuring a stone image of Swampy. After more witty repartee, Melissa decides to wait there, and that is the last we see of her, more's the pity.

Simon approaches the stone Swampy head and once again sings the Swampy song (Swampling stew, Swampling stew, To your bog, your swamp be true, Swampy be true, Swampling stew.). Then a gate opens and Simon can see an ethereal bridge to a door in the distance. He starts across the bridge and comes to a stone structure with what looks like Swampy standing on a platform. The fake Swampy tells him it is a one-way bridge going away from the door on the far side that Simon would like to reach. The fake Swampy sends Simon back to where he started across. The problem now becomes one of getting Simon across as he travels the wrong way on the one-way bridge.

The solution is to have him WALK (no jogging allowed) in the wrong direction until the platform on the fake Swampy's building begins to drop and Swampy comes out to see if Simon is violating the rules. At this point, Simon turns around and WALKs back toward his starting point. When the fake Swampy goes back inside and the platform begins to swing closed, Simon again turns around and heads for his target. The way it appears to the fake Swampy, Simon is always going in the proper direction when under observation.

After half a dozen of these cycles, Simon gets to the door, goes up a hall and enters a big room featuring a primitive computer (There is a CD ROM drive below the monitor but there is no keyboard.) On nearby slabs we see the bodies of Sordid and the real Swampy. The ghost of Calypso shows up to explain to Simon that only souls are allowed inside the computer. So Simon lies on a slab and the ghost separates his soul from his body. I will refer to Simon henceforth without emphasizing that it is solely his soul that is active. He doesn't make it back into his body before the story ends.

Simon stands in front of the monitor and the Action key gets him inside. He needs to find Sordid and Swampy and rescue Swampy. Inside the computer he travels on strap-type cables and inside passageways. There are pads connecting these straps and passages, and there are rooms with teleportation lights on the floor. The entry room is a pad with one passage and two straps leading from it.

Here is the recipe for finding Sordid and Swampy: Go down the passage to a room with three teleportation lights in the floor. Stand on the rightmost light and be carried to a pad with a strap going one way and a passage going the other. Take the strap and follow the trail (which makes sharp turns and runs through some large red rings) to a tee intersection. Take the right path (the left path clearly leads to a dead end) and follow to a second room with three teleportation lights in the floor. Again step on the rightmost light and Simon is sent through a spiral gadget into a big room containing Sordid and Swampy. Poor Swampy has a heavy stone ball attached to one of his legs (a good trick to do with souls).

There is dialogue, mostly between Sordid and Simon, after which Sordid causes a barrier to be placed around Simon. Then Sordid asks Swampy to put the computer on manual control. In the process of attempting this he messes up royally and succeeds in erasing the memory, a disastrous event. At this point Sordid is overcome with discretion and decides to leave. Simon's barrier disappears with Sordid and he urges Swampy to leave with him. Swampy, however, points out the ball and chain on his leg.

Starting at that point of the story, we have exactly two minutes to get Simon and Swampy out of the computer. It ain't easy! First Simon (who thoughtfully has the vacuum cleaner ready to go, something the player should arrange to do before he gets into the room with Sordid and Swampy) dashes over to Swampy and uses the vacuum cleaner on him, then dashes out of the computer inside of the two minutes. If he doesn't make it, he gets to try again until he does succeed.

To get out most efficaciously, have Simon run up a short ramp to face the spiral, use the action key and take a left turn at the tee intersection. It doesn't help that the lights begin to flicker and the screen is completely dark quite a bit of the time. Soon after the tee intersection, Simon enters a passage with several zigzag turns and comes to the red rings, which have a narrow trail across them. When Simon is through that, he must turn around and traverse two winding straps, at the end of which there is a short passage into a room with one teleportation light.

Stepping onto this light gets Simon at right angles to another winding strap that rises to a junction with two other straps (one to the right and one to the left)in a hexagonal pad. Both these two straps lead to the entry room, but the one on the left is the one to take. It leads to another zigzag passage that opens onto a relatively straight strap that ends at the entry room. Straight ahead is the passage leading to the first room with three teleportation lights in the floor. This time Simon dashes onto the center light and tumbles out of the monitor (IF he has done all that in two minutes -- it would be a very good idea to start at the tee intersection and rehearse the exit from there a few times).

When Simon (and Swampy in the vacuum cleaner) get out, Sordid's body is already gone (implying that there may be yet another of the Simon games in the future). The screen is full of symbols, at the bottom of which is a request to load the Nexus CD that we have been carrying around since the events in the volcano. Since Swampy erased memory, we need to reload the Nexus program. The question is: How in the world do we get the CD ROM drive to open in the game's computer?

The answer is: by opening the CD ROM drive on the player's computer!! Who woulda thunk it!! Anyway, when you open your CD drive Simon opens the one on the computer (you should have the CD in the ready position in inventory), inserts the Nexus CD and your drive will close all by itself AND a keyboard will appear. Simon then restores Swampy's soul to his body and Swampy gets rather emotional.

At this point Simon would like to hook up his body and soul and starts looking for Calypso. Calypso doesn't show but a surprising someone else does and the game ends with their colloquium. I won't tell you who shows up, but if you can get the two-minute drill down you can see for yourself.

END OF GAME (but don't forget to watch the clever cutscenes during the end credits!)