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EMDB is a small utility to keep track of your DVD collection. With an automatic import from the database of IMDB, export to csv, text or complete website, thumbnail cover preview, a loan tracker, search function and multi-language user interface. EMDB doesn't need a .NET framework or any other external libraries. And best of all... it's free!

EMDB is available in several languages: English, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Hungarian, Croatian, Swedish, Greek, Catalan, Czech, Norwegian, Japanese, French, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Serbian, Slovenian, Arabic, Portuguese (Brazil), Hebrew, Persian, Albanian, Traditional Chinese and Romanian translations are included in the setup.

US English  Dutch        Portuguese           
                Turkish  Simplified Chinese  Serbian  Slovenian
Arabic  Portuguese (Brazil)  Hebrew  Persian  Albanian  Traditional Chinese  Romania


September 13th 2014:  version 2.08 released:

  • User Interface: Added a visualization for Steelbook cases.

  • Database: Added a Case field.
  • Database: Added a Date Last Seen field.
  • HTML Export: Fixed issue with UNC network paths.
  • User Interface: Added support for custom bookshelf backgrounds. Added 2 new backgrounds as examples.

  • User Interface: Fixed changing the glow color of bluray and TVSeries.
  • User Interface: Added a label for seen on the bookshelf.
  • User Interface: Added a Search on Medium page.
  • User Interface: Added filters for Seen / not Seen TV Series.
  • User Interface: Improved the arrangement of the filter menu.
  • User Interface: Removed TV Series in the "Show Seen Movies" filter results.
  • User Interface: When adding a new movie which takes a reserved (previous deleted position) it was shown twice although it was only added to the database once.
  • Translations: Updated the Turkish, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic and Dutch translations.

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EMDB does not contain any kind of spyware or adware...


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