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June 3 2011

It's time for a new release again. This mainly contains bugfixes that 6.0 introduced and implementing some old features that went missing from 5.6.1 to 6.0 (Trainer maker) Also, the lua environment has been extended and some new features have been added that can make dissecting a program easier (for example the structure spider , last branch record recordign on Intel Fam6 and string map, comments in assembler, etc...)

link: Cheat Engine 6.1

If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them

Cheat Engine 6.1

  • Fixed DBVM from not working
  • Fixed Kernelmode debugging with DBVM in 64-bit
  • Several disassembler fixes
  • Scanning errors now show the error
  • Fixed a few 16-bit assembler instructions
  • Fixed doubleclicking the assembler scan going to 00000000
  • Fixed the assembler scan going from ffffffff back to 0 and starting over again
  • Fixed autoattach causing huge memory leak
  • Fixed clicking nextscan when having 0 results
  • Fixed 8 byte scans so they it can now scan negative values
  • Prevent a 32-bit plugin from showing up error messages when loaded in the 64-bit ce version (It won't work)
  • Fixed the VEH debugger from not handling int3 breakpoints properly
  • Fixed XMM registers in the veh debugger
  • Fixed the VEH debugger from causing a program to hang when Cheat Engine is closed normally

  • Added a structure spider which may help in finding ways to distinguish between two objects
  • Value scanning can now take formulas
  • Added a form designer to create lua extensions
  • Added an automated trainer generator that will generate a trainer script for you
  • Added lots and lots of new functions to the lua engine. Check the helpfile or main.lua
  • Added the ability to save binary files into a cheat table
  • Added an xm-player
  • Added columns to the stackview window
  • Added an option to choose if the disassembler should show 32-bit or 64-bit code
  • Added support to translate cheat engine to any language you want (check the language folder for more info)
  • Some speed improvements at several tools
  • Added undo last edit (ctrl+z) when editing values in a cheat table
  • Added extra option to the pointer rescan so you can filter out paths more specifically
  • Added custom comments to the assembler window
  • Added the ability to use lua variables inside auto assembler ( $luavariable )
  • Added syntax highlighting to lua
  • Changed the lua dlls with versions that don't need the C++ runtime installed
  • Changed the lua library to support 64-bit dll's
  • The lua script has been moved from the comments window to it's own menu on top
  • In the hexadecimal view when selecting 4 bytes and then pressing space will make you go there. Backspace returns
  • Added the .cetrainer file extension so you can download very small files and have great trainers

  • January 10 2011
    It has taken a while but the wait has been worth it: Cheat engine 6.0 has been released

    link: Cheat Engine 6.0

    It's not only a new version with some new features, but a complete port from Delphi to Freepascal/Lazarus with support for 64-bit
    Of course, some features could not get implemented in this new version just yet, like the directx mess and trainer creator, but they are planned to come back in the next versions. If you need to use them, just use Cheat Engine 5.6.1 instead(Check the download page if you need it). Some features have just been stripped because they where useless (hyperscan)
    Of course, new stuff has been added like the VEHDebugger, improved pointerscan speed, ability to compare to the values of a saved scan, advanced scripting, etc...etc...etc...

    If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them. If you don't I could never fix/improve Cheat Engine

    Cheat Engine 6.0

  • several disassembler fixes
  • change by offset supports negative hexadecimal offsets
  • several fixes to the data dissector
  • Fixed simple paste
  • Hextype won't change pos

  • Added a 64-bit version
  • Different compiler (uses fpc/lazarus now instead of delphi)
  • Addresslist has been reimplemented from scratch
  • Debugger has been reimplemented from scratch
  • Hexview has been redesigned
  • Added a new debuggerinterface : VEHDebugger
  • replaced underc with lua
  • Added several lua routines
  • pointerscanner speed increased
  • custom types changes from scantype to valuetypes that can be used in multiple locations
  • disassembler shows colors and can be configured
  • improvements to the stackview
  • added tabbed scans
  • standalone Trainermaker is currently not implemented
  • added the option to save scanresults
  • You can now compare the current addresslist to the values of a saved scan (first scan included)
  • The above also makes the percentage scans more useful, so a between % scan has been added as well
  • Tables can now contain lua scripts that can get executed
  • Table entries can execute lua scripts when enabled/disabled (see it as an extension to auto assembler)
  • Added conditional breakpoint
  • added break on data breakpoint
  • automated "find what accesses address" now shows a trigger count
  • Hotkeys on cheat entries have been improved
  • Temp files don't get saved in the ce folder anymore
  • Cheat Tables don't get saved in the ce folder anymore
  • Added a suggestion where you can save your tables now
  • Cheat table entries can now be dragged and dropped, including on top of eachother
  • Hexview can now show seperators any way you like
  • You can compare two hexviews with eachother to show the differences
  • Added the 7 byte hexadecimal display type
  • Added some extra plugin apis
  • Improved the change register on breakpoint gui
  • And lots of other stuff...

  • June 30 2010
    Well, it's been a decade now that the first version of Cheat engine saw the light
    To celebrate that fact I've released ce 5.6.1 , which is mainly a bugfix version but also has some small usability improvements, I also wanted to put out a beta version of CE 6 today but since it has an annoying bug that makes the foundlist hard to use I'll spend some more time on that first.

    link: Cheat Engine 5.6.1

  • Fixed bug where ce would crash(close) on XP systems on certain type of games when opening a process
  • Fixed the error at "Same as first scan" when using the float type
  • Pointer rescan for value now accepts more than 8 characters
  • Fixed pointerscan for value not supporting more than 1 thread
  • Fixed showing the fpu in the kernelmode debugger
  • Fixed Decreased/Increased by %
  • Dissect Data now detects non-exact floating point values again
  • Disabled executing the aobscan when assigning a script to the table
  • Some disassembler fixes
  • Again some more DPI fixes
  • The byte-editor in the hexeditor window is now properly aligned at the proper height
  • The XMM registers are now shown for kernelmode debugging as well
  • Implemented the stop button for kernelmode "Find what addresses this code accesses"
  • Fixed error message when pressing enter and no address is selected in the addresslist
  • Fixed samememory regions so the last byte is now included as well
  • Fixed the simple-copy/paste option in settings (it now has effect)
  • Fixed bug where pressing alt made a lot of controls invisible in vista and later
  • Fixed the pointerscan bug that caused out of memory problems for the scan (Was already secretly fixed and released for 5.6 one week after the official release, but still mentioning it)

  • Rightclicking on registers(multiple locations) saves them to the clipboard
  • The values of dissect data can now be saved to disk
  • Auto Assembler script entries have a small <script> text you can click for easier script editing
  • The commonmodulelist.txt has been updated with some extra dll's that have nothing to do with the game (thanks to psych)
  • AutoAssembler: You can't move the cursor beyond the end of a line anymore
  • Pointerscan: Pointerscanner now tells you that pressing stop is a stupid thing to do
  • Pointerscan: doubleclicking an pointer with invalid base now adds it anyhow. (In case the base becomes valid again later)
  • Several extra window positions are now saved when the option to save the position is enabled (included pointerscan and autoassembler)
  • CE now notifies you if it thinks there's not enough dispace left
  • Default pointer option is now set back to insert instead of append
  • Added a "Same as first scan" hotkey option
  • When opening a new process and chosing to disable everything now also disables entries in advanced options

    If you encounter bugs, please let me know (forum pm/post, Bugreport or
    P.S.:If you have questions read the FAQ first, it may contain the answer to your problem, even if you don't like the answer

  • January 31th 2010
    And again, I failed to update versions inbetween...(mainly having to do with dealing with a new dissaster every month). Of course, those that compiled the svn sourcecode did get to enjoy the new stuff earlier
    Anyhow, version 5.6 is finally released and it has some neat features and opens several new possibilities plugins to do some neat stuff
    link: Cheat Engine 5.6


  • Removed stealthmode. (Someone could make a plugin for this, one probably more advanced than the old one)
  • Pointerscanner speed has been increased a lot
  • New Icon (thanks to Phox from the forum)
  • The pointerscanner can now scan for values
  • The pointerscanner now lets you specify an offset list that it has to end with.
  • Removed the injected pointerscanner
  • The auto assembler now supports code outside of [enable] and [disable] sections so it affects both
  • Resultcount is now comma seperated (thanks to infinito)
  • New kernelmode debugger
  • Added the ability to offload the current OS to dbvm (if your cpu supports it)
  • The driver is now 64-bit compatible. (You will have to sign it yourself, or reboot with unsigned driver support)
  • Rewrote the disassemblerview
  • Deleting addresses from a scanresult is now a bit faster
  • Changed the hotkey handler to be more controllable
  • New heaplist that works based on dll injection instead of toolhelp32
  • Dissectcode now helps finding referenced strings
  • Added a new Auto assembler command "aobscan(varname, arrayofbyte)"
  • Added a new Auto assembler command "assert(address, arrayofbyte)" which will make a script fail if the bytes aren't what they should be
  • Dissect data now works with offsets instead of sizes
  • Added the ability to follow pointers easily with Dissect Data
  • There's now a stacktrace visible during debugging (2 different types)
  • The registerview is gone as long as you're not debugging
  • CE now suppresses the "No disk" message when the systems searchpath is invalid
  • Added a common modulelist to the ce folder that you can edit. Include files that you do NOT want to go through when doing memory inspection
  • You can now open another pointerscanner window while another pointerscan is running and read the results.
  • The pointerscanner can now also scan for values
  • Added a string reference windows
  • Improved the plugin system:
  •     You can now add auto assembler commands
  •     You can now get a callback when the disassembler is being rendered
  •     You can now add a plugin item to the context of the disassemler
  •     etc...
  • Added (float)#, (double)# and (int)# support to the assembler, (double) is mainly usable in combination with the new DQ command though

  • Fix mov [reg],reg disassembly when a 16-bit prefix is used
  • Fixed some floating point assembler instructions
  • Taborder fix for "Value between scan" (infinito)
  • Fixed the Auto assembler code injection template with regard to the "Alt:" line
  • Jmp FAR instruction not shown properly in the disassembler
  • Fixed disassembler instructions that had a rep/repe prefix while they shouldn't
  • Fixed xorps instruction
  • Fixed assembler where segment registers are used
  • Fixed rm32,imm16 notations getting dowsized to rm32,imm8 while they should go rm32,imm32
  • Fixed hang when setting the window on top and then doing a scan
  • Fixed FILD qword instruction
  • Fixed FNSTSW AX instruction
  • Fixed FCOM instruction
  • Fixed IMUL,0a instruction
  • Fixed broken alt-key when the disassemblerview is focused
  • Fixed the bug where removing a assigned hotkey to a cheat table didn't work
  • Fixed the floating point panel. It now actually shows the floating point values...
  • Fixed several bugs in the Dissect Data window
  • Several gui fixes for high dpi systems

    Many thanks to everyone that reported bugs (e.g csimbi and Recifense) and suggestions.
    Also, thanks to Oliver Sahr who has sent me a lot of suggestions, data and other information, which I will work through in the coming months. And probably make adjustments to the site accordingly

    As for the future of CE, perhaps I can finally continue work on the 64-bit port of CE...
    And again, if you encounter bugs, please let me know (forum pm/post, Bugreport or
    P.S.:If you have questions read the FAQ first, it may contain the answer to your problem, even if you don't like the answer

  • January 18th 2009
    I guess I didn't officially update CE as often as I hoped, but anyhow, here's the new version: Cheat Engine 5.5


  • added 'short' and 'far' override to the jump instructions. (Mainly usefull for auto assembler scripts that by default pick the far one)
  • copied the "Find out what addresses this code accesses" from advanced options to memory view
  • Made the above function display the current value so you don't have to add them first
  • And made it non-modal so you can do other stuff while it's working.
  • Improved custom scan so it can now also display the results
  • New speedhack implementation
  • New AutoAssembler window
  • Removed the question if you want a new scan. (You must now click on new scan yourself)
  • Added GlobalAlloc to the autoassembler
  • The dissect structure window can now be opened multiple times (for comparison)
  • Structures are now saved in the cheat table
  • The main ce window now has a menu (can be disabled in settings if you don't like it)
  • The processlist can now show process icons. (could be slow, so can be disabled in settings)
  • The settings window has been changed from tabs to a list
  • Added a tools menu so people can add quicklaunch apps. (e.g: calc)
  • Added the option to save and load tables as XML
  • Changed copy/pasting of entries to XML
  • Helpfile changed from .HLP to .CHM , also incorporated the plugin documentaion in the helpfile instead of a seperate .RTF
  • Added a few new functions to the plugin system and made the examples easier to understand (Mainly for helping with assembly scripts)
  • Added a packet editor example plugin
  • Assembler can now work with " and ' strings
  • Changed the reverse pointer scan to give more details about what is going on
  • The positions of the main window and memoryview can now be saved
  • The about window now tells you which version of dbvm is loaded if dbvm is running
  • If DBVM is running and you choose physical memory, it goes through dbvm's read physical memory instead of windows'
  • Added a floating point panel to several windows that use system context to display variables
  • Added the option to the memoryview hexview part to display 2 bytes, 4 byte, float or double instead of bytes
  • Improved the dissect data window to show addresses next to eachother
  • The bottom part of the memory view window (hexview) can now display as different types (byte, 2 byte, 4 byte, decimal 4 byte, float, double)
  • Changed the multi pointer tutorial step so it now represents a real game situation
  • Added the adminRequired anifest to the standalone trainer

  • Fixed the multicore scan crash
  • Fixed the MEMORYFIRST.TMP file showing up in a weird location
  • Fixed several hotkey setting bugs
  • Fixed loading back the speedhack hotkey values
  • Fixed a crash when opening a process with a broken PE-header
  • Fixed several assembler and disassembler instructions
  • Fixed memoryviewers "copy to clipboard" option where it picks the wrong option
  • Fixed binary scan crash on nextscan
  • Fixed huge memory leak in pointerscanner
  • Fixed the "No error message" on error during a scan
  • Fixed bug with calling kernel_XXXX functions in assembler
  • Fixed a trainer bug regarding clicking on cheats
  • Fixed 32-bit icons in the trainer maker
  • Fixed the terminate scan option
  • Fixed a DPI bug on several windows
  • Fixed a crash when loading of the symbols failed

    I've also uploaded a new version of dbvm that should be more compatible with systems that have more than 4GB ram and fixed several bugs. Also started implementing an emulator for the 'hard to virtualize' sections. So for those that know the difference between an IDT and a SDT, go ahead and download dbvm

    Enjoy this version, and if you encounter bugs, please let me know (forum pm/post, Bugreport or
    P.S.:If you have questions read the FAQ first, it may contain the answer to your problem, even if you don't like the answer
  • September 15 2006
    Cheat Engine 5.4 has been released : Cheat Engine v5.4

    *Rewrote the memoryscan engine to make better use of multiple cpu cores
    *Added an All valuetype
    *Added a Custom scan option, which allows auto assembler scripts to be used as internal compare routines
    *New Auto Assembler functions: Added CreateThread(address) , loadlibrary(filename) and readmem(address,size)
    *Added /* */ comments to the auto assembler
    *Added codehighlighting for the auto assembler
    *The assembler now allows you to type in normal decimal values instead of hex. Add a # in front. e.g #100
    *Goto history for disassembler and hexview
    *Follow and back instruction for the disassembler-view
    *Added a simple C-scripting language.
    *The trainer maker now lets buttons execute cheat entries
    *The address interpreter now understands pointer notations like [[00412345+123]+123]
    *When opening a process for the first time the current disassembleraddress will go to the entrypoint of the process. The hexview will go to the start of data.
    *Added the DF flag to the debugger
    *Implemented a reverse pointer scan. Instead of starting at the base address andscanning all memory, it scans for the final address and continues from the results there.
    *Added multiline selection to the disassembler. (Hold shift)
    *Added Ctrl+C in disassembler to copy to clipboard.
    *Added ability to show multiple memoryview windows at a time. (multiple displays recommended)
    *Implemented a hypervisor that CE can make use of. Look up DBVM on the website. Intel VT only for now
    *Added an option to save the memory when a pointerscan has finished so it can be reused again

    *Several VISTA-32 bit fixes.
    *fixed some asembler/disassembler instructions
    *The trainer maker now supports scripts with alloc in them
    *hotkeys now work better and don't execute without pressing any key, or when pressing an unrelated key
    *Fixed a dpi bug for the trainer maker "Add cheat" window
    *Fixed missing confirmation screen when closing and a script was edited.
    *Fixed pressing C in the hexview would stop the editing.
    *Fixed alignment problem of the "at least %" string when increased or decreased scan is selected
    *Fixed example c-plugin where the define of changeregonbp was missing some padding
    *Fixed the processwatcher for vista 32-bit (don't even try vista 64, will not work)
    *Fixed ce detecting vista as an older version instead of newer.
    *Now when selecting a new process ticked assemblerscripts go to disabled state.
    *Type change window now closes when pressing escape.
    *Fixed cleanup problem when the red X was used causing group info to stay behind on new entries.
    *Fixed typing in values with the numlock keypad
    *Hexview editbox now closes when rightlicking on the hexview.
    *The autoassembler now handles spaces and tabs better
    *Added some extra checks to the processname doubleclick when kernelmode has been enabled to rpevent a BSOD

    Questions, suggestions, bugs, want to help me with Cheat Engine? Then use the message board or contact me at ICQ:6330306 or
    September 15 2006
    Cheat Engine 5.3 has been released : Cheat Engine v5.3

    changes & fixes:

    * Made multiple bytes selectable in the hexview
    * Save userdefined symbols added by the user, to the table
    * Added ctrl+A key to select all text in the auto assembler
    * Added recalculate base address in structure definer (only for level1)
    * Added scroll support to main cheat list
    * Added plugin dll's to several sections (for those that are too lame to send me a dll to add to the ce package)
    * Added a special window for pasting cheat entries which includes easy modifying the offset and description
    * Added information popup when a scan finds more than the max ammount of addresses the first time
    * Added edit hotkey (ctrl+e) using the same window as paste
    * Implemented use of kernel VirtualAllocEx
    * Integrated pointer scan in main
    * Rewrote pointerscan, it's faster and more accurate now
    * Increased speed of next scan routines
    * implemented a lower level openprocess instead of calling ZwOpenProcess
    * Added search for assembler option
    * Added symbol handling including kernel symbols
    * Added scan option: "Same as first scan"
    * Added exact value hotkey scans
    * Added a driverlist
    * Added step 7 to the tutorial: code injection
    * Added step 8 to the tutorial: advanced pointers
    * Added quti messages on the tutorial
    * Added ability to set symbol searchpath
    * Added 3 new functions to the auto assembler: define, loadbinary and include
    * Driver now uses a driver.dat file to configure itself (no problem if it's missing though)

    * Fixed the known "array of byte" scan bugs
    * Fixed changed/unchanged+fastscan+4 byte+hyperscan not filtering right
    * Fixed enable/disable cheat menu item enabling/disabling all
    * Fixed "change element" in structure definer and bytesize of strings
    * Fixed window title for the api hook template
    * Fixed copy/paste bug
    * Fixed newscan turning of the hex checkbox without converting
    * Fixed the change record menu item
    * Fixed next scan exact value for double scans
    * Fixed fs: not showing up for some disassembler instructions
    * Fixed paste bug in 2nd between textfield
    * Fixed "je" (and probable other familiars as well) when the positive jump is bigger than 0x7f (should then do a long jump, not short jump)
    * Fixed hotkey set value not always working.
    * Fixed bug where 2 byte entries don't support increase and decrease allowed freezing.
    * Fixed string freezing bug
    * Fixed freezing addresses showing up as normal when hexadecimal was set

    Questions, suggestions, bugs, want to help me with Cheat Engine? Then use the message board or contact me at ICQ:6330306 or
    November 28 2005
    Cheat Engine 5.2 has finally been released : Cheat Engine v5.2

    changes & fixes:

    * Added some shortcut keys to the main window. (ctrl+o opens a table, ctrl+s saves, and ctrl+alt+a opens the auto assembler)
    * Added reinterpretable addresses
    * Added auto assemble scripts to the auto assembler
    * Added auto assemble scripts to cheat tables
    * added a pointer scanner
    * added the ability to define structures
    * Added address recalculation by module in the standalone trainer as well (for code entries, standard addresses use interpretable addresses)
    * Added the db 'string' opcode to the assembler
    * Added the REGISTERSYMBOL and UNREGISTERSYMBOL functions to the auto assembler
    * Addresses now indicate of a address is in a static address or dynamicly allocated
    * Added a show checkbox and show hotkey property to the cheatlist in the auto assembler
    * Added a click handler to seperate cheats in the trainer maker. (clicking enables a cheat)
    * Made it possible to also use ce's kernel debugger for "change register on breakpoint"
    * Changed the code finder so it's not modal anymore. (You still can't use multiple at the same time but it'll fix some 'not so' user-friendly problems)
    * Changed the hyperscan injection method when windows 2000 is detected. should be more stable
    * Changed the save routines in the memory view to give more options when saving and loading
    * Fixed some assembler and disassembler bugs
    * Fixed "force memory to be writable" on PAE enabled systems
    * Fixed the bug where the module name was not saved in the cheat table of a code entry
    * Fixed the bug where the first character of the trainer maker user inoput field got replaced by a ?
    * Fixed float->unknown initial scan->first scan->exact value not showing the type selection
    * Fixed find out what ... when using access violations and clicking stop
    * Fixed invalid reordering of entries after delete of a entry in the trainer maker
    * Fixed the corrupted title and about text in the generated trainer when protection was enabled
    * Fixed resizing of the cheatlist after a delete in the trainer maker
    * Fixed one or two spell errors
    * Fixed the fullaccess function in the auto assembler
    * Fixed support for floating points in the trainer maker (difference between , and .)
    * Moved all symbolhandler code to one class instead of speading it all over the rest of the code
    * changed the copy/paste of entries to be more stable

    September 24 2005
    It seems there was a gigantic memory leak in ce 5.1, but it has now been fixed. You can redownload Cheat Engine v5.1.1 to fix that problem.

    September 6 2005
    Here's a new one : Cheat Engine v5.1.1
    It's mainly a bugfix version, but also contains a few new minor features

    changes & fixes:
    * The codelist now also records in which dll a address was
    * Added support for PAE systems. (tested with intel only)
    * Fixed the module list deny option
    * Fixed the access violation 00000000 when having kernelmode read/write enabled and restarted ce
    * Fixed the advanced options resize bug
    * Added the ret xxx instruction to the assembler
    * Added a jump reference above pieces of code (seperate option)
    * Added a template in the auto assembler: Code injection
    * Fixed some of the display errors for people with a nonstandard dpi
    * Fixed the autoassembler regarding short symbolnames
    * Added a fullaccess function to the auto assembler, to make memory read,write and executable. (usage: fullaccess(address,size) )
    * Fixed the scannign crash when scanning a 64-bit process
    * fixed the crash when openuing the memorybrowser a second time on the same process
    * Fixed the client remembering the used server list (again)
    * Fixed rounding down methods dor double when douing a next scan
    * Added the ability to use symbols by the assembler
    * Added a unrandomizer
    * Added a between value scan
    * Added a increased by % and decreased by % scan
    * Fixed problem with reopening trainers in ce that used buttons
    * Added the option to prevent trainer from ghetting reopened by ce
    * Added a increasing and decreasing hotkey instead of freezing only
    * Fixed messed up threadid-list for the processwatcher (caused bugs in the kernel debugger)

    April 15 2005
    I know it's been a while, but here it is: Cheat Engine v5.0

    changes & fixes:
    * Added a codecave finder
    * added alloc and label commands to auto-assemble
    * floating point scans now have 2 extra scan options: truncated and increased range scan
    * Added the ability to change registers on a breakpoint and automatically continue
    * Fixed the bug where find base pointer returned double results
    * Added the ability to scan physical memory
    * Fixed the static scanner when sorting the center column and multiple refererences
    * Changed th pause option when using winxp so a debugger isn't required
    * Added a processwatcher that writes down ALL created processes
    * Added the option to use the "find what accesses" and "find what writes" without attaching a debugger
    * Added some new hotkeys including the ability to set the speed for the speedhack
    * Added a new window that shows the breakpoints
    * Fixes some bugs in the grouping of records
    * added the option to save all textures in directx-mess
    * Added a filteroption to the process/window list
    * Added the ability that ce will detect and kick of a debugger from a process if it's running windows XP and the kerneldata retriever has ran and gather all needed info
    * Fixed bug where the question if you want to attach the debugger results in yes even though you answer no
    * Network client: Fixed past ip list not showing up in connect screen
    * Network client: Fixed buffersize getting set to 512 instead of 512kb
    * Network client: Fixed the settings window getting bigger each time it's shown
    * Fixed the bug where the changed update/freeze intervals didn't show up
    * Network client: Fixed the bug where the speedhack doesn't hide it's options
    * Fixed the bug where the create and initialize codecave function didn't nop the code in the new memory
    * CE not unpauses a process when detaching from a process
    * Added the ability to scan files
    * Added ability to type in the PID instead of selecting it from the processlist (so if you know the PID and it's not visible you can type it in)
    * Fixed bug in win2000 sp4 where finding the shadow table fails
    * Fixed small reference leak bug when using kernelmode openprocess and read/write process memory
    * Added unicode string support
    * Added secret feature to the processlist to give the selected process the kernelmode (stealth) option
    * Added the feature to stealthmode (kernelmode) to block certain modules(e.g dll, exe etc...) from getting loaded
    * Fixed table merging bug with pointers
    * Changed the cheat table structure so descriptions can now be longer than 50 characters

    Questions, suggestions, bugs, want to help me with Cheat Engine? Then use the message board or contact me at ICQ:6330306 or
    January 23 2005
    The site's down again, so traffic is rerouted to this site.

    UPDATE:Seems the site is back (well, the forums work...)
    October 30 2004
    I've uploaded 2 new cheat tables. Evil Genius wich will make it your money almost never decreases and Hitman Contracts v1.74 wich has cheats for unlimited saves, unlimited life and unlimited ammo.

    September 27 2004
    the official site is having some trouble right now, so in the meantime we'll have to use the mirror site. If you want to post messages you can do so here

    Update:It's fixed and the normal site is back up
    September 20 2004
    *Welcome to the new .EXE capable (but not php-capable) official Cheat Engine website.
    *I've also uploaded Cheat Engine v4.4

    The changes/fixes are:
    * Fixed the error when doing a scan without a valuebox
    * added the ability to scan the kernel memory
    * added the ability to read through the physical memory
    * added the ability to hide itself from other programs.
    * added a option to make codecaves easier
    * added the option to inject any dll you want
    * added the option to scan the code for static addresses (usefull for pointer finding)
    * fixed several bugs in the client/server version
    * added the find out what xxxxx's this address to the client/server version
    * fixed the deletion of the record list even if you said not to
    * added scanning by using hotkeys
    * added the option to rename other windows in the dissect windows section
    * added the ability to use scripts to inject code
    * added the ability to restore the windows api if it gets modified
    * changed the speedhack so you now only have to fill in the speed. (0.5=half speed, 2=double speed)
    * fixed the error in the tutorial when using the password to get to the last step
    * and more....

    June 21 2004
    I know the forum is having some trouble right now , but if you really can't live without leaving messages then use the OLD board here

    May 18 2004
    I've decided to release Cheat Engine v4.3
    The following changes are in:
    *added a heap/dll enumeration
    *fixed the break when creating a process. (breaks at the entry point instead of the windows exe loaded)
    *directx hook:Some graphical stuff like zoom and a configurable aimbot (only works for dx8 and 9 and doesn't work on all dx games)
    *Changed the code so it supports the build of different langauges (You'll see some of them soon)
    *Fixed some of the network bugs
    *fixed the bug where loading a trainer would give a stream write error
    *Added the option to load memoryregions with cheat tables. (save as cheattable.ct.m00, cheattable.ct.m01,....)
    *Added the option to save memoryregions in the memoryregion window.
    *some windows resized,moved,locked, changed....
    *fixed the double scan for hyperscan
    *fixed the undo scan for hyperscan

    About the aimbot:
    You first have to configure it, like wich textures it should look for and how the sensitivity settings are. When configuring I don't recommend loading a cta file and then changing something and resaving unless you know what you're doing. (Make sure that ALL textures in that cta file are in memory when loading, else you'll lose some or create gaps)
    You can exchange your .ctx files with other people, but I'm not sure if the .cta files you make can be used by other people with different hardware. (CTA files are the storage used to compare your selected textures when reloading, and are affected by the bitdepth you use, and the ability of your graphic cards to allow certain sizes of textures, and some other minor hardware specific things)

    March 20 2004
    Seems there was a bug with my new "prevent bugger detection" routine. It was very effective at unhooking the debugger. (I gues programs could use this code to prevent being debugged).
    Anyhow, I've fixed it by putting the old routine back to prevent detection. (less effective, but effective enough). So if you downloaded it before 20 March you might want to re-download it again. (Or just make sure that prevent debugger detection option is disabled in settings)

    And while I'm at it, I also uploaded a table for Tortuga/Pirate Hunter. This table uses a tripple pointer address for certain items.
    Dark Byte
    March 14 2004
    New version:Cheat Engine v4.2.
    * Added a new scanmethod. (hyperscan)
    * Added a speedhack feature (seems to work only in 2000+)
    * Added a window to show all the windows of a selected process, and hide/show them.
    * Added a new feature to capture and send wm_timer messages
    * Added the option to save disassembled output to a file
    * Added the option to pause the game while it's scanning
    * Fixed the bug that when selecting another process the previously selected process would terminate. (Only occured in win 2000 and earlier)
    * Moved the hotkey settings of some features to the settings window.
    * Added a 2nd level of protection against debugger detection. (only for 2000 and XP, but perhaps also works in later ones)
    * Changed the trainer maker so the button, image and textfield now have a extra onclick feature: "Execute Command" wich allows you to execute url's or other commands.
    * Fixed float scanning with a value
    * Added the option to specify what types of memory to scan. (Mapped memory now skipped by default)

    January 20 2004
    New version:Cheat Engine v4.1.1.
    * added Pointer handling (Usefull for games with dynamic memory allocation)
    * added TLG (Up to you to find out what it is)
    * added a option to skip over certain memory that causes crashes when read. (I believe the crash is caused by some specific graphic cards)
    * Added option to fill a memory region with a byte you want
    * Added int3 breakpoints (When using windows versions before me, or if you need to set more than 3 breakpoints)
    * Added 2 extra groups.
    * Added undo change option. (Pressing ctrl+z after changing a value brings it back to the previous value)
    * added alt+enter: changes the description of the selected item
    * added ctrl+enter: change type...
    * added a new way to get back to cheat engine when running the game: Hide some/all windows.
    * added a method to find out what reads and writes to an address. (As addition to only reading and only writing)
    * Changed the network version to send less but bigger packets
    * Changed the foundlist so it updated the values
    * Fixed a lot of assembler instructions.(Propably not fixed all, so if you find one please let me know)
    * Fixed some of the disassembler instructions
    * Fixed flashing scrollbar
    * Fixed the bitscan
    * Fixed normal scanning when fastscan is disabled
    * Fixed 2 byte unchanged value scan
    * Fixed the bug that didn't sort the list when clicking on the columns
    * Fixed the crash when the debugged program used debug strings
    * Fixed the occasional bug that caused a debugged game to close when click stop while trying to find out what reads * from that addres
    * Fixed the bug in the memory hex editor that prevented you from typing in text
    * Added 2 new steps in the tutorial to try to explain how the code finder works, and how pointer work.

    Changes since 4.1:
    * Fixed the flood of error messages on first start by new users
    * Fixed the text for the bring to front hotkey
    * The extra info window in the code finder shows the warning message if needed at the right moments

    I also uploaded a table for Civ3 conquests 1.00. It uses the pointer feature to find the technologies.
    December 27 2003
    New version:Cheat Engine v4.0.
    New features:
    * Single-line assembler
    * Basic debugging uptions (ME and later only, will add support for 95 and 98 later)
    * Easier memory hex editor
    * Fast scan option
    * Simple debugger detection prevention
    * ...

    * Fixed several of the trainer maker bugs (all the ones I know of)
    * The processes that failed to open in the past should open now.
    * The debugger works better with multiple processes now.
    * The tabs of the address list can be resized now
    * completly rewrote the network version. It should be even more stable now. (and faster)
    * fixed several disassembler bugs
    * ...

    August 18 2003
    New version:Cheat Engine v3.3.
    New features:
    * Trainer designer
    * Loading of created trainers so you can edit them
    * Scanning shows a estimated time left for scanning (notice the word estimate)
    * added a progressbar to the net version

    * Fixed the double-result bug (caused due to scanning the same memory twice)
    * fixed the float and double scans and got rid of NaN's and Inf's as valid results
    * fixed 8 byte scan
    * fixed the network version
    * changed some titles of windows
    * new page in the helpfile for the trainer
    * and some other things not worth mentioning

    May 5 2003
    I released Cheat Engine v3.2.
    Here is a list of changes:
    New features:
    * several new setting in the setting window to change Cheat Engine
    * the codefinder does not close the debugged process when ce closes. (XP-only)
    * binary scantype
    * xp-style compatible
    * option to make use of Hardware debug registers instead of read/write exceptions
    * a helpfile. (if you can call it that)
    * ability to set the buffersize to be used while scanning.
    * and more...

    * resizing works now.
    * changed advanced scan to "Unknown initial value"
    * disassembler in lowercase
    * renamed several windows to something more fitting
    * fixed floating point scanning, and some other scan bugs
    * the address finder in advanced options is fixed
    * the option to find out what changed a address fixed.
    * and some other things.

    March 10 2003
    As I yesterday said, watch for a release of Cheat Engine v3.1 soon, well, here it is already mainly some bugfixes (got to love even numbers) but also a few new features that a lot of you will like, namely, Undo scan, and the ability to cancel a scan.
    Of course, having the ability to cancel does slow down the scanning(a little), so if you dont care about canceling a scan, but only care about speed, rightclick on the CE logo, choose settings, and uncheck the option to run the scan in a seperate thread. (Notice you'll also find some other options there)

    Here is a small summary of the changes/fixes:
    New features:
    * Settings are stored in the registry
    * option to have the scan in a seperate thread so you can cancel it. (on by default)
    * Undo scan button
    * hotkey for the pause button
    * And some other things I forgot

    * Next scan of string scan doesnt crash
    * the text in the found code dialog doesnt get messed up anymore when the text changes
    * The foundcode dialog can be resized so you can see the whole opcode when needed
    * Annoying by removed when the memory browser part of the memory view was enlarged to the max
    * Changed some warnings so they are a little easier to understand
    * and some other things not worth mentioning...

    Also, I'm getting a lot of e-mails asking how to cheat in online games. I must say that it is almost impossible to cheat in online games using Cheat Engine, because most games store everything you have on the server, and you only get to see what the server tells you! Of course there are some exceptions, and you can always cheat on the things you see. (like brightness, full maps, etc...)
    Also, I must admit that I hate it when people cheat in online games.

    March 9 2003
    I've put up the table for Hitman 2 build 265 to show a result of one of the new features of CE3 "Find out what writes to this address"
    Using this option you can find the code in a game that decreases values. This is very usefull in games where the addresses change each time you start the game again, so no need to scan and recalculate the other addresses, just replace the code with something that does nothing, and you're fine.
    This trainer for hitman 2 has 2 addresses to code(find them under the advanced button), one that decreases the number of saves left, and the other that decreases the health you have.

    Also, expect the release of Cheat Engine 3.1 soon, it has some nice new features like a undo scan, and a cancel scan button, and it'll fix some bugs I recently found.

    March 5 2003
    Well, it's been more than a year since Cheat Engine 2.3 came out. I've been very busy, and other times I just was too addicted playing some games. I did sometimes find some free time and worked a bit on Cheat Engine, but each time I added something I thought of something else to add, which made me delay the release of Cheat Engine 3 each time.

    But, I've finally decided to release Cheat Engine 3.0. It has a lot of new stuff:
    * Bigger than/smaller than scan method
    * array of byte scan
    * improved scanning speed
    * improved scanning results
    * disassembler
    * better memory browser
    * resizable
    * looks less like crap in windows xp
    * pause button
    * improved standalone trainer maker, patcher and memory modifier
    * ability to find code in the game that read from or write to a special address
    * ability to find out wich addresses a piece of code accesses
    * hotkey freeze, while playing a game, and pressing the hotkey sets the value to what you froze it at.
    * bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes, ...
    * and some other features I forgot to mention...

    If you can't wait any longer then Download Cheat Engine v3.0 now!
    Also, because I'm running out of space, I've removed Cheat engine 1.1 to 1.5 from my website. (You can always get them on request though...)

    August 22 2002
    Perhaps it's best if I let everyone know the current progress of Cheat Engine.
    I've setup a page that contains the BETA version (notice the word BETA) of Cheat Engine 3. This page will hold a changelog file with the latest changes of the executable that is downloadable there.
    Please understand that the beta version lacks a few features that may appear to be present, and that is may happen sometimes that it wont even run. (I try to upload only working versions of Cheat Engine, but I might not notice a bug, like that it doesn't scan).
    Another thing about the beta, if you encounter a bug tell me of it, even though I already know it, just tell me anyhow, or post it on the messageboard so other people know of it. (include the filedate or buildnumber if possible)
    right now Cheat Engine is working good, and people that are more advanced with cheating on games, or know a little programming will love the debugger....

    Anyhow, the url to the beta page is here

    July 8 2002
    I know, I know, It's been a long time simse I updated this page. This was caused mainly because I had almost no time to work on Cheat Engine due to my studies. (But at least I got a little more experienced in programming...)
    The last few days this site was unreachable because my isp updated the webserver and forgot to tell us that index files with only ".htm" wheren't used anymore...
    Anyhow, before the update I recently got e-mail from people telling me the download got stopped after arround 30seconds of downloading(while other downloads from other sites where no problems). For high speed connections this is no problem, but for isdn users and lower it is. I dont know if they fixed it with the update (the e-mail I received from them when I reported this was that they didn't think it was the servers fault...). In case this still isn't fixed I put up a crappy mirror(wich I propably never ever visit again) here (only version 2.2 is only downloadable there)

    I also wanted to let you know that Cheat Engine 3 is looking better and better all the time(thanks to some suggestions I got) and will hopefully soon be ready for a release. If you want to be a betatester or would just like to see the latest source code just e-mail me.
    January 18 2002
    Gues no-one noticed that the network version was completly useless without a debugger.
    Anyhow, it has been fixed and now works. Network Patch
    Just copy the client over the one already present in your Cheat Engine Folder.

    bug reports,suggestions and comments to Dark Byte ,the message board, or ICQ:6330306
    Please do so, I wont bite your head off. (well... not completly...)
    January 2 2002
    Happy new year!
    The table of Heroes of Might and magic 3 has been updated. Get it here

    Dark Byte
    December 29 2001
    The moment you've all been waiting for: Cheat engine 2.3 is released
    it has a lot of new things, and bugfixes, too much to write it all down here but here's a list of the major changes:
    • possibility to add comments to a table
    • layout settings (this means skin support)
    • about window
    • selectable records
    • improved speed
    • better usability on some windows
    • bit scan
    • 8 Byte scan
    • it now deletes the temp files when you close Cheat Engine
    • improved text search
    • network version
    • grouping of addresses
    • delete addresses from foundlist
    • New Table extension .CT3 (Cheat Engine table version 3) Cheat engine will still be able to load the older ones, but it'll only save them as .CT3 (or .EXE)
    • Improved Stand alone trainer maker, you now have some more options, to make one save a table as an EXE
    • and it now can load gamehack tables without needing the seperate convertor (wich I threw away btw...)

    Hope you like it ;-)
    Oh yes, to change the value/adress/description/etc... you must now double-click on them to change them. I know, it is getting used to if you've used the previous versions a lot, but you're going to like it after a while.

    A little warning about the network version of Cheat Engine, it's still wearing diapers, so be gentle with it. It is recommended to use it on a real lan, it doesn't work so good with slow speeds (60 KB/sec and higher shouldn't be a too big problem though, just watch it when loading big cheat tables(100+ records) ).

    ALSO, I've decided to release the source code of Cheat Engine. Dont worry, it doesn't mean I dont work on it anymore, but this is so other people can make improvements too(I'd apreciate help on the network and floating point routines, and even speed), and other people can learn something from it. (like how it shouldn't be done ;-)  ) And not to mention that I have at least a backup here when my house burns down....
    You can download it here.

    Cheat Engine is made in Delphi 6, I made it so that it is compilable in delphi 5, and perhaps it even works in Delphi 4. (delphi 3 wont work because of the dynamic memory) The only problem you might encounter is that delphi 6 always puts veriants in the uses clause but doesnt use it, wich means you can safely remove it in delphi 5 without generating any problems.  (Of course, it shouldn't be a too big problem to make a version in C, the CeFuncProc unit is the heart of Cheat Engine...)

    If you're wondering why I'm working inconsistent at some places: I work on Cheat Engine just to learn programming, if I always do the same thing I wont learn anything from it. (Of course, when I see something is more efficient than something else I use that for the parts that need speed. (scanning)

    Oh yes,.please dont just compile it with your name on it and say it's yours, and please keep this thing a little controled, so don't make minor adjustments and place it on the net so people get confused wich version the better one is. (just send improvements to me...)

    Well, that's the update for today, if I find a bug I'll fix it as soon as possible and upload it here.
    Also, the next major version will (hopefully) have a integrated debugger so you can also debug the game you're cheating on and set breakpoints on memory addresses to see what code changes it. (and erase that code)

    Comments/suggestions/bug reports to (or the message board, when it works) .

    Download Cheat Engine v6.0(5.1 MB)
    Download Cheat Engine v5.6.1(4.6 MB)
    Download Cheat Engine v5.3(3.86 MB)
    Download Cheat Engine v5.2(3.44 MB)
    Download Cheat Engine v5.1.1(3.3 MB)
    Download Cheat Engine v5.0(3.2 MB)
    Download Cheat Engine v4.4(3.2 MB)
    Download Cheat Engine v4.3(2.8 MB)
    Download Cheat Engine v4.1.1(1.53 MB)


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