Second Group Facilitators and students of the second Computer Basics course

W H A T ' S   N E W 

Good day! Today is December 11, 2005!

Modules 9 and 10 of WindowsXP have been uploaded. Read on.

Today's lessons are actually a review of how we deal with the Recycle Bin and the Search feature of WindowsXP.

We will also be discussing the progress of the end-project assigned to all the participants.

Re Dutch lessons: Today is also the last day of the beginner's course. Certificates of completion will be awarded on December 17, during Migrante-Netherland's Christmas Party. Congratulations to all the graduates! Proost!

Advanced Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all!

C O U R S E S 

Paaralang Migrante is currently holding sessions for the following courses:

Dutch Lessons. The course is being handled by Chico Taguba and Aya Zumel, both students at the University of Amsterdam. It started a couple of months ago and is expected to end next month. Those interested to enrol for the lessons in January are requested to get in touch with the administration as soon as possible.

Computer Basics. The course is intended for beginners. It explains the basic parts of computer, what it does, and how it is maintained. Basic Internet is also included in the lessons. Two batches of students have graduated from this course. A product of the first batch, Abner Quilatan, will be the resource person for the next group of computer greenhorns.

WindowsXP. Those who have finished Computer Basics are enjoined to take this course. This is to deepen their knowledge of the most commonly used operating system. Facilitator is Carlito Parungo. Both Computer Basics and WindowsXP start on October 22, 2005.

Facilitator Migrante-Europe Coordinator Grace Punongbayan assisting a participant

W E L C O M E 

To all students of Paaralang Migrante,

MIGRANTE-Europe welcomes all of you to our training center's official cyberhome.

All our lessons, plus some interesting news and information that concern us all, will be published here regularly. This is to give all course participants the chance to review the study materials outside of the official sessions.

Take note that all materials uploaded here are protected by passwords, which will be given only to enroled students.

Another interesting section of the site is the forum section, where all registered users can post questions or share materials on the ongoing courses. Likewise, news and feature articles about the Philippines can be read and posted.

We are still busy building the site, that's why some of the links are still incomplete or empty. But the most important contents (the lessons, of course!) are now online.

If you notice, the site address is still temporary. Migrante Europe is still working on finding a suitable webhost.

Enjoy your studies!

The Administration and Staff