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Waltec Elecronic Engineering

Pressure control in a cyclone separator.

Add 20 years of electronic design experience to your project team.

· Having trouble finding a glitch in your apparatus?

· You need an electronic engineer quickly but have work enough for a full time job?

· Are you having trouble with designing an electronic circuit or is the deadline of your project in sight and still haven't found a solution to your circuit problem?

· You cannot get your PID controller to work properly?

We offer Consulting assistance in designing and debugging electronic circuits.

From this experience we already have developed 3 successful products.

Simply because the solution needed was not on the marked.

· Analog electronics expertise.

· Expert on EMC problems and solutions.

· Expertise Process control and on PID controllers.

· Expert in transmission lines and high speed data communication.

· Based on hour rate (4 hours minimum)

· Put your design team back on track.

· Having trouble finding an analog design engineer?