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Waltec Elecronic Engineering

Latest update to our product family:


PI2 pressure controller now available with  pressure display. (Read more)



Welcome to the web pages of Waltec Engineering.


Waltec Engineering is a company that develops new electronics for new products.

We develop:

ˇ Electronic circuits with new functions or change existing circuits to meet  new requirements

ˇ Debug prototypes or production run circuits and boards.

ˇ Build prototypes.

ˇ Do small (<100) production runs.


Our new products offer a solution for  problems our customers have. If there is no product on the marked we develop one.

We help customers with debug or development problems.

Take a look at the projects to get an impression of our expertise.

Our latest product development is an integrated pressure sensor and pressure controller for gas/air applications. Our pressure controller is specially designed to handle the nonlinear characteristics of the air pressure and a pump or fan. 


PI2 with display

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