Some useful programming tools

The SMSQ/E Specification of System Palette Colours.  This is one of the most important sources for every colourful PE programmer. You can view it or download and print it as a PDF-file (19Kb) from here. It is all explained by Wolfgang Lenerz in QLT (v8/i1).

3D-Borders.  They are easy to use now. Marcel Kilgus once made a sheet which shows the QL-compatible (mode 4 to 33) and -incompatible (not for mode 4 & 8) 3D-borders.
Wolfgang Uhlig added the colour values in decimal for convenience. Have a look at it and /or save the picture here. It's also used in QCoCo and QCP.
New Version Chaining Sprites.  If you want to use high colour sprites in your program that should also work in mode 4, you will have to "chain" a mode 4 sprite to a high colour sprite. WMAN2 will find the right one, as documented by Wolfgang Lenerz in QLT (v8/i6). View his small procedure here or download it zipped now. I added some extras for Extended and Dynamic sprites in a PE version.

Converting Menu text to a Sprite.  This is a small drag and drop routine which uses a function from Per Witte, we also use it in SuQcess-2. It turns the text you click on into the pointer during the drag action, which is an interesting effect. View the SBasic or download it zipped from here.

View Sprites or Menus.  You have created masses of EasyPTR menus and sprites and want to view them without the associated programs? No problem, these two small tools do just that. They function best together with FileInfo II by Thierry Godefroy. This picture shows a configuration example. These Viewers now handle Big Sprites and Big Menus. To download click here.
New Versions Multi/Single Sprite Viewers.  MSPRV and SPRV were written by Per Witte back in 2004. These updated versions can better handle the Big Sprites; up to what your display allows (or report an error).
The new SprvAPM can be called from MSPRV, AppMan4 or directly with the FileInfo II thing (by Thierry Godefroy). For more on these Viewers, click here.

DBAS2HTML.  Here is a clever utility from Wolfgang Uhlig which makes an HTML-file out of a DBas-database. It's in SBASIC so that you can edit the table layout and the included CSS-style attributes to meet your personal demands. View an example here and download the zip if you like it.
This is a really good way to print your databases with formatting options you don't have on the QL.
New Version QWATCH.  A small SBASIC analog clock program, originally by Wolfgang Uhlig, to quietly tick away in the corner of your QL-desktop. It's not compiled with lots of remarks so you can easily change the colours for background, hands, date etc. to your liking. I made a few more adjustments for Q68 sizes, so here it is. Hit the logo on the left for some examples.

G-RATIO.  Jens Wildgruber made a small extension which corrects the original QL graphics commands. Strange circles in other resolutions than the old 512x256? Not any longer with G-RATIO.
Click here to download the zip.
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