SuQcess 2.07
Written by Bob Spelten Jr and Wolfgang Uhlig

New Freeware
Version 2.07
SuQcess was originally sold by Jochen Merz. It was written by Wolfgang Uhlig until version 1.12, then Bob Spelten took over and enhanced it in many ways.
This free version 2.07 adds new functionality and fixes some old bugs. SuQcess has developed into a very consistent and convenient program for managing information in a databases.

Creating a new database is easier than anything you have been used to on the QL. Import from or Export to different file formats is just a matter of a few mouse clicks. The possibilities of showing your data has improved a lot compared to versions-1. Searches & Sorts can be saved as well as field alignment and column widths. Now also the column order can be changed and saved.

From version 2.06 text subfields can be copied and date display can be set for individual colums.
SuQcess-2 takes its looks from the system palette but that can now be changed quickly for each SuQcess job. Most menus have their own help chapter, even as a novice you will never be lost. Even so, read the SUQREADME text for version info and how to install the program properly.

QDOS Version 1.20
SuQcess 1.20 runs under QDOS where SuQcess-2 needs the most recent version of SMSQ/E 3.
To try this program out, download a full working version. All features of SuQcess-2 can be explored without limitations. The free English version can be found here.
There are German (with English manual) and Dutch versions as well.
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