SuQcess 1.20
Written by Bob Spelten Jr and Wolfgang Uhlig

This is freeware version 1.20 and it is based on SuQcess 1.19, the last one before version-2. It has been optimised for QDOS and enhanced with some version-2 features. It can also run under SMSQ/E and use its higher resolutions, with fixed sizes up to 1024x678 or the maximum for your display.
All known bugs, including those from SuQcess-2, have been checked and fixed.

Field alignment, column width, Searches & Sorts will now be saved in a "_ssf" file (new extension!).
All menus have been redesigned with EasyPTR4 but we kept the "classic" look of SuQcess-1. Text fields can now be edited to 1450 characters long and there is limited support for subfields.
Check the README _txt for more details on features and install instructions.

Some example _dbs files are provided to play with, this includes an updated version of the Keywords_dbs file. As the picture of SuQcess-2 shows, it can also be very handy to browse the Quanta Libguide for instance.
This freeware QDOS version can be downloaded here.
copyright bsjr