Some important points to remember

Please read the Installation and Config sections in the README text or the MANUAL that comes with each program, before installing any of them.
These contains vital information about the extensions that need to be loaded and path or other options that may need to be set before the program can work.

Often there are one or two extensions included in the zip file, sometimes you have to provide them.
Then we recommend the latest versions of these files in order for the programs to work properly.
And if you want to have the full pleasure of the system colours, you definitely should have the latest versions of QD, QSPREAD, FiFi, MenuConfig etc. It's worth it!

Here are the most important files and their current version numbers:
  • SMSQ/E 3.34
  • Menu Extensions 8.05
  • QPac2 1.46
  • Qlib_run 3.36mod
  • MenuConfig 3.36
  • FiFi 5.02
  • QD2018 vB.05
  • QSpread 4.0
  • BasicLinker 1.32
copyright 2014, bsjr