QCP 1.61
Written by Bob Spelten Jr and Wolfgang Uhlig

New in version 1.61:
  • Compatible with SMSQmulator
  • Better support for Native modes
  • Native mode 16 now working
  • Change System Palette while running
  • Easier Load & Save for RGB Favourites
  • Bug fixes & HOME directory support
  • More improvements, manual updated

QCP is a state of the art RGB Colour Picker for the QL. Select a colour by moving the circle and set the brightness with the arrow. A mouse click sends it to the Stuffer buffer as a True colour value, a System- or Native colour value. An easy way to find colours while programming in SBASIC. Define your 16 favourite colours and store them in a file that is 100% compatible with the one used in QCoCo.

As a matter of fact, it's very easy to use the same "_mfc" file if you configure the two programs appropriately.
No doubts any more about using the same colours on your desktop and in your own programs.
QCP uses HSV functions written by Marcel Kilgus, making colour calculations extremely fast.

J.D.Hunkins has integrated QCP into his desktop GUI "QDT" and he added command line parameters.
The new options included in version 1.61 make QCP even better now.
Please read the README text for installation conditions.
QCP is freeware and you can download it from here. Enjoy it and tell the world about the QL.
copyright bsjr