Written by Per Witte and Bob Spelten Jr

New in these versions:
  • New config items
  • HOME_DIR support
  • Define grid & background
  • Run mode 4/8 is fixed
  • Show dynamic sprites
  • Save sprite as PIC
  • Filters false headers
  • Better sprite info
  • Better error handling
  • Reads _spr & .spr files
  • Confirmation on Exit

These programs are updates from the original tools by Per Witte. For now they will only run under SMSQ/E and make full use of the higher resolutions in High Colour and mode 4.
MSPRV is now at version 0.07. This Multi Sprite Viewer will show all sprites in a given directory and can better deal with all varieties of colour modes and sizes; flagging oversized, wrong modes or invalid ones.

SprvAPM is version 0.10. The Single Sprite Viewer can be called from MSPRV and the latest AppMan4 to show each individual sprite from a chain and provide header info. It will then access the sprite already collected in memory at its own address. It can also be called directly with a file name as before, with FI-2 or ask for a file name. Sprites can be grabbed as _pic from its window.

Check the README _txt & Changes_txt for more details on new features, bug fixes and install instructions. Some example sprites are provided to play with, these include different modes, chained, extended and dynamic sprites. This package is freeware, includes sources and can be downloaded here.
copyright 2014, bsjr