Links to other QL sites
Some of the most important sites

jms site Jochen Merz's site, for commercial software.
Also available from Q-V-D.
kilgus site Marcel Kilgus' site, the creator of QPC, also famous for SMSQ/E. smsqe site The official
SMSQ/E site by Wolfgang Lenerz, who also created

dilwyn's site Dilwyn Jones' site, lots of QL-freeware, shareware, demos and documentation and more QL links. rwap site Rich Mellor's site, for commercial software, games,
Retro computing
and the QL-Wiki.
qvd site Q-V-D, commercial software, the QL-Users List and the QL-Developers List.

ql today site The QLToday site, the magazine about QL, QDOS, Sinclair computers, SMSQ... quanta site The Quanta site,
the World Wide
QL User Group, magazine & library.
justwords site A site of Geoff Wicks with language & mapping data, files and utilities.

dunbar site Norman Dunbar's site with inside info on QDOS & SMSQ for machine code tinkerers. ql forum site The QL Forum,
the place for QL users to meet.
hunkins site J.D. Hunkins' site, author of the QDT desktop.

cowo site The site of Urs König of COWO fame and the QL Preservation Project. thierry's site Thierry Godefroy's site with a huge amount of utilities and programs. davide's site site The site of Davide Santachiara in Italy.
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