Links to other QL sites
Some of the most important sites

smsqe site The official
SMSQ/E site by Wolfgang Lenerz, who also created
kilgus site Marcel Kilgus' site, the creator of QPC, also famous for SMSQ/E. jms site Quantum Technology, home of Black Phoenix,
software and articles.

dilwyn's site Dilwyn Jones' site, lots of QL-freeware, shareware, demos and documentation and more QL links. rwap site Rich Mellor's site, for commercial software, games,
Retro computing
and SellMyRetro.
qvd site Q-V-D, commercial software, the QL-Users List and the QL-Developers List.

ql today site Tim Swenson's
QL Hackers Journal, SMSQzine & ZX(81)zine and more...
quanta site The Quanta site,
the World Wide
QL User Group, magazine & library.
justwords site A site of Geoff Wicks with language & mapping data, files and utilities.

dunbar site Norman Dunbar's site with inside info on QDOS & SMSQ for machine code tinkerers. ql forum site The QL Forum,
the place for QL users to meet. Also the new home for QLWiki
hunkins site Terdina's site for Q-Emulator for Windows & MacOS.

cowo site The site of Urs König of COWO fame and the QL Preservation Project and QLE thierry's site Thierry Godefroy's site with a huge amount of utilities and programs. davide's site site The site of Davide Santachiara in Italy.
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