The Holland Express has produced the following choreographies:

Hangplek (15 minutes)
A show full of chaos, romance and joyous celebrations performed by 7 pairs.
The Holland Express received the Kunstfactor Dansprijs in May 2007 for this choreography.
With special thanks to judoka Tim Rentzing.

Oranje boven (10 minutes)
18 dancers are celebrating a modernised form of the Dutch koninginnedag with recognisable melodies and games.

Nou breekt mijn klomp (15 minutes)
A rhythmic fantasy performed on and with 35 clogs, by 16 dancers.

Drie duetten (12 minutes)
GNamed Liefde, Droom and Broers. The duets are available to book apart from each other as well. (Respectively translated Love, Dream and Brothers)

Spring is in the air (6 minutes)
Eight girls perform a choreography best described as something between traditional and modern rope skipping.
With jumping greets to Eric Herber, nicknamed Eric the Rope skipper!

Van horlepiep tot hiphop (6 minutes)
A spectacular show performed by 8 men. With tools from Niels van der Steen and Victor Rottier.

Wind en water (15 minutes)
A dance made for 9 pairs with influences from the Dutch province Zeeland, a province where wind and water have a lot of influence upon everyday life.

Aan het werk (4 minutes)
A solo in which a dancer clears the stage for the rest of the performance.

Multiculti (15 minutes)
A choreography for 6 pairs about the multicultural Netherlands.

Kleur (10 minutes)
The first choreography by the junior group (12 and up to 16 years old).

Van eigen bodem (10 minuten)
The second choreography by the junior group is about what the land has to offer us.

Met klapstuk (6 minuten)
A short lively choreography by the junior group based on old Dutch clapping songs.