Welcome dear visitor, these pages are all about my effort to reach the most northern cape of the european mainland. the one and only Nord Kapp (North Cape) in Norway.

The trip is in hounor of my 50th birthday, and a long trip like this has been on my mind for a long time. It will be done on my  M5 Lowracer (recumbent) bike and it will involve more then 5000 Km of cycling and camping wild. I crawl my way up trough Sweden, starting in Gotenborg heading slowly towards the North Cape and then back to Gothenborg.

For those who have never seen nor heard of recumbent bikes it's time to check out the M5 website . They will be able to provide you with the model of your choise. Above is the bike I used last summer touring the Swedisch southcoast. It has verry fat Swalbe Marathon Supreme tires and diskbrakes on it. The model is a  ShockProof 559 I took it because of it's offroad capabilities, comfortable ride and not for speed.

Together with a friend we cycled the Swedisch coast from Trellenborg up to the island of Oland and back. On the way back we spend almost a full day in Ystad, the city where inspector Wallander hails from. We slept in the hotel Sekelgarden witch is mentioned in the Wallander book "the dogs of Riga". The old provincial town is well worth seeing with it,s beautifully renovated buildings.

I can recommend cycling in Sweden, with it's gently rolling roads, like an atlantic swell up and down trough beautifull forrests.


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