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Weather in Europe (Sat24.com)


EarthCompilation < Global Weather and Temperature US Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC). Another application is a 10 day animation of this map.

USA Real time US composite satellite image >

The Space Science and Engineering Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) produces a fine global montage of all the images taken by all worldwide geostationary satellites, to enhance understanding of the atmosphere of Earth, the other planets in our Solar System, and the cosmos.
The global montage is a composite image of cloud top, synoptic observation, and sea surface temperatures, using data, provided by GOES-8 and Meteosat and other imagery.
At a special Real time imagery and data page you find links to dozens of applications. Read news and information. Other links (many!).



Today's World High Temperature (Weather Underground) >

SeaSurfaceTemperature < Sea Surface Temperature (Weather Underground)

The Weather Underground in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA) is committed to deliver 'Weather for Everybody'. They offer Newspaper Weather Services, Weather for your Website and detailed information for the USA. At the site you find a gallery of the newest weather pictures, you can select your own language, make a choise between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and select other preferences.
At their International Weather Page you find a World Map with the high temperatures of today. At the site you can select your own region and you find your local weather. Further you find lots of links to weather phenomena like the Sea Surface Temperature, personal weather stations, weather pictures, find the Sea Surface Temperature and MORE!

Europe: temperatures, visibility, wind, humidity (Wunderground) Click map for more information



Lightning: World Lightning Wetterzentrale.de (1428 x 655 pixels)

The German weather site Wetterzentrale.de produces al kind of weather maps, aespecially for the European public. One of the items is Blitze (Lightning), where you find lightning maps of the World (click Weltweit), Atlantic Ocean and (several parts of) Europe.


The weather in De Bilt, The Netherlands (Onweer Online)

Onweer Online (in Dutch language) is one of the most active weather websites in The Netherlands. Head subject is The Netherlands, so more information is given in Dutch.
Op de welkomstpagina is een variŽteit aan weer-informatie te vinden, zoals een actueel weerbericht, de laatste items op het forum, weerkaarten van Nederland en Europa en veel links. Volg je de site op Twitter, dan word je voortdurend op de hoogte gehouden van nieuws over weer in binnen- en buitenland. Je kunt meewerken aan een Wiki over het weer en je vindt een actueel overzicht van Nederlandse weerstations. De site heeft een pagina met video's van weersituaties, links naar meer dan 100 weerstations en wie dat wil kan een op zijn eigen site een banner plaatsen, met of zonder actueel weerbericht.



Hourly forecast for Amsterdam (Yr.no)

MORE DUTCH WEATHER: Het weer op 1 scherm (Meteotines) Maps, graphs, forecasts & maaany links | Bliksemdetectie Weerportal voor Nederland en BelgiŽ


Hurricane Tracker Atlantic Ocean from GOES 8
USA: Severe Weather Alerts >

USA from Satellite


USAToday ThunderForecast AmericaGOES

USA: Next 3 days weather (Weather.com) Click 'forecast' for video | Current Surface | Thunderstorm Forecast | Full Earth

This USA composition shows several aspects of wather forecast by geostationary satellites. One of the most important satellites is GOES.
The big picture is the Hurricane Tracker (NOAA), showing the Caribbean Sea, the path of most hurricanes before they go at land in the USA. At the right an actual view of the USA from space and a map with alerts for severe weather. Underneath the thunderstorm forecast, actual animated views from two different satellites and the latest view at the American part of the World.

GOES Project Science Most recent GOES images | At Hot Stuff you can see the most specatular views of GOES, many animated

The Weather Channel): All Maps | All Warnings | Storm Pulse Tracking Map | Floating (NOAA) Water Vapor Loop

USA: InstaCam (USA) Click state and you get weather webcams | NOAA Internet Weather Source | NOAA National Weather Service | Hurricane and natural disaster brochure (NOAA Miami) | Nebraska Storms (Nebraskastorm.com) | Billion dollar US weather disasters


WMOMap < Weather Stations at World Weather (Worldweather.org)

Worldweather.org is a service of the World Meteorological Organisation, membered by 161 states and territories. The website is aviable in seven languages: English, Arab, Chinese, Portuguese, Espanol, Francais and Deutsch.
121 Members supply official weather forecasts for 1301 cities for the WMO regions Africa, Asia, Europe,North & Central & South America and the South West Pacific. In most countries you find a several days weather forecast and/or climatological information, like for Twente in The Netherlands, Kwekwe in Zimbabwe, Lanzhou in China and Ushaia in Argentina.

rain Heavy rain or snow today? >

The Severe Weather Information Center provides updated information about tropical storms and heavy rain/storm today.


Scroll down at World Weather and you get a hugh list of nearly all countries in the world. Pick your choise (like The Netherlands, DPR of Korea or USA) and you get a list of stations there with their weather forecast.

WEATHER REPORTS (satellites, 3000+ weather stations, climate data & more in +20 languages)

French Allmetsat gives entrance to Weather reports and forecasts, gathered by satellite images, observations at over 4000 airports and data from more than 3000 weather stations. At the site you can follow the tracks of the tropical lows, storms and cyclones, find interpretations of weather satellite images, data about lightning and more.


AccuWeather Specify to country or city | FOX World weather | Intellicast USA & World | Travelocity World | USA Today & World | World Cities Weather Reports | World meteorological organizations | 2 (WN Network) | 3 (Travelnotes) | 4 (Qwikcast) | 5 (USA Today) | World Weather Forecasts | World Weather Guide | World Weather RSS Feeds
BBC Weather site Europe | Met Office Great Britain | Europa (Weerkamer.nl) | Europe (Uni Karlsruhe) Satellite images
The Weather Channel USA | Weather satellite images (GOES) USA


DeBilt Nederland: < Buienradar + more! | KNMI | Onweer Online | De Weerkamer | MeteoConsult
KNMI: Het weer | Weeralarm | Nieuws | Achtergronden | Webcam > (De Bilt)
Meteo Consult: Nederland | Europa en Midden Oosten
Weerkunde: Vereniging voor Weerkunde en Klimatologie (VWK) | Weernieuws | Weerkunde | Bijzonder weer
Diversen: Dutch weather pictures


Tornado Alert (Twitter) | Live Tornado Chase (Tornadovideos.com) by webcam. Google Maps shows where | Live Storm Chase Video Network (SevereStudios.com)


Weather history (Washington Post) | Weather Records and Averages Comprehensive information for over 16,400 cities worldwide | Ice ages


Temperature conversion calculator: Celsius = Fahrenheit = Reaumur = Kelvin (Freie Universitšt Berlin)

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