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wwiTV First Ever to receive TV on the Internet

wwiTV wwiTV (World Wide Internet TeleVision) probable is the oldest website with TV broadcast at the internet. It is serving the international public for over ten years now (2008). I can confirm that, because in 1997 I had an interview with its designer, Frank Huisman. The article, TV from South Korea to view at the Internet (in Dutch; click for English, published December 6. At the site you found than 36 TV en 34 radio stations; September 25, 2008, 2777 TV Stations are listed (click right). >
The website first was called WCNN (Web Cable News Network), but CNN didn't appreciate Frank used the CNN logo and he had to change the name.

CNN Breaking News Live Video

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Blinkx: 72 views from the World News sector. Click an item and view the show.

Blinkx.com is the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine. With an index of over 26 million hours of searchable video and more than 350 media partnerships, including national broadcasters, commercial media giants, and private video libraries, it has cemented its position as the premier destination for online TV. You can search World News, Entertainment, Business, Sport, Music, Travel & More. FAQ.
Make your TV Jealous! Search any item or click the archive of all major series in USA and view the favorite show you already missed for years.
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TV Portals (mostly a mix of Dutch and foreign TV and radio stations, often a Top-100 and an adult zone), sometimes film:
Nederland: wwiTV | FreeeTV | NL 1, NL 2, NL 3, BBC 1, BBC 2, NGC, CNN, UPC (UPC) alleen UPC-leden | Alle kanalen | Live Online TV | Kanaal 33 | KanalenKiezer | Kijk gratis TV | Live-online-tv | Nederland 24 | Nu op tv | PC Zapper
Belgium: wwiTV

Click the logo and view the station:
KijkDirect | Nederland.tv

Specialized stations:
Consumenten tv (VARA) | European Parliament (Only during meetings) Translation in 23 languages | Eredivisie Streams | FreeStreamings Digitale kanalen en internationale links | Geschiedenis tv (VPRO) | Heb ik iets gemist? Afgelopen week, Nederland en RTL | Nederland 4 Digitale kanalen publieke omroep | Omroep.nl Portal publieke omroep | Oude tv-leaders | NOS Journaal 24 Altijd het laatste nieuws | Op.tv Uitzending gemist (publieke omroep) | Politiek 24 Binnenlandse politiek Nederland | RTL Portal commerciële omroep | www.startpagina.nl/tv | tv.startpagina.nl Links naar Nederlandse tv-onderwerpen | TV Tutti Met één klik naar gemiste uitzending | TV van Toen Nostalgisch terugkijken | Uitzending Gemist Publieke omroep Nederland | You Tube TV Meest bekeken vandaag


Live tv guide

You can add this as a free plugin to your website or blog. More at FavChannels.com)

What do you want to view NOW? Favorite Channels, by Julio A.M.B., an IT journalist in Chile, is a guide to live tv channels online. Movies, series, news and more. Click the station of your choise and you get a new page with the broadcast at a screen in the left (click at it to make that full screen). In the right you have the choise out of a dozen (or more) and up to over 1500 channels international TV stations in English and Spanish (more languages to come).
FavChannels.com put all the online channels available on the net in just one place. With a menu you can select a country, a language and categories like music, movies, documentaries, news, anime, children, sport and religion. Every channel has a number. Visitors can jump from one channel to other using the keyboard numbers.
Users can store theirs favorites channels entering just a facebook account, so in 2 minutes anyone can save theirs own favorite channels. The site include also a chat for each channels, so visitors can interact each other and talk about the show they are watching.

You can add a FavChannels widget at your own site.

Rest of the World

TV Portals:

Alle kanalen | AxiAccess International, many USA | Beeline.tv | Channel Chooser | EgyTube Portal from Egypt makes connection with over 60 TV channels from Arab & Western world (also sports) | FreeeTV Click widget above | FreeStreamings Click logos from over 20 countries | FreeTVOnline | GeoUrdu Web TV Heavy TV portal with hundreds of links, divide over world areas, big countries and Arab world (even dozens of Dutch tv stations at Europe TV). I had to update DivX | I am Alexander TV & Music Feeds | LookForTV | KanalenKiezer | LiveTVCenter | LiveViews.org International, many US and webcams | Live-online-tv.com | NewspaperDrive | RTV Stations | Streamick.com | TevooTV Free online TV for the masses | TVChannelsFree | YouWeb.tv Click logo | WatchFree.nl | wfiTV Watch Free Internet | WorldPCTV The Ultimate Online Free TV Portal |

USA: USA (A-L) (wwiTV) Local see index | USA (M-Z) (wwiTV) Local see index | USA (FreeeTV) | YouWeb.tv

SPACE: International Space Station LIVE (NASA)

Mixed content

AmericaFree.tv | Broadcast Live Radio and TV from around the world | ChannelKing | Crafty TV | FindInternetTV | FreeTube (watch what other watchers are looking for) | FreeTVOnline | Gratis TV op je PC Overzicht | InterNed1.tv | LiveStation | LordofTV | My TV-channels (many French) | Naked Television | Neave.com Television | Old TV streams TV-ark.org.uk | SurfMusic.de | TevooTV International sport channels | War TV Broadband Guide to War in Iraq | WatchFree | Wavelite TV | WebTVList | World TV News Map


Readon Excellent World TV, radio & more | Free Live TV Over 4,500 TV Channels, Radio Stations, and Videos (many OK, many offline | Joost | Miro | PC Zapper

Other suggestions

31 ways to watch free TV | Look TV Free

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