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United Kingdom newspaper TheGuardian presented an interactive ĎThe Parth of Protestí, about the events in the Middle East since December 17, 2010, when jobless graduate Mohamed Boazizi in Tunesia set fire to himself in protest at his treatment by police, This started pro-democracy rebellions across the Middle East. The Guardian interactive timeline traces key events after losing this moment. It started the Tunesia revolution, that since spread throughout the whole Middle East.

Middle East


< Neda Agha Soltan Symbol of the Iranian revolution. Times made her Person of the Year 2009.

The (Twitter) world seems to be behind the people in Iran, demonstrating for honest elections and democracy. Thousands of avatars got a green overlay. Twitter Search #iranelection sometimes has over 100 new messages every minute.
The demonstrations, before and after the exceptional impropable outcome of the Iranian presidential elections, became a hype at Twitter. Thousands of Iranian tweets, videos and other 'social media' replaced the lack at 'official' journalists, censored or expulsed from the country.
Saturday June 20 the world was a witness of the death (YouTube, graphic video!) of Neda Agha Soltan in the streets of Tehran. Her < picture became a symbol of the Iran revolution, happening today. Docter tells about Neda's death (BBC)
Wednesday June 24 the tweets from Tehran became more and more depressing (CNN, YouTube, witness by telephone: 'YOU SHOULD HELP US!'), after the violent militia attacks on demonstrators that could mark a turning point in the dramatic Green Revolution 1, 2 ( YouTube).
Last days made clear: Iranian clerics lost their authority and the youth. One tweet, however, predicted: 'Make no mistake. If Ahmadinejad stays in power there will be repression like never before.'
If so, the Iranian demonstrators have to fear the broad support of 'the world' soon will fade away, the avatars went back to normal and Twitter finds another scoop.


Breaking News from citizen journalists | Green Movement News ( | Green Brief (Anonymous Iran) Daily detailed report about Iran opposition | Top Iran Election News Many sources! | Sea of Green Radio Internet radio station with latest news about Iran (click to download) | War on Terror News Telling the story of the struggle for Iranian freedom | Tehran Bureau Independent source of news on Iran and the Iranian diaspora | Iran News Daily report about the terrible and tragic events of recent days | Where is my vote? Protesting Iranian election fraud | Basij hunting (MSNBC) Rachel Maddow

TV about Iran:
Iran National TV (Simay Azadi) | TV from Iran (wwITV) TV Stations (mostly) in Iran | Iran TV (Satellites, site in Canada) links to Iran | Press TV here (wwITV) News in English

Tweet Map | YouTube Map | PersianKiwi Silent since June 24 | List of possible fake Election tweeters (

Twitter Search: (many tweets!)
#iranelection | #iran | #gr88 | #neda | #revolution

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PictureHour Video:
PersianQ 24/7 live & recorded updates from Iran + comments | CitizenTube | Iran Protest Videos 2009 187 at June 27 | Iran Video sharing | Torrents about what's going on in Iran (

Other sources:
Twitter updates ( | Payvand Mysterious news portal about Iran. See hourly updated image >. More at Press 3 | Iran Protest Pictures 2009 1620 at June 27 | Forum of Anonymous Iran Much info! | If you are tweeting from Iran, you should read this guide (

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When news gets old, they call it history and put it in a textbook or a museum.

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Dutch: Nederlandse kranten 1656-1946 | Historische kranten in beeld 1910-1945 (Het Centrum, NRC, Het Vaderland, Het Volk) Koninklijke Bibliotheek | 100 jaar NRC Handelsblad | Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad 1929-1946 | Historische (teksten van) ANP radiobulletins 1937-1984 (incompleet; oorlog ontbreekt bijv.) | Het Parool 1940-1945 | Trouw 1943-1945 | De Nieuwe Amsterdammer 1944-1945 | Ondergrondse pers 1940-1945 (EuroDocs) | Illegale pers 1940-1945 Collectie van Tresoar

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