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Press Display is a web-based portal which provides on-line access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines from around the World, from Albania to Zimbabwe, fulltext, the latest issue and an archive up to 60 days. A search is possible at title, language, country or item. Many newspapers make it possible to translate the texts, listen at it or print and blogs and RSS feeds are possible. It's easy to use. A demo shows all possibilities. And there is a blog about it.
Personal (free, economy and personal unlimited) and corporate services are offered. For free you get unlimited access to the front page of over 860 newspapers and magazines and you can read 2 articles in every issue, every day. Reading more costs $ 2,75 for a single issue.

Press Display is a service of NewspaperDirect Inc. in Richmond (Canada); the world leader in multi-channel newspaper and magazine content distribution and monetization. NewspaperDirect offers more than 800 newspaper and magazine titles through a global network of 1,200 print locations in 105 countries, delivering them to hotels, libraries, cruise ships, corporate offices, retail outlets, home subscribers, and computers everywhere, waaronder in Nederland. Specialized PrintStations are located at the offices of NewspaperDirect distributors, on cruise ships, in hotels, retail shops, libraries, corporate offices, yachts, marinas and conference centers and at major international events such as the G8 Summit, World Cup and the Olympic Games.


< Front Page De Telegraaf (The Netherlands) today. Click paper and turn over the leaves

Zinio October 2002 Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf > was one of the first in the World to publish its complete paper version on the Internet. Click at the paper and you can turn over the leaves. You now can see the headlines, but to read the text you have to register. At the 'old' portal you find the latest news (in Dutch) and entrance to the different sections.

ZINIO PUBLISHES MAGAZINES DIGITAL > publishes magazines digital at the internet >. You can subscribe to read them and that's cheaper than to receive the paper version. Yiou can select for languages and refine by country (not yet in Dutch and The |Netherlands). A demo explains how it works. More about it.

French Magazines (

PODCASTS FOR FREE NEWSPAPERS is a website where you can find podcasts for free newspapers that can be found on the Internet. "To get the latest free dailies and magazines that are available on the Internet onto my first e-reader I had to visit all of the corresponding websites, look for the latest editions, download these to my PC and then copy them to my e-reader. How 2003!", Anton Wierenga (The Netherlands) wrote at the Forum. Being a software developer he decided to build this himself. At the site you find a howto use it.


Newseum The news, just fit to print, immediately is moving to a museum. That daily happens with hundreds of Front Pages of Today. You find them back in the Newseum.
The US Interactive Museum of News has as its goal "to help the public become better news consumers and understand the importance of a free press in a free society". It is located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., on America’s Main Street between the White House and the U.S. Capitol. You can plan a visit.
Internet users can visit the Newseum Exhibits and Theater, with permanent and temporary exhibitions like about the Story of News, the 9/11 Gallery, the Berlin Wall Gallery and Holocaust - The Untold Story
Furthermore you find a selection of archived front pages about news items like the US presidential election, the war on Iraq, Ronald Reagan dies, 9/11 and more.

USA Today | International Herald Tribune | South China Morning Post
(Only presented if issued today)

Google has a gadget to display over 25 English language (most American) Newseum Newspaper of today (make your choise) at your website.


It is not possible (anymore) to 'embed' Newseum Frontpages at another website and get them renewed next day (except with the Google gadget, mentioned in last item). To view the daily Newseum collection you have to go to the Newseum website, click right Today's Front Pages and scroll throught the Gallery with hundreds of front pages you get. You can refine your search with a list (it's a long, long list, but your browser can find a title) or using a World Map.

For an impression a (sharp) selection is made out of the 18 Newseum pages (x 50 frontpages!) at November 6, 2008, after the election of Barack Obama as the President of the United States.

Alabama Arizona California Namibia SaudiArabia

Times Daily (Alabama | East Valley Tribue (Arizona) | The Los Angeles Times (California) | Namibian (Namibia) | Al Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)



About | Kingsize poster with 1000 covers of 1st issues (scroll far down)

In 1980 Dutch marketing and advertising manager Jan Knaap started collecting the first issues of new printed media in The Netherlands. Now he gathered over 1400 magazines, issued since 1900. The collection is complete since 1980.
In 2008, when he, after 30 years the advertisment profession at agency Etcetera, his colleagues offered him a website, where all issues easy can be found, including explanation texts (in Dutch language) and other information.
The site offers history about over a century of printed matters. You can search for the magazine of your choise, pick a magazine out of the many displayed or click for more.


PictureHour < Image of the hour at the website of Payvand.

Payvand, based in San Mateo, California, USA, is a portal with news about Iran. One of the items at its website is an image of the hour, reflecting 'the diversity of Iranian culture and its influence in the neighboring countries or throughout the world. Some images are designed to puzzle the viewer; some are plain informative'. Important is the Payvand Iran News with a broad offer of items of all kind. In support of Freedom of Press in Iran provides news about censorship, adresses of Iranian government officials for sending a protest letter, links to the most important newspapers and a list of banned newspapers. Read the latest Middle East news of Reporters sans frontières; a portal about the freedom of press worldwide.

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