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The Ultimate
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This is NOT the Ultimate List of Lists of Webcams. Why suggested? Maybe it was, in 2001, when this site was issued for the first time. Than the Internet was rather neat, there were some dozens of webcams and a few lists. Now there are millions of cams and thousands of lists. It is impossible to link them all.
Webcams come and go. They change adress, get another provider, went streaming, move, disappear. The same with lists. Using them, you surely click lots of links not working anymore. My apologies when a cam or a list is offline.
And the technics to show webcams is improving. For some of the actual webcam lists it helps if you can use Google Earth.



Wxyzwebcams.com (click picture):
Over 1300 webcams All over theWorld; many LIVE!

Patrick Senecal from Montreal (Canada) is the webmaster of the volumnous webcam portal Webcams in the World! (wxyzwebcams.com). A simple mousclick goves you the entrance to over 1300 webcams, all over the world; many of them LIVE.

Using the site is simple. Scroll along the pictures in the menu, select a webcam, click the view and you can study an enlarged picture. Information about the view is provided next to the view.

At the site you can scroll down to select the different countries.


Scroll over the European map to Baltic States and Russia > and little pictures show where you can find webcams at the portal.

Webcams worldwide - Webcams.travel Webcam.travel (with .travel as a new registration, like .com, .nl and .info) is a webcam community where members are able to submit new webcams, rate them or add comments. A new webcam of touristic interest will automatically also be submitted to Google Maps and Google Earth (download).
At the starting page you can choose the language you prefer (right, flag) and have entrance to thousands of touristic webcams worldwide. You can search the place you want. A featured map is shown, with API's showing the webcams (click and view), next to a featured webcam. At the page a selection of more or less random webcam thumbnails is presented (click and view), you are invited to join the 3d experience at Google Earth and you can click one of the tags worldwide.

webcams < Webcam thumbnails in California (USA)

Search a place and (often after specifying) you get a map of the place (you can enlarge or make smaller), with little images at the place of webcams and thumbnails of that cams. Move on the map and new cams are displayed at other places (like in the Baltic States at this page). In the left part of the page small camviews are displayed. Click and you get the actual cam, a map where it is situated and where you find its website. Over 6000 webcams worldwide are registrated now (October 2008).
In a blog the webcams and the travels are discussed. You find here lots of links to interesting places. 'New' gives the new added webcams; 'Featured' brings you to a page with the most popular webcams of Webcam.travel; click one and be surprised where you are. 'Map' gives a random map, where you can start your World Trip. And if you click 'Videos' you get a page with dozens of time-lapse videos, where you can view what is happening at one place in 24 hours.
Click Webcams on Google Earth and click 'all webcams'. After the download the Google Earth Globe is shown and you can scroll down to every place you want. Symbols at the globe show where webcams can be found (next to other info), you can scroll down to street level and view the sight. A good guide is Webcams Travel in Google Earth. Also you can Plan yor next holiday on Google Earth (YouTube).
Showing webcams is only one of the possibilities with Google Earth. Some examples of other applications you find at Google Earth Outreach and Current Affairs. More at World Webcam World Atlas.


< Amsterdam (Dutch CamMap) Google Maps Los Angeles > (Google Widget)

Google Maps has changed the World and can be a help in finding webcams. The < Amsterdam and Los Angeles > webcam maps are local projects (click USA map for more cities) and at the Internet you find more, like this wonderful Swedish/Norwegian webcam map.

World Webcams: Top 50 Locations You can click for map of continents | Webcams of the World (Contiguus.com) | WeatherBonk World Webcams | Weather in Catania (Sicily, Italy) | Singapore webcams | Webcams in Slovenia | Ski cams in Spain | Webcams in Switzerland (Topin.travel) | The UK Webcam Map (United Kingdom) | Start in USA and pen to Rest of World for more (Fisgonia.com) | Webcams & more at Great Lakes (USA/Canada).
Google-maps.startpagina.nl | More about Google Maps and Google Earth at World Webcam World Atlas.


Bernie's List of recommended worldwide webcameras
123cam.com Free webcams from all over the world, sorted by countries and keywords.
A Birds Eye View: by Country | Capitals | Featured | Christmas | New Year Cams
Birds Eye View Education: Natural | Man Made World | Moments in History | Unusual
Earth Cam Database with surprising Entrance page and links to Arts & Entertainment, Education, Personal, Sports & Recreation, Traffic, Weather, Weird & Bizarre, Index and Search Option
Ferien.no Part of World Encyclopedia from Norway with information about all countries and their webcams. Very extensive!
Tommy's List of Live Cams Worldwide Seems to be frozen in 2004
Webcamplaza Great choise from Starting Page
Webcam Central 'The virtual voyeur's hub of choice'
Webcam Galore Te most interesting outdoor-webcams from all around the world
Worldlive.cz Portal from Czech Republic
World Webcam Cruise along the continents


The links in Countries and World are very incomplete. During a reconstruction many lists appeared to be disappeared, not working or frozen, and were removed. New discoveries will be submitted. Come back for more...


EUROPE: European webcams | Airports Europe | Cloudwatch Europe | Webcams in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, The Netherlands: Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe; Norway, Sweden (Tom Kooi) Click index, scroll down at page | AUSTRIA: The A-Site | ESTONIA: Ilm.ee | FINLAND: Cool Webcams | Road Weather Cameras | Webcam.nu | Webcams Finland (Ostamyy.com) | NEDERLAND: Boogo | Startje | Startkabel | Webcam.pagina.nl | Startpunt | Amsterdam | The Hague (Dofferhoff.com) | Spoorwegen | WeatherCams (MeteoDelfzijl) | Webcams Holland (Ostamyy.com) | NORWAY: Bergens Tidende Hurtigruter seacams & Norwegian sights | Norway & Sweden at Google Map | POLAND: Kamery internetowe w Polsce | RUSSIA: Webcam.ru | Russian Livecams | Moscow Today Ivan.ru: wonderful! | UKRAINA: UkrTelecom.ua | SWEDEN: Webcams in Sweden (SweCam.se) | Sweden & Norway at Google Map | UNITED KINGDOM: BBC | Scotland


CANADA: World Webcam Directory | CARIBBEAN: Caribbean Islands | USA: Alaska: Live Cams | Webcam List | California: Sierra Nevada | Florida: Florida-verzeichnis | Local6.com | Maine: Maine-Webcams | Michigan: Snowcams | Montana: Bozeman Daily Chronicle | BigSkyFishing.com | Nevada: Las Vegas | New York: wa3key.com | NY State | Washington: Northwest Webcams | Weathercams (North America) Over 800 | Miscellaneous


Japan: Live Japan


Australia: Australia (GoandRoam.com) | New Zealand: eNZed


Arctic Map and Weather Reports


WebcamVue.com is using a selection of clever Google searches and has created a free comprehensive directory of live public webcams around the world. You can make a selection of countries, categories like animal, camp site, car wash, factory, statue and tunnel webcams, random spycams, popular webcams and a mosaic. Look and enjoy some unusual sights, people working in offices, holiday makers sunbathing on the beach, aquariums, building sites and some popular cities like Paris, Barcelona, Zurich, London. Other categories include harbour webcams, observatory webcams, bar webcams and train/tram webcams.

And more: 123Cam.com | Ahusoft.com | BTX PIX Page | Cam Airlines | CamFun | Camscape | Capital Cities | Climbing Webcams in mountains (many UK) | Culture Connects | GloboCam.com Webcams world-wide, assorted to places and topics| Hejda.cz | Fox News | The Live Webcam Ring | MagicLightLaser.com | Open Directory DMOZ | Ostamyy.com has a huge index all over the world | PugFound | Skyview Images | Trinity Cam | TF1.fr France | A View on the World | Virtual Web Cameras | Webcam List | Web Cam List | Webcams on the Net | Wizardry.free.fr Over 350 | World-Cams.be Over 2800 webcams online | World Cities Reiseführer.de | Worldwide Weather Cams


Add Live Webcam Video Content

This > is a non-adult version of Cameraware.com, a website that helps you to add Live Webcam Video Content to your website. You only have to add the free CameraWare viewer code, and you get CameraWare webcam broadcast images, fast and easy! The website offers you some ten different scripts to get the content you prefer. FAQ

Christmas Webcams

Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease (surprising) | Birds Eye View | Christmas treasures | Email Santa | Hilton Express Christmas Train (Guam) Only Windows and Internet Explorer | Kerst.stophier.nl | Kerstboom webcams Tom Kooi | Kerstmis Online | Kim's Place


Volcano Watch Satellite pictures of the ten most active volcanos
Animals & Zoo Cams Chat Cam City


European snowcam and skiresort guide (Sionvalais.com) Over 300 Ski webcams, easy to find in excellent index. You can join the Snowrepublic Community


TransportCams Ships, trains, airports, and more | Traffic Cams in Ohio and Kentucky (USA) | Railroads


AUSTRIA: Lofer (Austria) Livekameras | FRANCE: MaVille.com: Brest, Caen, Dinan, Granville, Nantes, Saint-Brieuc, le Mont-Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo, Rennes | THE NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam Kalverstraat, 8 locations | Demo.webcam.nl List of live webcams by Webcam.nl | WORLD: Streaming Camera Views Arie.net | TVsPlanet | World Map of Live Webcams

Panorama pictures

Iceland | Dolomites (Italy) | Mallorca (Spain)


Play the City Memory Reiseführer.de

Other interesting lists

January 1, 2000 seen by world webcams
The Live Webcams Ring
Watch the Unsuspecting Click a balloon at this Google Map and be surprised about the webcam (loading could take some time)
What's on the Net? Over 1500 Cams and More
WebcamSearch Over 26,000 resources


At the starting page of the webcam website www.123cam.com you see a random webcam somehere in the world, and you can search webcams at the continents or special places like cities, streets, bridges, mountains, beaches, monuments, countries, panoramas and more. One of the special items is: Add 123search to your site. There you find the codes to insert a search machine and/or the '123 cam of the day' to your own page, like you see in this chapter. Each time you open this page you see another webcam.


PictureHour < Picture of the Hour, provided by Payvand

Payvand.com is an Iranian News website, based in San Mateo, California, USA. At the site you find News from Iran and all kind of information regarding to Iran, about Business & Economy, Energy & Oil, Art, Film & Music, Events, Heritage & History, Philanthropy, Sports, Politics, Society & Culture, Literature & Books, Health & Medicine, Travel, Environment & Geography, Science & Education, Middle East & Asia, Rights, Women, Diaspora and Peace. You also find a Persian Calendar. One of their gatgets is an always surprising < miniature picture On the Hour at the Internet, every hour new.

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