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By Ton Bogaard



This site is here to inform you on guitar factories Telesforo Julve, Andrés Marín

and Salvador Ibáñez  from Valencia, Spain.

This research started in march 2011.

My gratitude goes to the Julve family members for their trust, help and to allow

me te explore the archive of Telesforo Julve.                                            



Enjoy your visit,   Ton Bogaard


I am an amateur historian and I do not claim to be an authority on spanish or valencian instrument building and its related subjects.    Therefore all decisions based on this publication are for the reader’s account.


             My interest in the guitar building owes its origin in seeing much conflicting information on the internet. I decided then to collect the correct information. Each new and right information fuels my drive to continue my work. During the years I collected so many data, that I decided to share it with others. At that moment I had to learn how to start a website, which you are now visiting. The site deals with the history of Telesforo Julve, Andrés Marín and Salvador Ibáñez.

             Today my focus of interest includes every luthier in the Valencia area. All names encountered are presented in a list [ valencianluthiers.xls ], offering you additional information via added links. This list will be updated regularly.


My blog covers secondary information which I gathered while hunting for my main interests. Specific details of the website are highlited on this blog periodically

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Update var. 4.6 = June 2016:

 Page acknowledgements: Joaquín Roda Perez, Jonas Bouwmans, Araceli López Jarque plus 7 additional sources

Salvador Ibáñez: 1890 address Ruzafa

Label Dating: 2 additional labels of Ricardo Sanchis

Update var. 4.8 = August 2016:

INTRO, added: [115 luthiers who worked for Julve] + [New York Nostalgia].


Downloads, added: catalogues of Díaz Díaz, Esteve, Gaspar, Roca, Carrillo.


Ibáñez: anouncement on Ibanez Japan.


I am beginning to realize what implications this company must have had on the Spanish guitar market.  Many questions still have to be sorted out. Up till now this research showed surprise after surprise for me. And the biggest is, that I fell in love with Spain. The immense history and mysteries of Spain are a constant wonder for me.

I hope you are inspired to publish the knowledge/research of your own favourite guitar luthier (to get better awareness of the complete Spanish guitar builders).

Feel free to propose changes or additions.

Any information to extend my database is welcomed at:


          Number in superscript refers to the listed book title in [Acknowledgements + sources]  

Update var. 4.10 = October 2016:

INTRO: added Bombs and Luthiers in Valencia

IBÁÑEZ: added new facts about Ibanez Japan

DETAILS: Julve recepees added

Update var. 5.02 = February 2017:

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Agustín Simón; Amparo Sanjuan; Jaro Ros García; Araceli López Jarque


DOWNLOAD LIBRARY: added catalogues of José Más y Más; Juan Montes; Raimundo. 

Update var. 4.12 = December 2016:

ANDRÉS MARÍN: Oldest period changed

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: George Miller, Klaudio Amor, Manuel Adalid

DOWNLOAD LIBRARY: added catalogues 

Hijos de Vicente Tatay 1977; Vicente Sanchis 1999; Hermanos Sanchis López 2015;    Juan Hernández 2016;  Francisco Esteve 2017.

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